Trending Now in Interior Design – Colour, Texture, Fabric & Pattern |

Generally what I’m seeing is clients asking
for things that are more honest, more utilitarian, things that generally have a natural material.
Or at least a materiality that is honest so that you know what it is made out of. We are
certainly seeing a lot of that. Although, it is all personal taste. Texture is really all about wovens and weaves
and especially shows up in upholstery, linen textures. It’s kind of rougher, things that
have a hand to them is really where it’s at for sure. One of the biggest things is that natural
textures are coming back in. We’ve been seeing a lot of the return of natural wood textures
especially in kitchen cabinets. I think there is a bit of departure away from the high gloss
stuff. Pretty much one of the biggest trends as far
as colour goes is the resurgence of bloom white. What’s happened is that bloom white was a bit granny-ish for a long time, very stuck in that whole delfate perspective. It really
has come to the fore, it actually came back originally around last season on dinnerware
and has moved into bedding as well. It’s about that mix and layering. It looks great against
greys, it looks great against linen tones and of course it looks perfect against a fresh
white. It is seasonless now.

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