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– Hey everybody, it’s Jeff
Thibodeau real estate broker and co-owner of Redline
Properties and we’re here for another episode of Redline TV. Today I’m with Ben Dobrocky, he’s a new home buying
specialist and we’re down here in a new home to talk
about what’s different, so stay tuned. (upbeat music) All right, welcome back. So we’re here with Ben and
we’re talking about why it’s a different process to
buy a new home than typically a resell home that you’d find on the MLS, so you know, what are the
big things that are different and a buyer should consider? – Yeah, Jeff. So the main thing is you’re
purchasing this house years before it’s ready for occupancy, so literally this purchaser
probably has put pen to paper two or three years ago
and looked at this house off a floor plan, and off a site plan, so they had literally no idea
what the finished product was gonna look before they
even dropped their deposit down on the house, which is
for many people unfathomable, but more and more it’s
becoming popular in this day and age where people like things new. – You have, right? It’s kinda funny to think
that the design center when this house was built
was probably hundreds of meters away and this
was an empty field. They wouldn’t have even
known exactly the geography that this lot was gonna end
up on when they bought it. – Absolutely. What people do pay a lot of attention to is the orientation of they house. They either want it north
facing or east facing, those are two popular configurations, but beyond that you’re right,
they don’t know what your neighbor’s gonna look like, they don’t know necessarily
what you’re gonna see out the windows which
you normally wanna see and evaluate when you’re
purchasing a resale, but it’s something that
you just simply can’t have in a new build right? – Let’s switch topics a little bit Ben, and talk about, for most
people buying a new home is a little different process. You know, you’re buying a
resale home you’re typically checking out realtor.ca,
you’re booking showings, you’re going to open houses,
where buying a new home, you’re driving to a new city,
finding a design center, sitting with the builder
or their representative. What value does having your
own realtor on your side bring with you’re planning
on going to meet the builder and buy a home off them. – Yeah, absolutely. It’s a great point because a lot of times, like you said, people are
either new to the country or new to the city so
is it vitality important to partner yourself up
with a local realtor that knows the ins and outs of the city and also somebody that
knows the ins and outs of new home construction,
because as we know, Builder A is different from Builder B, Builder A offers items
and upgrades and finishes that are different from Builder B, so you really need to
partner yourself with someone that’s well versed in new home sales. – So if you got a random
phone call tomorrow, and someone goes hey Ben, I’m
thinking about buying a new home, I really just don’t
even know where to start, where do you send them down the right path to get some information
or get some education so they’re making a
knowledgeable decision? – Yeah, basically we sit down. Do kind of a needs wants
analysis on timing, budget, and then go through some
builders and some neighborhoods that might suit their needs. – Definitely. I think one of the real
advantages of having someone local who understands the whole
pool of developments happening is that sometimes these bigger developers can overshadow some small
quality local builders who may just be around the
corner but they don’t have a huge design center or a
lot of advertising happening, but they might be a higher
quality or at a better price, or even have some premium lots. – You know, absolutely. That’s why it’s critically
important to meet with us, because we know the ins
and outs of the market, we’re researching on a daily basis, we’re tracking all the developments, we’re tracking all the builders
and we rank the builders. – Fantastic. Well, you heard it here, if
you’re thinking about buying a new home, I think your
first call should be to Ben, to just get a little knowledge dump and understand the market, who’s building, what product’s available,
and then decide if you need someone to walk you through that process. We’re gonna throw Ben’s
information up on the screen, and of course this is all
back on our website too, so we’ll catch you on the next episode. (mellow music) (both laugh) I saw you looking. – [Director] Just tap it. We are–. – So stay tuned. I’m gonna do that one more time. Spitballin’ ya. – I thought it was pretty good. – Okay.
– I thought it was good. – Amazing. (mellow music)

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