Trending Now in Interior Design – Kitchen |

A lot of what’s happening in a lot of the
cities, the kitchen trends are getting really compact. The compact kitchen is becoming the
norm for multi-residential projects. When you get to your larger kitchens there’s always
going to be the trend of the “shaker style” the kind of old-world look. But there’s again,
a little bit more of a willingness of the larger homes to buy into an ultra modern style
kind of kitchen instead of deferring back to the trend of traditional kitchens. So on
a smaller scale, we’re seeing a little more tactilian, a larger scale, you’re seeing a
willingness to move towards ultra modern kitchen. Most of my clients are still asking for white.
I think that really the most exciting thing that’s happened in kitchen and baths is the
return to using brass and gold for fixtures and hardware. It’s a different type of finish,
it’s brushed, it’s softer. I really like what that adds and I like contrasting metals in
bathrooms and kitchens. I think it goes back to an old world or parisian sensibility. Now they can almost emulate a natural carrara
or that kind of veining in the stone. And that’s actually giving that whole “solid surface
stone”, it’s really coming back now. It’s got the durability of what granite would have
and the texture of what marble would have – engineering that so that it’s a very stable
and reliable product. And they’re solid colours. Before, maybe 5 years ago, you’d be very limited
in solid colours, in manufactured surfaces. Now you can get 3 different shades of white
and 10 different shades of grey and even reds and blues – in solid colours which they didn’t
have before.

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