WWE Super Showdown 2020 Match Card And Predictions !!!

WWE Super ShowDown 2020 match card and predictions video , start ! What can I say ? I just miss using the very first intro ; it’s really epic . The first match is a rumored one. For the Intercontinental Championship : Braun Strowman vs Shunsike Nakamura Now this is a rumored one ; it may not happen. But anyway, they started their rivalry before the Royal Rumble They didn’t have a match at the Royal Rumble. They had it in the Smackdown episode after the Royal Rumble where braun strowman captured his first singles championship, which is the : Intercontinental Championship, so he may be having his first title defense at super showdown Now my prediction will definitely be Braun Strowman because They tried to push the guy several times by capturing the universal championship, but he failed in all these times Then they tried to build him up by winning the raw Tag Team Championships But he relinquished them a day later because he won them with Nicholas (Referee’s 10 year old son *the referee at Wrestlemania 34*) So they failed in every single try of pushing the guy into the main event picture and maybe this is the start of his new push the new way of trying to give Braun Strowman credibility : being Intercontinental Champion and To build this credibility the Intercontinental Championship should stay around braun strowman for Much longer or until Sheamus defeats him or something. Anyway, my prediction is gonna be *Braun Strowman* *Samoo Samoo trying to imitate a hater* : Oh Samoo Samoo you stupid idioto ! Women are not allowed in Saudi Arabia Well, yeah, but this is a rumored match and having only two women won’t damage or kill anyone . For the SmackDown Women’s Championship : Bayley versus Carmella (it turned out to be Naomi vs Bayley instead 😔) Naomi made her return back , made her return back at the Royal Rumble , had a huge pop , Obviously getting a push But of course they need to save Naomi versus Bayley for WrestleMania. So who did they insert? *Carmella* A sweet add. It would make a cool match because carmella such a good female wrestler So We’re getting tomorrow because I’m currently Making this video at Thursday. So tomorrow is Smackdown We’re getting Carmella versus Naomi : number one contender where the winner faces Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship and I think it’s gonna be carmella because as I said before Naomi versus Bayley should be saved for Wrestlemania So that’s the match. I think we’re getting and As I said for the third time Naomi versus Bayley should be saved for Wrestlemania because it’s the money match instead of Naomi versus carmella So my prediction is that Bayley is definitely retaining her Smackdown Women’s Championship. I don’t really get this logic How about do tag teams get a championship match? hmm Win a gauntlet match ? Nah ! Win a number one contender’s match ? Nah ! Elimination Chamber match ? Nah ! They just have to attack the champions , so that champions get angry and challenge them 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ , For the championships to teach them a lesson ; and that’s exactly what happened : The Street Profits made their attack on the monday night messiah and his group So they’re getting a championship match Great stuff WWE 👏👌😑 Murphy , (not Buddy Murphy ; they changed his name). Murphy and the Monday night Messiah Seth Rollins versus The Street Profits . Now, I’m gonna be straight with this one : The RAW tag-team division is absolute garbage Lack of credibility , lack of good matches , and lack of good booking. So right now , the only tag team that would give the championships much more credibility than any time ever is a tag team formed of two main eventers ,which perfectly suits Seth Rollins (who is a former Universal Champion and a Grand Slam champion) and Murphy (who is a former longest reigning Cruiserweight champion) . So this is giving the RAW tag team division much more credibility than it ever had So the titles should be kept around their waists As much as I respect and love the street profits , but their time is not now . It’s time for the raw tag-team division to shine and gain credibility for a little while , and then the street profits could capture the championships and continue on with giving the championships credibility . The raw tag team division desperately needs that credibility and Rollins and Murphy are doing it perfectly. I’m not saying that the Street Profits won’t give it credibility ; They are possibly the best tag team on the roster aside from Murphy and Rollins because their tag team is formed of two main eventers Which gives the championships more importance . So my prediction will be Rollins and Murphy retaining God please have mercy on me and the whole WWE universe as I speak for all the WWE fans when I say : PLEASE end this rivalry ! Please ! Plese God, please end This rivalry and save us Roman reigns vs. Baron Corbin steel cage match Possibly the reason why Smackdown sucks is because of this rivalry : dog food , random interferences , 20 superstars have to separate Roman reigns from Corbin and all that kind of crap. We got sick and tired of that No one cares anymore So if this is gonna be the finale of their rivalry , then my prediction will be Roman Reigns So hopefully this is the last match : the finale of the rivalry. So my prediction will be Roman reigns For the SmackDown Tag Team Championships theNew Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) , verrsus John Morrison and the Miz (the dirt sheet). So John Morrison made his return in the lamest way ever Hmm Royal Rumble return ? Nah ; pretty old universal championship match or Intercontinental Championship match ? Nah ! No need ; we have something better in in our mind. What is it? Return in the Miz’s locker room : “hi I’m back: . This is possibly the worst spoiled return ever and they actually Didn’t even decline the rumors They actually said by themselves on WWE backstage that Morrison is making his return ; Oh Jesus ! Anyway , They had a match against : the revival ,heavy machinery , Ziggler and Roode , and of course they want so now they’re getting the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at super showdown now , I gotta be honest : as much as I love and respect the new day as such a Decorated and amazing tag team ; one of the best tag teams we have right now But I’m kind of sick and tired of them as champions like we had them as champions like seven times so I think that’s more than enough and We don’t want to get really tired of Big E and Kofi Kingston to the point that we start to boo them *cough* (Roman Reigns) So , What other tag team would be perfect to capture the Tag Team Championships from the new day other than the dirt sheet? Ziggler and Robert Roode Ziggler is currently feuding with Otis for Mandy Roe’s relationship as I said heavy-machinery also are not in the championship picture Otis has his eyes on Mandy the revival want their release so they definitely won’t get a championship this leaves us with the only legit tag team and on Smackdown aside from the new day and the Usos ; were are they anyway ? I Think the Dirt Sheet versus the Usos would be such an amazing match More than the new day versus the Usos because we’ve seen that like billion times so , My prediction will be the dirt sheet : The Miz and John Morrison *Samoo Samoo imitating Vince McMahon 😅 * : “Of course I , Vince McMahon, have a lot of money So I gotta make a TUWAUQ Mountain trophy just to entertain the crowd trophy that will not get the winner any championship match or any number one contender’s but it’s just a Trophy because I’m rich, hahaha !” Believe me it’s something along those lines. I may have sounded cringe, but Vince McMahon’s mind is absolute cringe He has some money he will make some trophies We had the best tag team in the world trophy , we had the greatest Royal Rumble trophy, even the Saudi Arabia championship and now this The Tuwaiq Mountain trophy gauntlet match : Andrade , Bobby Lashley , Eric Rowan , Rusev ,R-Truth , and AJ Styles So , Andrade failed a Wellness Policy test which is to see if a wrestler is taking drugs When he’s off television, which is something forbidden from WWE. So Andrade is currently having a 30-day suspension , Which I think is over somehow but he’s definitely not winning that because he just returned from a suspension So WWE won’t give him such a huge thing after failing Wellness Policy Of course erick rowan would possibly be the worst Pick out of all our truth is definitely not winning it , Rusev and bobby lashley are currently in a love triangle Story with Lana so they will definitely eliminate each other , So this leaves us with AJ Styles or r-truth ; why not r-truth winning ? It would be Super hilarious. Like you have all these huge main eventers and r-truth wins, lol But I’m gonna go with AJ Styles ; Why? first , AJ Styles lost a lot of credibility with the OC . When they formed , we all thought that This is gonna be the next big faction on Monday Night Raw But nope Gallows and Anderson didn’t capture the RAW tag team championships ; Nope. AJ Styles didn’t capture the universal championship : Nope, they just got buried in a rivalry with Randy Orton Yeah Something to care about and Gallows and Anderson as I told you they won the trophy , (best tag team in the world), but they gained absolutely nothing They don’t even mention it anymore Like who cares? It’s just a big golden trophy made in honor of the Saudi money Now reason number two, is that at WrestleMania 36 we’re getting Undertaker versus AJ Styles, how am I so sure ? First of all , there have been rumors from several wrestling websites such as Wrestling Insider ,WhatCulture Wrestling , Wrestle Talk , and even more you can check them all out what culture wrestling and Wrestle talk very cool and informative channels And Then AJ Styles confirmed it on Monday Night Raw. He said that he wants to win this battle royal ; I mean gauntlet match , To prove that he is Mr. WrestleMania He mentioned something about Mr. WrestleMania, which is Undertaker’s nickname because he has the biggest winning streak in WrestleMania history So we’re definitely getting Undertaker versus AJ Styles and in order to get this match. We gotta hype the two wrestlers. Undertaker is already hyped because even if he only shows for a couple of minutes he is hyped His presence is a hype by itself. AJ Styles lost a lot of credibility and hype So I think WWE are going to give him that Tuwaiq trophy to start giving him hype and letting him win matches leading to AJ Styles challenging the Undertaker which would be a money marquee match So That’s least me to saying my prediction is AJ Styles Big guy vs small guy : Brock Lesnar versus ricochet We all know that matches involving Brock Lesnar with little guys Really turn out to be amazing matches : Brock Lesnar versus Balor , Brock Lesnar versus Styles , Brock Lesnar versus Daniel Bryan and So on So yeah, they have no challenger for Brock Lesnar So, hey, we pick the high flyer . a marquee match for the Saudis in order to “show them that , Vince McMahon deserves the money” *Samoo Samoo imitating Vince again* This pains my throat 😷 Anyway , Ricochet , unlike the street profits , won a number one contender’s match and he’s currently challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship But I have one question What’s wrong with ricochet’s eyebrow ? Can someone explain? Let me know in the comments below if you have any explanation . But this , has been triggering me, honestly . So, of course we need Brock Lesnar to appear at super showdown because it’s the Saudi Arabia WrestleMania So, of course we gotta have big names such as Brock Lesnar There have been rumors that we would get Undertaker vs. Sting But it didn’t turn out to happen Anyway , Drew McIntyre won the Royal Rumble match , So we’re definitely getting him facing Brock Lesnar because Brock Lesnar versus ricochet I mean Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre is a WAY MORE marquee match than ricochet versus drew McIntyre. Think about it The battle of the Giants : McIntyre vs. Lesnar or McIntyre versus ricochet : a match we’ve already seen billion , and and billions of times So that leads me to saying that unfortunately ricochet is definitely not winning. It’s not his time right now So my prediction will be Brock Lesnar Finally , the main event ; the match we are all waiting for (well, not really) the Universal Championship match : The Fiend versus Goldberg So , Goldberg is making his return next week on Smackdown On wwe.com we’re bringing you injury reports, but don’t forget that Goldberg is making his return . On NXT , Adam Cole is doing such a cool move, but don’t forget that Goldberg is returning and All the people bought the tickets to see Goldberg live ! The Legend , The Icon , one of the best WCW and WWE superstars of all time ! He’s on satellite !!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️ But don’t worry ; next week Hulk Hogan is appearing ! Also via satellite Wow ! Goldberg came and challenged the fiend saying that “you’ve already changed a lot of people you’ve already done a lot of cool things , but you can’t beat me ” and of course Bray Wyatt accepted the challenge There’s one line that actually made me into this rivalry Goldberg , I mean Hulk Hogan , warned Bray Wyatt from Goldberg saying that “you will need luck” and Bray Wyatt answered by saying : “I don’t need luck ; I have a Fiend !” and Then basically showed a footage of the fiend which was really really cool and Bray Wyatt actually threatened to attack Hulk Hogan So this may lead to The Fiend vs Hulk Hogan ;like please no, I wouldn’t want this match but I wouldn’t mind it because if Hogan loses he will change back to Hollywood Hogan which was one of the greatest heels in the golden era, which is the era in the 1990s , 1980s to be more specific , So anyway, we’re getting this match ; it’s gonna be marquee. It’s gonna improve Goldberg’s picture in front of the Saudi people After his crappy match against the Undertaker Sorry for reminding you don’t kill me So I’m not that into the match. It’s gonna be good . But will not be as good as ricochet versus Brock Lesnar But I’m kinda interested to see how will Goldberg change like Rollins turned to a heel , miz returned to his old self , Daniel Bryan returned to the american dragon gimmick , Finn bálor returned to the prince gimmick (the prince from New Japan the heel prince What will Goldberg turn into? if you say the former Universal Champion, I’m gonna slam your ass into the wall and Kill you ! Oh man anyway, this is Possibly one of the reasons I’m excited for this match Like I said before , it’s gonna be good, but not as good as Brock Lesnar versus ricochet So it’s not gonna steal the show, but it’s definitely gonna be the main event And of course, he wouldn’t see the feind losing to a legend the universal championship So the fiend is definitely walking out victorious. I’m Kinda interested to see how will Goldberg turn. Maybe he’ll be that destructive heel he was when he feuded with the rock back in the old days But in all cases , my prediction will be The Fiend Bray Wyatt So I said my predictions , made my daily Vince McMahon jokes , “Saudi-arabia money dammit !” , and I think that’s about it . Thank you all for watching this video. Hopefully you enjoyed like I said before I’m having a big dose of tests So that’s why I’m not really active this year. I have official exams which are made by the by the mains , So this is gonna be very tough So maybe Moe Gaming and BH will start doing their own thing in the channel alone until I finish my tests Anyway a subscriber Called gaming forever with Ali , um , Suggested that I do reviews to check What my predictions were and what the real results were so it’s like predictions vs. Results video so Gaming forever with Ali , thanks for the idea. I’m definitely listening to your idea. And I think it’s pretty cool I’ve tried doing a review once but it was really crappy. I had no screen recorder back then But maybe this time it will be better It will be a review to see my predictions versus reality Samoo Samoo versus Super Show down To see which predictions were right , which were wrong , and give my opinion about them of course So this video will be next Friday , so Stay tuned Yeah, I’m gonna be doing a super showdown Review . I didn’t do for Takeover Portland because I had a math test which was super super difficult But I’m gonna do a super showdown review next week , next Friday So stay tuned. Anyway, thank you guys for watching , thank you for 306 subscribers , and see ya later ! Special thanks for Terminator and BH for doing the captions !!!


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