What are your Mini-Split Air Handler options?

mini splits have multiple options for
indoor air handlers. whether it’s a single zone or a multi zone installation
indoor air handler models are available in wall-mounted units which mount high
on the wall out of sight and do not require ductwork. these units are quiet,
easy to maintain and are high efficiency which means lower electric bills. floor
mounted units are ideal for any room with limited upper wall space. similar in
features to wall mounted units floor mounted units have a sleek modern look
and are ideal for residential radiator replacements or any room with limited
upper wall space. their compact size fits easily under most standard windows.
concealed duct units are installed in the ceiling or framed enclosure below a
ceiling and have the look of central air vents due to being concealed and out of
sight. using minimal ductwork and remaining very energy-efficient these
models are available as single zone or multi zone configurations ranging in
size from as low as 7000 BTU to as high as twenty four thousand BTU. concealed
ducts can be installed either horizontal or vertical and their low height and
built-in drain pump enables compact soffit or cabinet installation. Compact
Cassette units fit perfectly into a drop ceiling configuration with just the
outer grilles showing extremely discreet with only the grill showing in the
ceiling. the latest fan technology is used to
distribute the conditioned air evenly. these units fit into the standard 2×2
ceiling tile size and can operate in a limited space above the drop ceiling. if
you have any additional questions or need further assistance please feel free
to give us a call or chat with us online.

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Learn more about ductless mini-splits in this playlist we made for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM8A_hSpHog&list=PLYfEkKLHEX2LVr904UdBwipkmlZcaT15z

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