The Shape of Abstraction: Selections from the Ollie Collection

[jazzy music] I never actually started out to be a collector but I loved art and I wanted to have art on the wall. I always loved having pictures on the wall and so I started out buying one piece, another piece and I was dabbling into it. Abstraction was my reason and my love and my passion for art and that’s why I collected it. I was able to connect up with some of those black artists that were part of a movement, like abstract expressionism. We developed close relationships and close ties. I had my first exposure to any museum at the Saint Louis Art Museum. And I just felt like because my mother and father exposed us to so many of the arts I thought it was very appropriate to give it to the Saint Louis Art Museum. That was my first and only choice actually. When I see this work at the Saint Louis Art Museum, it’s just so satisfying, it’s gratifying and it gives me a sense that this work is going to live on these artists are going to be remembered. I think when people really can embrace the work and take down their barriers. It’s going to open their mind to new possibilities, perhaps. They’ll take another look and another look and another look and all of a sudden they love abstraction. [quiet music]


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