Waste CD crafts | Pour painting tutorials | Selling my art

Hello guys, today we will see two different techniques of fluid painting. First, we will cover the CDs with white color which is mixed with half portion glue. We will take any cold drink bottle’s bottom for design. Then we will pour violet, pink and green one by one. We will remove the bottom and let the colours flow by moving them. You can alter colors if you want. Mind it, each color is mixed with the glue and little water. Here, we will pour the colour alternate to each other except white White would be poured in the circular manner at the centre. Now swipe the white colour with a comb to the outer side. Again let them flow by giving them little movement. You can see the pattern appears on the surface. Let them dry overnight. Next day you can clean them with a glass cleaner to take off the silicon oil. Now fix a clock machine with the help of double side tape. Fix the needles and here they are ready to tick. Thank you for watching guys!! Please, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & LIKE.


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