Traveler’s Notebook Insert Cover Decoration

(upbeat music) Hi everyone! Welcome back to Quiet Little Crush. Today I’m decorating the front cover of one of my new Traveler’s Notebook inserts. This insert is the daily insert. If you want to see the unboxing of my new Traveler’s Notebook I will link that in the description box below. The first thing I did is cut out a piece of paper from this craft paper and the idea is to wrap it around the notebook, like so. I cut it a little bigger because I wasn’t quite sure if I had the measurements right. I wanted to put this embellishment on it. I’m going to do that first before I glue down the bigger piece of craft paper. Here I’m just trying to figure out where I want it to be on the notebook. Once I had that figured out, I went ahead and glued it down and then glued down this piece. Next, I’ll cut off the excess, and then add my additional embellishments. For the edge here, I’m going to cover it with a piece of washi tape. I wanted to use one of the napkin tags that I made in a previous video. I’ll go ahead and link that down below as well. But it was a little too big so I decided to just cut out the butterfly and glue it down. Next I’m going to take a ticket and glue that down along the left hand side. The final embellishments are just going to be a couple of stickers off of this sticker sheet One that says “Hello” and the other one that says “Happy Crazy Life.” That is it for this video. I hope you enjoyed watching. If so, please like and subscribe, if you aren’t already, and I will talk to you in the next one. Bye! (upbeat music)

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