Utah Home Mural Painter

Hi, I’m Aimee Logsdon
I am the owner and operator of Wondrous Walls Within I do custom murals and decorative painting I’ve been doing it for sixteen years.
I’ve been working for other companies but I started my own business this year, and its been really exciting It’s been coming along awesome. I do anything that the customer asks for,
so when a customer has an idea or they just have a space and they say “what do you think?”
We kinda go from there. Usually it takes about 25 – 30 hours, this one did I think. So it could take anywhere from a day to several months. I’m on Facebook. I got all my pictures on Facebook at so you can look it up and you can see everything there. Aimee’s done a great job on our house here. You can see the entire house, how awesome it is. She’s very talented so great person
to call and to go see her website and see what she can do for you.

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