slowly the common the night will unfold I never thought that I would be trying
this wrong people keeps missing the clouds seem to fail in every occasion
now whisper your name hi guys it’s Becca from the carriage house and thanks so
much for coming back again or if you are new here then welcome this channel is
all about enriching the hearth and home and today we are doing some Valentine’s
Day decorating so it’s gonna be lots of fun I have some wooden type of rustic
decor Valentine’s Day decor that I’m going to be using throughout the home
and I’m also gonna be setting up a little cozy
hot chocolate bar in our dining room which I’m really excited about so if
you’re looking for some inspiration as far as decorating your home especially
after the holidays and I hope you find it here go ahead and grab something
sweet and simple to sip on and we’ll go ahead and start decorating okay so I
think I’m going to start decorating the living room first I have an old
pillowcase here that I folded up along with a picture frame and going to set
the pillowcase in the frame to create a pillowy effect just a little decorating
hack I wanted to share with you but most of the things I have that I am
decorating with are a combination of both new and old but if you’re
interested in knowing where I got a particular item then just send me a
comment and I’ll get back to you but most of everything is either from home
goods Hobby Lobby Michaels and a lot of second-hand shops as well but I’m going
to go ahead and put on some good music and get started in the dining room I thought your cell in my little world
you are both pros and cons talk to you admit when you feel you don’t belong so
tell me are you still it’s beautiful you just don’t know fine in this world
I’ll be right by your side even if you you wrote your name in my heart you’re laughing because which that I can show you you’re harmless desire the tip of your
tongue all of you tell me are you still you wrote your name okay so the living room is all decorated
and I’m about to move into the dining room to work on the hot chocolate bar
but before I do that our kitchen is currently being renovated as a lot of
you know it’s not gonna be doing too much in there but I am gonna decorate a
little small corner in there really quick I’m excited to show you guys when
it’s finished that’s my baby the background he’s drinking out of a bottle
but um but my husband has done everything on his own in the kitchen so
I’m excited that’s it all right let’s go and get to work I know I’ve been locked in the streets
for over but I want you close I’ll just lead you
don’t you know that we’ve been crowd I’ll be whatever
want me to be you know I’m on your side feel like I’m running circles
around I’ve been acting but aren’t you come I just I don’t want you close my feelings broken from the start where
she never leave me and my cool and chill for
but I want you closer than before I just need
don’t want your clothes okay so if you are interested in last
year’s Valentine’s decorate with me then I will leave it here up on the screen
and thanks so much you guys thank you so much for coming back and for those who
would support this channel and thank you so much for stopping by if you’re new
we’d love to have you join us and subscribe and videos are always posted
on Friday nights North America Central Time okay thank you guys have a good day
or night and I hope to see Nimbus


Cute video, love the farmhouse rustic decor for valentines. Question, you put a blanket on the back of the couch with white and black design looked to have a lot of texture, could you share where I could purchase one like it, brand name as well. Thank you ❤️

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Jedes mal wenn ich deine Videos sehe,weiß ich dass meine Entscheidung Hausfrau und Mutter zu sein richtig war!!!Ein großes Lob an deinen Mann,die Küche sieht traumhaft aus😊liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

Outstanding work as always really transforming the whole house, can't wait to see the new kitchen and my wife absolutely adores chocolate so this one is right up my alley, keep up the great work

It's so lovely! The coziness just comes through so much! I love the simplicity of it. Curious where your white three tiered tray was from? Thanks

I SHARED TO MY FB PAGE; Thanks for the decor tips; I hear the little blessing; so sweet..You did not take long to get that weight off, YOU GO YOUNG LADY…those jars are too cute; HI MAN MAN You are getting to be a big boy; LOVE IT! GOD BLESS..

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Hey Bekah………awwww…..I miss the baby sounds, your wee lad is so adorable💗 Your home looks so lovely all decorated for Valentine's Day, love the top you are wearing…….wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year…..much love 💕

The Love Notes Station is such a sweet idea! Everything looks so cute and festive. Love seeing sweet little Bohannon too!

Are you having trouble with you tube unsubscribing your subs. For some odd reason I was unsubscribed to your channel. You are not the first one either that they unsubscribed me to

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