VisualARQ 2 tutorial – 2.8.1 Ground floor curtain walls

In this video we will create the
curtain walls of the ground floor. And we are going to work from the top viewport for that. Curtain walls in VisualARQ can be
created in a similar way as walls, so following straight paths or from curves. So we will just select this curve that we used for the ground floor slab, this two walls and this other wall to isolate them… and have a cleaner model. But first I will stretch these two walls. And now I can insert first a straight curtain wall. So I run the “Curtain wall” command. I select one of these styles
that come with the templates. So we will choose the “Single Panel” one for example. I define a height of 2.7 meters, and the “Alignment” would be “Left”. Now for the curved curtain walls I need to
split this polyline into different segments. So I’m going to run the “Split” command… select “Point” and I will split it by this point and
this other point that intersects with that wall. As a result I get an individual polyline. I can hide the ground floor now,
explode this resulting polyline. so I get the 2 segments that I can
now use for creating curtain walls. But first I’m going to rebuild them in order
to get a curve with less control points that will generate a smother curtain wall. So I’m going to rebuild it with
the “Rebuild curve” command. We can choose 6 “Point count” for this case… and 4 “Point count” for this case. Now we can run the
“Curtain wall”>”From Curves” command, select any style, for example let’s select the “Grid” one. Also make sure you have the height set to
2.7 meters and the “Alignment” to “Left”, and we will select this curve and this other curve.

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