Zappies (Clash Royale) Christmas Decoration – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today, we are going to create Zappies from Clash Royale as Christmas tree decoration! What a big surprise! Supercell announced two new cards and a new arena this week. I was pretty excited about that. This is why we see now the Zappies and not the Miner who won the poll, but well, I will create him of course. I love the Miner, it’s in my current deck and one of my strongest Legendaries. But for now we will create the Zappies, as they are new and I got so many requests to please create Zappies. So, here we go! I know that also a lot of you demanded the Hunter. Well, if you like, we will make a poll, of course. You can vote for the Hunter, but keep in mind this creation will be after the Miner. OK, now well we are creating three Zappies, this is for sure. As you are spawning 3 of them while using the card, at least right now. Maybe Supercell is changing that in the future. They are pretty overpowered right now. Well, I think so. If you well, I’m playing with let’s say the Pekka. And the Pekka is not able to move anymore. When you have let’s say 3 or even more Zappies, it’s just so brutal. Yeah, so here we go. While creating these wooden pieces for the sides, where we will attach the wheels, after oven hardening. I can tell you a tiny surprise. I have a lot of surprises for the Christmas time right now. I have prepared another tutorial for tomorrow! So don’t miss it. I will upload it, right tomorrow in maybe let’s say twenty two hours and three minutes. Just adding some details to the wheels, so that it really looks nice. You can see it right at the wood, which is supposed to be the wood that I didn’t mix it too strong to get this nice pattern. Now we are mixing a dark red golden, golden red. Well, no it’s more like just golden, golden clay, And we are creating the middle part, I know that it is called coil. I learned that from the Sparky tutorial . I will leave that later as you know, I created that as well, zip. I’m just placing tiny pieces on top and now we are a mixing the white. It’s not crystal white it’s just a little bit of white and gold inside. And this is used for the coils, so I assume in real life this would be ceramics I guess. Yeah, just placing the big coil right onto the tiny Zappies and well the the tiny ring we will place it after oven hardening and glue it with new super glue! And please don’t forget the flags. You can either create the blue ones are of the red version. After we finish this tiny detail on the backside of the Zappies we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked set of Zappies! And now the funny part starts the assembling part. Well I’m just picking the pieces I need for the first one. I’m taking my super glue and here we go! Placing the coil and this ball ceramic ball and the wheels on the right side. And here we go for the left side as well. Now the flag and… That’s it almost finished! We take now some wire and I’m just wrapping around my hand to get the same length for all of the three Zappies. And just clipping it open with the pliers Tip! And now we will just bring it into shape. It really should look like the Electro Wizard. I used this technique before. You know that, of course. And I’m gluing it right to the top. Now just some acrylic paint. Most of the paint is white, but we will also mix just some bright blue. But let’s first create the base layer with white colour. Let it dry and after that we’re mixing this nice blue, shiny blue for the electric effect. It looks great, and I guess finally… …that’s it! Guys I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As you know I have created many many different electro cards from Clash Royale. Well it’s the Electro Wizard and Sparkie. Check them out and please let me know what you think if I should create Electro Valley for example next. OK I guess that’s it for today. Remember there will be a tutorial tomorrow, so see you tomorrow, take care. Bye! I think I’ll put this guy right on top of the tree.


Also who else thinks that the Royal Ghost is easy to counter but people just whine to nerf him since they don’t want to learn how to counter him?

I'm "SHOCKED" at your creations 😉

by the way, your welcome for the word, "coil" on your sparky tutorial. also love your sparky creation.

Я знаю ты не поймёшь меня,но ты натолкнул меня на лепку по полимерной глине спасибо тебе 😊😊😊👍

Hi clay claim I love ur vids I'm only 8 can you please give me a shout out I want to be like you I love your videos and goodbye!

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