The 10 RAREST Decorations in Hay Day! Do YOU Have one?!

What is up, everybody? This is your host SuperSight, and welcome back to another video of Hay Day! I am so excited to be making this video – that’s right, in this video I’m gonna be telling you, I’m gonna be revealing and showing you the ten rarest decorations in Hay Day. I am so excited to make this video and I really hope you enjoy it. So if you’re new to my Channel, please do subscribe. Now let’s get straight into it with number 10, the 10th rarest decoration in the history of Hay Day. Now I’m really curious to hear what you all think but let’s just, I’m just gonna show you. I’m just gonna go through them and I researched it, like finding these players and that, so I’m just honestly so pumped to be doing this. So we’ll come to number, this here and this farm right here There’s .. (and also be sure to check out GizmoSpike) we come over here We come over here and boom! right there, right there, the Valentine’s bridge happens to be the 10th rarest decoration in the history of Hay Day. Millions and millions of people play Hay Day. So how many have this? Now it sounds like a high number, but it’s actually really low. It’s like less than 1% of players. So, the amount of people that have that right there, I couldn’t find anyone that had it, but Gizmo had it — 19,259 so about less than 20,000 people actually have that, out of all of the millions of players of Hay Day, have that right there. Very nice decoration. It was released on Valentine’s Day, 2019, so back in February, so pretty recent, pretty recent. But there you have it folks, number 10. Okay, moving on (and also very nice display there, Gizmo) the next one, the ninth rarest decoration in all of Hay Day — and also do comment, let me know what you think. And also let me know how many of these you have. Okay, so cuz that has been out for seven years. So there’s been a whole heap that have, that have come, but lots of these are capped. So for example, once you buy them, you can never buy them again. So that number does not increase Okay The next one, the next one we come over to our buddy Reda right here, the ninth rarest item in the entirety of Hay Day. So we’re on number nine. Now we come up here, we come up here, We come along here and Boom! right there, folks, right there, the camp kettle, which was released in fall 2017, is… actually you could find on Greg’s farm as well. It is the ninth rarest decoration. I’m so trying to not say “obstacle” from Clash of Clans — the ninth rarest obst— no! decoration — that’s what I mean, in Hay D– Not in Hay.. no, oh my goodness. I meant to say in Hay Day — I meant Hay Day. Okay, there we go and anyway only 16,674 people have that so less than seventeen thousand people in the entire world have that. So if you were here in fall 2017, you could have bought it. It was a diamond pack. I don’t happen to have that. So yeah, unfortunately not. Moving on to the eighth rarest decoration in Hay Day. So we come along here. We come along here. We come along here. We come along here to awesome Ladybug, so there we go. Boom! Level 149. Very nice farm, as are the other ones. Anyway, let’s go to the eighth rarest one. Now, what do you reckon it could be? What do you reckon it could be? It could be over here, it could be over here. It could be … that’s right, the plastic windmill. That there, folks, is the eighth rarest item in Hay Day. It’s very rare. Not item — decoration. Anyway, there only has 16,711 people in the world out of millions of players have that. Ultra rare, very very special. So if you have that, lucky you, lucky you, and also, like, put them out, now that you’ve seen this video and know it, Yeah, like, you want to display it, like, this is rare. This is rare stuff. Now that was released in summer 2018. Okay, moving on to the next one, which I was — I found lots of these I was very hard-pressed to find because so few people have it, but this one here, we actually come to the leaderboard and we scroll down here, we scroll down here and we go to this player right here, 30th in the world. Boom, there we go, and they’re part of this clan right here. So, what do you reckon it could be? What do you reckon it could be? Could it be the piano? Yes, that’s right, folks, the seventh rarest decoration in Hay Day is indeed the piano. And I think it looks beautiful. I actually love it. You know like, I know the instruments, like, most of the people are like, not big fans of, I myself included, not a huge fan of instruments. It’s… the piano is an instrument … but it just looks so nice. It’s A – ultra rare only, Only 16,164 people have it and again, it sounds like a large number but it’s really not, it’s less than 1% of players, it’s, it’s … a very low proportion have it. So if you see any players with this, be sure to let them know that they have these rare decorations. And if you have any of these, be sure to put them out if you haven’t already done so. So this year … I love it. I just think it looks real cool with the note there, and the balloons. It’s very nice, very nice decoration. Okay, that’s it. Moving on to the next decoration. So we tap here, we tap here, and we move to our next buddy. Now I tried to mix it up and use a few of my buddies as well as a few different people from the leaderboard. So tap here — but it took so long to scout all these out — and anyway, if you are enjoying this video, please do give it a like. I have got some, like, the 11th to 25th rarest items, uh, rarest decorations, and I can do another video on that if you so wish. Boom! Okay, this player here, this player here, happened to have the sixth rarest item in Hay Day. Now, what do you reckon It could be? What do you reckon it could be? What, what do you reckon it is? What do you reckon? Do you see it yet? Do you see it? Do you see, have you spotted it? Have you spot… oh, that’s right, that’s right, The Lunar New Year, like, dog statue, boom, right there. So Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year. Now, this was from the Lunar New Year 2018 (oh, and also by the way, the piano was from that winter 2018) So this was from the Lunar New Year, the dog statue right here. Looking very nice. I feel like I see it quite a bit but maybe not, maybe not. I don’t know. Anyway, anyway, the numbers speak for themselves, so only 11,680 people in the world have this right here. So again another very very rare item, the sixth rarest decoration in all of Hay Day. Very, very cool. Okay, moving on to number five, number five, in which we go onto the leaderboard once again and go to Umit, so what do you reckon it could be folks? What do you reckon it could be? Here we go, so we tap here, we scroll along here, we scroll along here. Can you see it? Can you see it? Can you see it? That’s right, that’s right! The tent there, right there, the camp tent! Now this here is extremely rare. It is the fifth rarest decoration in all of Hay Day, which was, it was at the same time, it was in fall 2017, same time as the kettle, so he’s got two of them. He put them there. Less than 10,000 people in the world have this, so this is really really rare. And as you can see, they they look very nice. They match very, very nicely together. They, they .. I do love … I love the look of the tent. Oh to be .. I so wish I had it, ’cause it’s like ah, all of these ones I’ve read so far have all been from fall 2017 so I was playing when all of these have been released. Like I thought that they’d be like, you know like 2012 or 2013 like a special rare event one. But as you can see there, that there is it. And if you are new to my channel and you are enjoying this video, please do subscribe and let me know in the comments — What do you think of it? Which ones have you got? Okay, moving on to number four, number four. That’s right What do you reckon number four is? What do you reckon number four is? So we come over here, we tap here, we tap here, We go down to number seven, Instagram, Instagram? Yes, Instagram Hay Day. Yeah, uh, at least it’s Hay Day, boom! So we tap here, we tap here, and we scroll out and we scroll out and do you see it yet? Do you see it? Do you see it … boom! That’s right, that’s right, folks. Oh, and we got three awesome vouchers, Yay, we’re gettin’ heaps of vouchers. Okay, boom boom boom so this player here, this player here indeed has the fourth rarest one in all of Hay Day. Now also to note, this here, these are the non-level ones. So this is the … because the next three are level related ones, so the, the level related items. So … but this one here is the rarest in the world that, like, was only available for a limited time during the time it was out which happened to be the lunar year 2019. So you missed the opportunity. If you’d bought this, you would have had the rarest non-level decoration in the world. So this year less than 10,000 people ever … only 9,508 people in the world have it So it is so rare and they’ve got the two right next to each other I know noticed quite a few top players have these ones here. But yeah. Also I am a Hay Day YouTuber. I do regular Hay Day YouTube videos. All of those diamonds I’ve got free, I’ve never, never bought any of them on this account. Same with the coins, never bought or traded any of them on this account. So I focus on how to make coins and how to make diamonds. So please do be sure to check out some of my other videos and subscribe. Okay, moving on to the next one, the third. This is a podium right now There’s the podium and I did indeed use different players for this so I hopefully get it right. So this one here, we go down to 164 — I had to write it up and type it up and print it out. There you go, 164, and they happen to be 165 — boom! So this one here — beautiful, just straight off — that would be an interesting thing if players, like, specifically designed that instant shot, but it might be different for iPads and phones — when you first come in, how it looks cuz that looks really nice. Okay, let’s go, the third rarest … so this is one of the top three rarest decorations in the entire … and also because as I mentioned earlier, those other ones have caps, so for example that pig statue, no one will probably ever be able to buy it again so it has a maximum of 9,508 people and it will probably drop off slowly as some players will end up doing things that will get them banned, but yeah, very rare. Only two decorations in the world that are non-, non-, that are non-level ones that have less than 10,000 players that use them, that have them. Okay. So what do you reckon it is? What do you reckon it is? That’s right, boom! Right here now, I must say, this one here is the level 200 reward. Now, it’s got to be one of my favourite decorations of all time and believe me, folks, I have checked through so many of those top 200 players — it is unbelievable how few of them have this on display. I was looking to find, trying again and again and again and again and I it was so few! There were so few! It was like, if I had this, this would be like the center, with the exception of the honeybee tree, of my farm. It would be like I put all emphasis on this. This is like one of the rarest things in the, in the game, like, it’s so impressive that you made it to level 200, like, I would so emphasize that, but so few of them do. It’s unbelievable. Anyway, and also for the record, see that typewriter right there, this is the only farm … I’ve never seen it before, I’ve never seen it before until I actually visited this farm. I’m like, that looks like a cool one. Yeah, but anyway, it’s not in the top 10, but I’ve never seen it in my life before. Anyway, this year I just love it like the paint brushes, like, you know the red, the blue, the white is just so beautiful! That little shine, you know, the pig, you know the background is like the Windows XP background. Oh, it’s so beautiful! I just … that decoration, I just love it! I absolutely love it, and it is the third rarest in the entirety of Hay Day. It was released on the 24th of June, 2019 in the update, the recent update they added the valley. So this here was one of the cool … I’d like, you know, there’s a lot of folks on the valley but this here was one of the cool things when these came out, I’m like, I’m gonna do a video on these and I thought I might even do a separate one. Anyway, only, only 4544 people in the world, so less than 5,000 have it, less than 5,000 have it. So less than half a percent. It’s probably way lower than a half percent – might be 0.1% in the world would have it. It is extremely low, so it might only be one in a thousand people have it. I’m not sure exactly how many people play Hay Day daily but that there, folks, that is so rare So 4,544 people have made it to level 200. So congrats to you guys, but that there is ultra ultra rare, that is third, third rarest in the world. So not many people have it. Not many people have it. So if you do have it, that means that you are level 200 plus. Boom! Was that, was that smart figuring out skills, detective work there? Okay moving on to the second rarest decoration in all of Hay Day, in all of Hay Day .. and for this one we go to the hundred, no, the 56th player, so 56th player, we come down here — Angie, okay tap here, Angie dot dot, so we scroll out, we scroll out, now they’ve got it in quite a cool sneaky wee spot again. But so many of them don’t even have it out and those that do, like, don’t even center it or anything .. Boom! Right here, right here, folks, the level 250 reward. So, so cool. It’s like, like the… you know, like the things, you know, they have them on displ.., like, you know what I mean. It’s like those things… I don’t know, like, do they have it in…? aw, they had it in Aesop’s fables, I think, like a TV series from years ago. Anyway, it looks really, really cool. Really, really cool. So only 355 people in the world have this, so less than 400. It is like just unbelievably rare, unbelievably rare, so 355 in the world have it. So it’s, that sounds like a few but it’s not, considering there’s millions of Hay Day players … also released on the 24th of June, 2019. So yeah, if you have this unbelievable 250, the chances you’re watching this video and you have this is extremely low, but if you are, that is so cool. Anyway, it’s cool if any of you, whether you’re level, like, one, two, three, if you don’t even play Hay Day, I can’t believe you’re like … I’m glad you enjoyed the video though. Okay, so that there, that is that. Now, the rarest obstacle, what, what guesses do you have? Well, I’m very curious. What do you guys think? What do you guys think? Do let me know how many of these you have so far. I might do some polls as well, but sure… the answer … and be sure to check out some of my other videos …the rarest … now for this, we go to the highest-ranked level player in the world, which happens to be Noody. The second top one is Ukid Umit … also be sure to check him out on level 562 … I want to leave the final one to to Noody because Noody specializes in level, like, really insanely, level 601. Well, so impressive, so…, and I’ve got that right there. It’s very nice. I tried to … and they’ve got, like, look, they’ve got the pig one as well. I tried to, like, use different players for the different things. They indeed have it, they indeed have it. Guess what it is, guess what it is. That’s right! Are you guys ready for the rarest, the ultra, the absolutely insanely rarest!?. So rare, not even a hundred people in Hay Day have it! That’s right folks. That’s right folks, it’s the level 300 reward! Let’s go! That’s right, folks, that there, what you’re looking at that gold truck with that beautiful, beautiful gold barn, and that beautiful gold pig, and that beautiful golden house right there, it is unbelievably awesome! And it looks like two trophy cups in the front, but I think it’s supposed to be a bow tie, but, oh, and there’s a gold star, it’s got like, down at the bottom It’s, it’s surrounded by these awesome, these flowers. It’s like, oh my goodness me this is so cool! That there, folks, is the rarest ite… the rarest decoration and it’s, you can still get it … you just have to get to level 300. That’s how unbelievably rare it is, also released on the 24th of June, 2019. Now only 94 people in the world have it, that’s how unbelievably rare it is, and I counted on the leaderboard of the top 200, only 84 of the, only 84 people on the leaderboard in the top 200. So that means there’s ten that are over level 300 that aren’t on the leaderboard. I’m recording this video as of the 24th of July, 2019. So so cool. So congratulations to Noody and everyone else that, well, the 93 other players that have it also. That, folks, Indeed is the top 10 rarest decorations in Hay Day. So I hope you absolutely loved this video. Please do smash the like if you did and want to see more, you want to see the next rarest items list and so what …. did they surprise you? Let me know in the comments, just, like, just feel free to leave any kind of comment. You can ask a Hay Day question. You can request a new type of video in the future. I hope you absolutely loved this video, and I cannot wait to see you all again for another video of Hay Day!


Since I am on level 117 I can’t have1-3 but I do have 4-10. I don’t currently have them all out. I re do my farm and town quite often especially for different seasons. I have to say the things I can’t get no matter how ten I drop the nets that I make with diamonds I can never get those BEACH decorations. I did this last derby get the big round scuba helmet I guess is what you call it. And the “beach” sign that you could get if you neighbored got in I think the top 3 in the derby a certain week. Well ours was just one below winning it by only less than 100 points 😢😢😢 anyway good luck finding those beach items. ❤️❤️

Btw I do have the desk you liked so much in town near the train crossing The pin wheels is on my beach. So a person has to look everywhere even where I haven’t got all the land bought. I redo my farm often lol

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That was really cool of you to show us the top 10 decos. I have most of them and I have them on display. I am on level 127 and my neighborhood is Millebugs and friends. Come check it out. I would love to see a video of the next top 10 (11-20). Happy Farming! 🚜😊

I have the CNY pig statue. I love that 250 level puppet show reward, only 149 more levels 😳. I pulling my pig statue out of storage. I liked the video, do more.

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I only have the pinwheel and until now i super regret not buying that cute piano ugh! But this winter i bought the christmas chimney with pillows and the little snowman in a snowbox.

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I personally love Hay Day. Been playing it since the beginning and pretty much every day. However very disappointed with their customer service. I just bought a pack of diamonds to get one of the decorations and it did not come through. Hay Day support was rude and would do nothing to help me. Basically will take your money but we will not help you. Please be warned before you spend any of your hard earned cash on something that they do not guarantee.

So, Supersight, good job on research there. Check out my farm, Leslies Winter Wonderland, Level 173. I have all the decos on your list, except, of course, the top 3, as I am only at 173. I will be putting the piano out when I decorate for New Year’s. Some of them are in my town and sanctuary. I have a little camp ground among the animals, with 2 tents and the kettle. I had seen the awards for Levels 200, 250 and 300 by looking at top farms in the world. I guess Hayday will add 350, 400, 450, etc… as more people reach those levels.

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I feel blessed, I have 7 I think if I counted right! What I really loved about your video though was the “unbelievably rare PERMIT” that you kept flashing in between your decos! Very funny, but oh so true! They are the rarest thing to get in all of HayDay!!!

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Marketing gimmick ! .. asking players to go for purchases , diamond packs and all those stuff , they come coated with decos !

They mostly gain against diamond which are nit easily collected so everyone can't have them. Only affordable players can collect these items.

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