Top 5 Brutal Matches of Attitude Era which will make you miss wwf -youtube

for a long time both wrestling fans and
athletes have had to deal with accusations claiming that the sport is
rigid and the matches are fake yes maybe a lot of what you see in the WWE is
staged and most of the fights are scripted nevertheless this does not take
away from the excitement fans get from watching their favorite wrestlers as
defy gravity and bludgeon each other with moves that would leave 90% of the
human populations crippled if they’re tempted to do the same to honor the
punishment these superstars athletes put themselves through we put together a
list of some of the most violent matches ever took place in WWE
number 5 Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose fighting on thumbtacks Chris Jericho is
one of the biggest trash talkers in the history of WWE
Dean Ambrose is one of the most impulsive wrestlers to ever step onto a
WWE ring having both of those ingredients to the same package and
telling them to fight it out is definitely a recipe that could only
yield a lot of blood and cheers from the crowd nevertheless fighting it out was
not enough for Jericho and Ambrose as they made a good use of nail spread on
the floor of the ring by slamming each other onto the nails the result was as
blurry as you can see in the video number four shane mcmahon
flying onto the undertaker during the WrestleMania 32 match
Shane McMahon has made a name for himself in the WWE as the daredevil
the man is just unstoppable there is no other way to explain the things that he
does after all there are so many incidents that he has shown himself
doing these things after all there are not many other words fit for a man who
will leap from the top of a 20-foot cage onto the announcers table just so that
he can finish off the Undertaker still that is exactly what a Shane McMahon did
during a wrestlemania 32 there was not much blood involved in this match though the
sheer violence of Mick Mohan falling off was enough to earn him the spot on to
this list number three Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL at Judgment Day 2004 if you are
one of those fans who think blood and wrestling go hand
and there is no better way to get your fix than towards the 2004 battle that
took place at judgementday between Eddie Guerrero and JBL the to put on a show of
professionalism as they put their bodies on the line to give the fans a match
that they would never forget it was also a great example of why the WWE has
decided to ban activities like bleeding from professional wrestling even old
school wrestling fans who were used to blood over left stunned by the volume of
scarlet liquid gushing out of Guerrero after little bleeding went wrong there
was so much blood on his face that an unaware viewer flipping through the
channels might think that he has stumbled upon a horror movie like Carey
not a wrestling match number two Kurt Angle throwing Shane McMahon through a
window at the King of the Ring 2001 most wrestlers in the WWE take a lot of
punishment throughout their career still it is hard to find a wrestler who has
gone through as many painful situations as Shane McMahon as if falling from
absurd height was not enough Mick Mohan had also been subjected to some rather
bloody punishment a good example happened during his King of the Ring
match in 2001 against Kurt Angle whilst run on the concrete floor after him
intense match make my horn had a little fight left in him and could barely
struggle has Angle picked him up and then threw him through the windows of
the king of the ring set leaving a shocked audience apprehensive to see
whether McMahon would have managed to recover from that impact number one
Triple H versus Mick Foley at Royal Rumble 2000 buck in the day versatility
was the name of the game in wrestling versatility in this sense means the
number of ways a wrestler is able to take punishment nor a single person the
history of WWE has gone through the shot of punishment Mick Foley has during his
entire career his first appearance on this list comes from the 2000 Rumble
match as Cactus Jack against triplet this match had a little bit of
everything triplet and Mick Foley used all
kinds of weapon in as many various ways as one can imagine with the cherry on
the top coming to the end when Triple H pedigreed Cactus Jack onto a puddle of

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