Working at Mosby Building Arts: Become a Home Consultant

(upbeat music) – Mosby Building Arts is a full-service, design-build and home remodeling company. We have a professional position
called a home consultant. Home consultants work with the clients to help them improve their homes, all the way through the process. Some of these people may
come from a background where they had a small business, maybe they were doing
remodeling on their own. And maybe they were tired
of all the headaches. Maybe wearing all the
hats in the business. (upbeat music) – Prior to working for Mosby, I owned and operated a
small design build company for a little over 20 years. And I always thought that the advantage of being a business owner
was the flexibility. And it took me a long time to realize that that wasn’t necessarily the case. There wasn’t much flexibility, because it required long hours. It required that I wear many hats. And now that I am an employee at Mosby, I realize how much better it is to kinda focus on the things
that I enjoyed about my job as a business owner, which
was client relationships, helping develop projects, and at Mosby, what’s great about it is
it’s provided me with things that I wasn’t able to provide
myself as a business owner. For instance, they have awesome benefits. (upbeat music) Here at Mosby Building Arts, we offer a variety of benefits that help set us apart from other
construction companies. For example, we organize
social activity events throughout the year to
help get our team together and build strong friendships. We also offer iPhones and
iPads to our sales team to use for both work and play. Along with a vehicle allowance that helps supplement their
standard compensation. – If you’re interested in
this Home Consultant position, please check out Mosby Building Arts and consider joining our team. – Hi, I’m Mark McClanahan. I’m the president of Mosby Building Arts. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and
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