Are you kidding me? Water has 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule…..not the other way around…

And then there was a glowing penis on youtube. I can't believe you guys didn't catch that in editing! lmao

I looked at the comments and some @Sky Fon guy had already commented on the cock found in 1:12. It had 11 fkn likes. 

she looks like one of the characters from Star Trek that died a month or so ago….. and at 1:11 the glowstick looks like a dildo

One time my glow stick leaked in my mouth and it was not good it tasted like it was the end of the world it tasted like acid I kept spitting in the car and it spilled everywhere it was all green than my mom was like Omgosh are you okay and than I passed out alittle bit my mom took me to the doctor to see if I was okay but I was

this is kinda great because when i was younger, i always wanted to preserve my glowstick and my parents always told me to stick in the fridge and now i know why!!

Somehow I figured out that leaving a glow stick in the freezer prolongs the light emission. I was probably 6 when I figured this out. Amazing how we used to pick up on things so easily back then. Now we need detailed instructions for everything lol

does that mean the colour of light emitted is to do with the frequency of the photons when the electrons loose a certain amount on energy?

btw is it bad if you eat it because I crushed it with my teeth when I was LITTLE it tasted bad and it kinda burned my skin but my hands looked cool lol

Man if my teacher really just learned that for science for chemical vs with the Fahrenheit and Celsius that's just a new thing too about the science book so yeah what is your bestest activity that you expirememt with.

So basically to sum up 2:40 minutes. There's a thing inside the thing when you snap the thing it reacts and it glows. Cool

I got really high and bought a glow stick from the dollar store and I asked myself why does a glow stick glow

Now i know

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