Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video I have an ultimate clean with me and a whole house clean. Today my youngest son
is at nursery for three hours, so the entire time that he’s there I’m going to use that
time wisely and to try and get on top of the housework. I’ve left it for ages. I feel like
everything’s a bit dusty and just dirty and messy. I also really need to KonMari my youngest
child’s room. He has so many clothes being the youngest of three, but I really need to
get rid of the things he’s growing out of and just have a good old sort out. I also
need to clean our bathrooms, get rid of a few toys as well, and just generally clean.
So I hope this provides you with loads of cleaning motivation. If you like this kind
of thing, I would love you to subscribe and stick around for more. I also make lots of
videos just about motherhood and life as well. So yes, I’d love to have you and let’s get
into it. Today I’m going to start upstairs in our bedroom,
and the first thing I’m going to do is make our bed. Some of you will know that I make
my bed every morning. I take a lot of pride in it. I just find that it makes me feel really
productive and instantly cleans the whole room, like makes it look so much nicer. Next up I’m going to tackle the chaired robe.
This is always a bit of a mess. I tend to put things on the chair that are not dirty,
but they’re also not clean. So I have to go through it, just see what needs to go out
and be put into the washing bin and what can actually be folded and then put away. I also
have a big bag of clothes that are all winter clothes that need to go up into storage, so
I’m going to get Matt to help me with that. Next up I’m going to tackle a job that I’ve
been meaning to do for so long. I keep this basket next to my vanity unit and it holds
my curling tongs and blow dryer, things like that. But it’s all got completely tangled
up. So I need to organize it, sort out the wires and get rid of a few random things that
are in this basket. We also seem to have quite a few toothbrush chargers because we obviously
get one with each toothbrush, but we only need the one. So I’m going to get rid of some
of those. It looks so much better at the end of that. Then I’m going to put on a load of laundry.
Every morning I will put on laundry or do something to do with the laundry because we
have so much of it in this house. Whether it’s a white wash or a colored wash or just
putting something in the tumble dryer, or whatever it is, sheets, towels, like there’s
forever laundry in this house. I’m going to put that on and I’m using a color catcher
because this is a dark wash, also some Persil and some Unstoppables as well. Then I’m going to go upstairs and Hoover my
bedroom. I’m using the Dyson cordless Hoover. I love this Hoover, but I prefer it more for
when I Hoover downstairs on the wooden floor. Sometimes in my bedroom I feel like it doesn’t
pick up every single little speck. Oh, if you have any recommendations for a vacuum
that works really well on carpet, I’d love to hear them in the comments down below. But once my bedroom is done, I’m going to
move on to our en suite. This is a very tiny room, which is overflowing with products,
and it just needs a little bit of a clean. I’m going to start out with cleaning the toilet.
I’m going to put a little bit of bleach inside it and then I’m going to stock up our toilet
roll and also empty the bin. I’m going to clean the sink using Cif and
I’m going to use a pink cloth. Some of you will know that when I use my cloths to clean,
I use pink for sink and blue for loo to avoid any cross-contamination. I know some people
use toilet roll to do their toilet because they think then they can just flush it away,
but I’ve just always used a blue cloth and then I throw that straight into the wash.
I’m going to clean the toilet and then I’m going to move on to our mirror, just going
to use some glass cleaner and give that a wipe because it definitely does get a little
bit dirty. And while I’m upstairs cleaning the bathroom,
I thought I would show you what Matt is doing in the garden. He is having a really good
sort out today. He probably does this every six months where he’ll jet wash the deck and
he’ll also jet wash our artificial grass. We got this a few years ago and it’s been
the best investment. Our boys are forever playing football, and this means that even
in the winter when it’s cold and rainy, they can play out there and not get muddy. So he’s
going to jet wash that you can really see the difference from where he hasn’t jet washed
and where he has. Then I’m going to move on to Fraser’s room.
Now you have to excuse his room. We’re actually getting him a brand new bed because his old
bed has broken a tiny bit. So we’ve taken it apart because we don’t know what day the
delivery is coming, but because of that he’s basically sleeping on the floor until it arrives.
It should arrive next week, but this is the situation at the moment. Even though it’s
on the floor, I’m going to clean it and sort it out. I’m also going to wash down his bedside
table and lamp as well. Then I’m going to sort out his books because
it is a real mess inside his bedside table. I’m going to take everything out and then
organize it, put it all back in and line up his books next to his bed. He loves reading.
He has so many Roald Dahl books and he likes to reread them as well. So I’ll line all of
those up, sort out a few bits of laundry. Then I’m going to tidy up all of the soft
toys in Fraser’s room. I have this bean bag which is a storage bean bag. So you put all
of the soft toys in it and zip it up and have it as a seat. They still have so many soft
toys, but I can’t get rid of them because they do play with them every evening after
the bath. Once that’s away and it’s kind of like on top of some of the bits of the bed,
I’m going to Hoover the room and then I’m going to move on to Caleb’s bedroom. Then I’m on to Jackson’s nursery. He is our
toddler and his room is definitely the messiest today. I also really have to sort through
his hand-me-downs and organize his clothes. But to start off, I’m going to open the blinds
and the window to air out the room and I’m also going to change his sheets today. I know
some people change all of the sheets in the house all in the same day, but I tend to space
it out throughout the week, just to help with the laundry load. So I’m going to change them
for these really cute pirate sheets. Then I’m also going to go through his toys
and try and donate some of the ones that are too young for him now. He has grown up some
of his baby toys, and because he’s our last baby, which makes me very sad, I’m actually
going to donate them. We’re going to put them in the loft this time. See, I’m going to try
and do that now. Now I’m on to organizing Jackson’s clothes.
As I said, he has so many hand-me-downs being the youngest of three boys. Every three to
six months I will get down some clothes from the loft in the next size up. All of these
clothes are aged three and he’s two and a half so he’s growing into all of this, and
I knew there was some summer clothes up there that I wanted him to be able to wear. There’s
no point in buying Jackson any new clothes really because we just have so much of it. As you can see, his drawers are not Marie
Kondo-ed anymore. They’re a total mess. So I’m going to get all of those out and also
go through anything that he has grown out of, also wipe the drawers as I am here, and
just, yeah, donate anything is growing out of and then fold everything back up and put
it into boxes. There’ll be one for trousers, one for t-shirts, one for jumpers as well. This task took me the longest in today’s cleaning
routine. I think it took me over an hour, but I’m so glad I finally did it. I was putting
it off and putting it off, and now when I open his closet, I’m not horrified and it’s
easy to find things. I’m not going to only go through his clothes. I’m also going to
go through his toiletries. At this point when I filmed this, I was regretting starting.
You know when you get to that point, but now I’m so glad I finally tackled it. Now I’m going to move on to downstairs and
our living area and front room as well. I do definitely need to clean the upstairs bathroom,
but at this point I didn’t know if I would have time to get everything done and I thought
downstairs would be a priority. I’m going to clean this. I’m starting out in the kitchen
and I think I’m going to play music to this bit. Let me know in the comments what you
prefer. Do you like me doing a voiceover? Would you prefer just music? Or a mixture
as I am in this video? I’d be really interested to hear what you like. (singing) Once the sink is clean, I am going to use
a capful of Zoflora. If you’re from the UK, you probably know what this is, but it’s basically
a disinfectant which smells amazing. I’m using it in the linen fresh scent today. And if
you put a tiny bit in your sink and then add some boiling water and just let that sit,
it makes the whole room smell really good while also cleaning your sink. Once that’s
done, as I said, I’m just going to let that sit and I’m going to move on to the toy area
and the dining area as well. (singing) Today I’m also going to clean our fake flower
arrangement. We have two of these. This one goes on the dining table and this one on our
kitchen counter. I love them. I feel like they add a bit of color to the space. Although
they were a little bit pricey to buy, they will obviously last forever. So all I do is
take a microfiber cloth and dust them because they do get a little bit dusty. But I probably
only do this like every six months, maybe three months, depending on how dusty they’ve
got. Then I’m also going to wipe down their vases, especially the mirrored one gets quite
a few of finger marks on it, so I’m going to use a glass cleaner to clean that. Then
I’m also going to use the same cleaner on our dining table. I’ve talked about this before, but it’s been
an amazing thing for us. We actually have a glass piece cut to go on top of our dining
table. And it’s been great because when the boys color or do crafts, it means that it
doesn’t ruin the wood dining table. That is it. That is our dining area, all clean. Now I’m going to move on to my desk space,
which is always a bit of a dumping ground. I just feel like the kids stuff, my stuff,
everything gets put on there because it is a surface. I’m going to clear everything away,
give it a wipe down, and then also clean up the rest of the room. Then I’m going to go back upstairs and give
our family bathroom a once-over. I’m just going to clean the toilet and the sink and
the mirror as well. You may have seen in my recent video things I hate cleaning that I
deep cleaned, our shower, and I did the bath then as well. So it is still quite clean.
So I’m just going to concentrate on this area because I am running out of time before I
have to go and pick up the kids. And now the laundry is done. I’m going to
swap everything around and then a fold all of the dry laundry, put it in two piles for
each person, and then get it upstairs into each person’s room. I don’t always get a chance
to put it away straight away. But as long as it’s in the right place, it will encourage
me or encourage me to tell the boys to put their laundry away. Then I went and did the school run and came
back with the boys. It’s a beautiful day. So while they were playing outside, we decided
to clean the windows. There were lots of finger prints and everything else. Because obviously
Matt did the jet washing there were lots of water marks as well. We pretty much all had
a go at this, but yes, that is it for this clean. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you so
much for watching and I will see you in my next one.


Really love your videos. I’m terrible at cleaning, but I get so inspired after watching you clean 😍 I prefer voice only 😊

Where/how do u get your motivation? You are amazing! No joke. When I first started watching u, I thought u would have one of those houses that wasn't even in need of cleaning, organizing, decluttering, sorting or anything. That was very ??????? Opinionated?? Judgemental?? Unkind?? Wrong?? All the above. Please forgive me. You are a valued, hardworking, motivated & lovely woman. Way to knock it out of the park!!

What color grey is in Jacksons room? I have been thru 3 different color greys for my living room and just cant seem to get the one I want. And this is exactly what Im looking for!!

I like to clean with my 3-cloth-system, especially in the bathrooms, but basically on any surface. First I apply the product with a sponge to remove harder stains like dry toothpaste, or whatever. Then I use a wet/moist cloth to wipe away the product, and then, I use a soft dry cloth to make sure that I don’t get any air drying residue from water or product. I know its more work, but I have got used to it, and its really nice to know that my surfaces are spotless. Also, I do not clean every day. Far from it. When it comes to mirrors and even screens, I have discovered that a window wipe works best. It is easier and faster than with a cloth and the result is perfect. I just use a tiny amount of a mild product on a quite wet sponge and then wipe. You do very good videos. No change neccessary.

Love watching your videos 👌 shark hoovers are absolutely amazing everyone in my family owns them they are a god send if you have animals or not pick up really well 100% recommend

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Absolutely love this! I just started my declutter and organizing channel today and uploaded my cleaning the outdoors video. Would be awesome if you'd look into it 🙂

Thanks for the video. I like more narration and very little music. I sometimes only listen and so like the narrative format.

Emily – You need to get rid of that chair in your room!!! It is too easy to just use it as a drop zone instead of dealing with the items right away.

I think you’re using the dyson soft roller meant for hardwood floors. You should get their roller brush and that will work best on carpets.

I liked the mixture of your talking and the music for the sped up pieces. I have to ask did you say you did all this in three hours?

I am so glad to have found you because I love your videos (only watched three so far as this is the second day of discovery) & because you introduced me to Michael Beckwith. I have been trying, in my very little spare time as a first time mom, to understand & implement gratitude & the Law of Attraction. I've been struggling to really grasp it, however, I feel it lead me to you which lead me to him, so it is actually beginning to work & now because of you, I can further my grasp on it & continue to make positive changes in my life for myself which will in turn, create a better life for my 9 month old boy. THANK YOU beautiful mommy! So many hugs your way.

Wow I literally love watching these videos, and I am from the UK and Im obsessed with Zoflora I love it, I literally use it all the time whilst cleaning especially when I’m mopping up or I put it in a spray bottle With warm water and spray it over my radiators, sofa, bed and curtains And it just makes the room smell gorgeous 😍 x

Nice but a little bit of advice. When you spray the bathroom mirrors make sure you move the toothbrushes out of the way.

hi Emily how are you love your videos really good your such a amazing mum. cleaning running around cleaning I have the dyson vacuum cleaner same it does not clean on carpet it it so annoying have you tried looking at a cleaning store I understand you not in austraila but cheak at a vacuum store

You're super mamma and super woman..I have 3children but feel no time to always have beautiful and clean house 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🙄😒😣😔

Hi, I advice you to put on gloves while you clean, because a lot of cleaning products get in your direct skin and it is really damaging, thanks for the video

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