“STUPID CURTAINS!” – Teen Titans – 3×10

Please. You must not… see my dwelling
in this condition. It is very messy. This is messy? Girl, have you seen
Beast Boy’s room? So you and
the curtains had some sort of
argument? Uh, yes. Today is Gorb-Gorb, the Tamaranian festival
of berating drapery. Stupid curtains! Aliens. [SIGHS] Well, there’s
nothing here.


Me: Bad news starfire! The curtains clash with the drapes!

Starfire: STUPID CURTAINS! (demolishes curtains)

*keeps trying to roll up curtains* FTVGHTOGRFF STUPID CURTAINS! *Uses a starbolt to blow up curtains* whoops o.o"

Haha I laughed so hard. This is one of my favorite starfire moments. And of course raven at the end with her own humor. Love it haha ๐Ÿ˜€

The girl would abuse her status as an alien, lie to her best friends, destroy innocent curtains and blast a giant hole in her wall to protect her pet moth larvae. That's dedication.

0:01 I love how Raven doesn't even bother to go one metre to her right to enter through the door.

The funny thing is, Starfire can make up any holiday she can think of as an excuse and the other's would just take her word for it.

If one pays attention Starfire has an impressive vocabulary. She uses words like "dwelling" and "berating". Plus she's good at improvising lies.

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