Video #48: Tips From Us: Swag Curtains DIY – How to Create Stunning Swag Curtains in Your Home

Swag Curtains DIY – How to Create Stunning
Swag Curtains in Your Home. Visit our site for more exquisite custom drapery ideas and
20% off with promo code CL01: So the guys have went ahead and put up the
drapes, now we are just going to go ahead and put up the swags. This is the part that I like to illustrate
for you, and how to go about of doing that. This usually takes two people to go about
doing it. One person hold the other end of the fabric,
and I’m going to go ahead and work my way up from the bottom… towards the center of
the fabric. In this particular case I have chosen to go ahead and get the client one
and a half widths of fabric, simply because I wanted to have deep swags. What you have to do is just simply have the
other person hold the other end, and then you just work your way up towards the center. Just simply put pleats inside the fabric and
working your way up. Once you have it up like this, than what you want to do is pull the
pleats out, and then I usually like to go ahead and use one of our zip locks that come
with our packages, and use this to hold the pleats in place. I will not over tighten the zip lock because
I will need to adjust the pleats. Once I’m done with that all I have to do is just rest
it on the back of the peg that’s on the back of the scroll. And when I have done that on
both swags, all I’m going to do is just simply run another zip lock between the two zip locks
and have them meet in the middle. This will bring them together, and all I do is just
simply rest it up there, and then I’m going to go ahead and dress up the swags. To do this is really simple, make sure you
grab the pleat from the very end, and then in the center and then create a crease. As
well as the other end you are going to do the same thing by just holding from both ends
and creating creases in between. This will allow you to go ahead and create nice deep
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Question…you've got your swag and your drapery both attached to the scroll, or at least it appears. How is that being done? Do you have two of the wires behind the scroll?

hi dear. where can I find those tipe of scroll or holdback? I like those accesories that u are using to hold the fabrics. or maybe am looking it with the wrong name. can you help me please?

the word perhaps your thinking of…zip ties i believe. zip-locks are resealable lunch sandwhich bags
. if im way off, so sorry

هودي الستاير الون عشر سنين مديلون راح بدنا شب اروبي احلا من هيك

Hi I am an artist …actually willing to say that if I take a rod from the topest portions of the two between scrolls ( which is the shape of alphabet S) …then I can move my drapes from left to right vice verse…

🤔 i didn't thing about zip ties thankyou! You just made it so much easier an cut so much time out of my monthly wash an hang on drapes an seats 😘

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