X100V “My Milestone” – Per-Anders Jörgensen / FUJIFILM

We wanted to tell the story about Japan. Japan yesterday, today and tomorrow. And not only the big cities But what happens in the countryside? We’ve been spending quite some time with a Sake maker an hour outside Tokyo. His name is Terada Honke and they have been brewing sake since the 1670’s. It is an operation that is very manual, very labour-intensive. Traditional in every way he produces the most beautiful sake in the world. A truly handmade, handcrafted artisanal product. To me photography is all about capturing the right moment capturing that moment means spending time, waiting, trying to ambush that split second. Sometimes, you have to help a little bit, but normally it is all about waiting, being a fly on the wall. I’ve been using the X100 since the first model came out. Back then. It had its limitations, but still I loved it. I loved it because it made me a better photographer. It was the tool I have been looking for. Saying something is a milestone is quite hard, But I think this 5th generation of X100, kind of defines it.


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