Visit to MiMi and George’s- PJ Masks Live!!

Woops! Upside Down Again!!! My dad is on the, my mom is doing knitting and sister is doing what I was doing, but right now I’m vlogging with you guys! Hi guys, I’m eating an M&M donut and here’s a sprinkle donut I hopefully I can when I brush my teeth I can get everything all done (get my teeth all clean) On our way to PJ MASKS LIVE!!!! It’s time to be a hero! So we are on the stage (not really)..and so we are all settled in.. and we got to …we have our little space (seats on a private balcony) and I just saw somebody move the curtain a little…so I’m SO EXCITED!! Anyway, I will show parts of the PJ Masks! Hi guys its me, Ellie…so we are all done with the Vlog We had REALLY, REALLY Fun there and Char and Jim (Ellie’s Great Aunt and Uncle) gave us something and Arden is holding something what I want right now (that was given to the girls by Char and Jim) Smell you later!

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