tipToe. – The Curtain Rises Music Video

The way back home under the winter sky, that’s slowly being dyed the colour of twilight Everything turned orange, except the pair of shadows You’re laughing, and I’m laughing along with you Even without a reason, we’re already happy with everything Under the viaduct, The feelings of ours that somehow kept spinning and accumulating Rushed against each other. It feels lonely, it feels irritating, and it’s confusing I don’t know where it began, but the story is coming to its end We’ll be dashing towards it And embrace it Every time when we laugh together, time always feels flying Counting down 3,2,1, and it’s gone Dreaming, and eventually waking up from it We aren’t talented by any means, and that’s fine The words of passion of ours that went across each other until dawn They came together, confronted each other and became one, but still isn’t reaching Towards the other end of the dawn that we both believe in We’ll be running together As fast as we can The other end of the twilight feels magical Beyond the solitude floating in nights It’s almost feeling like a daydream Those days From now on Under the viaduct, The feelings of ours that somehow kept spinning and accumulating They tangled and bounded us with the threads in our hearts The fantasy we sketched in the classroom after school Is what I wanna believe now We’ll be going forward, embracing all of our regrets, failures and frustrations We lost, we hesitated, we got wounded, but we learnt Onto the way forward that’s unnecessarily twisted without any reasons We’ll be running forward Holding our hands We aren’t talented by any means, but we still are standing right here singing






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