UNLV Animated Walkthrough

We live in the Mojave desert,
Arid, windy, sunny. Where Las Vegas was born. In the desert, we learn to live with the sun.
The sun that warms us when we are cold, The sun that shines brutally, in the heat
of summer. The solar engine,
The solution, to live sustainably in the desert The SOUL of the Mojave. Water is the life-giver in the desert,
And Las Vegas was nurtured by the springs. With four inches of rain each year,
We capture the occasional storm run-off, Collecting to the fountain,
which provides evaporative cooling and other uses. DesertSol is envisioned as an ultra-efficient
vacation home. It offers an escape,
A basecamp for desert explorations, Whether it’s used as a weekend get-away,
or a seasonal retreat. It is designed to embody the Mojave Desert. Clad in pre-weathered materials,
The house lives and ages gracefully, in this challenging environment. Equipped with photovoltaic panels,
And solar thermal collectors, The house can sustain itself AND generate
power, The digitally fabricated screens, provide
the much-needed shade in the summer. In the winter, the screens retract, to passively
warm the space with direct sun. The house is designed in two modules,
Which can be easily transported and assembled in many locations
in the southwest region. The public and private spaces are linked by
the bridge between modules. Our structural design incorporates advanced
framing techniques, which saves 30% in lumber and provides a more
insulated envelope. The folding doors completely open,
Allowing entertaining activities to spill to the outdoor space,
Where the weather is beautiful nine months out of the year. When it’s too warm for comfort,
The cool tower can be used to provide passive cooling.
As water droplets fall, its gravity pulls the cooled air through,
and out of the tower, then onto the deck. Cooking, dining and entertaining,
All happen in this reconfigurable living space. Ample storage is incorporated in the built-in
cabinets. A user-friendly home automation system,
ensures the home is operated in the most efficient way.
At the tap of a smartpad, residents can control the ambience of their home. While crossing over the bridge to the bedroom,
access is provided to the bath and laundry areas.
In addition, a convenient work space enjoys natural lighting and views of the Mojave desert. In the heating season,
the radiant floor system keeps the residents warm,
providing stable, thermal comfort throughout the night. With energy-efficient technology integrated
into spacious architecture, DesertSol is a smart, desert home,
that will reconnect people with the natural environment.


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