Will Taylor explains the 60/30/10 interior design rule

One guideline I have when it comes to colour is the 60, 30, 10 guideline and that’s really useful to help you get the
amounts of colour correct in your space So the 60% is your primary
pallette and that’s what makes up the largest surface area in space, think your walls ceiling and floors. The 30% is your secondary palate and that’s everything else – so think upholstery and the windows. That leaves you with 10% give or take and that 10% is your accent colour. i.e. the smallest
amount of colour in the space because that’s what makes accent colour pop and gives it that added emphasis. You can do that through one hero piece like a rug or a statement piece of artwork, or you could use two or three small pieces such as a throw pillow or a lamp that add up to 10%. And that is how you get the amount of colour right in your room.

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