I don’t know how you have the time to make all of those beautiful, detailed cards. Yes, it’s probably a little crazy, but if it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters. I love that Lila is able to help and the two of you can spend some crafty time together.

I’m leaving next week for a trip to the Philippines and was planning to color some stamped images during the long flights. I may stamp onto some patterned paper as well and do some fussy cutting while watching a movie. TFS and inspiring, Jennifer.

Jennifer, once again you are a life saver. I had a friend give my oodles of paper scraps that trying to figure out what to do with or how to store them was totally stressing me out. Now I can't wait to get down to my crafting room and get started. You are such a blessing to my life with your willingness to share your talents. Thanks again.

Jennifer, I truly enjoy your videos on paper crafting. Your techniques are genius and your descriptive instructions are right on!

Oh Jennifer, I love your videos the best! I’d never miss one. I hate it if I’m even late for one. Thank you for all your effort.

I have quite a few of the packs by Sunny Studios. Thanks for giving me a way to use it! Also, I’m thinking this would be great for Festive Flowers – last year’s collaboration between SSS and Gina K.

Thank you so very much Jennifer for this much needed video!!! I sent a request to you quite a while back asking for more ideas of using pattern paper, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I really appreciate that you have showed several videos using pattern paper!!! I know it takes a lot more thought to include pp since the style of cards is to create everything from scratch which is great to have perfect color harmony. I love using pp and like you did today alter it to fit my card look better. I love my old Basic Grey, October Afternoon, and Cosmo Cricket paper and using Distress Oxide in the Antique Linen for instance with often mute the paper perfectly while still having lovely detail. Also if a paper is too masculine taking a more vibrant or feminine color and using brushes, blending tools or swiping pad across to get the right color combo you need is so useful! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

I love this kind of cards. The shading tip is just what I needed. I also like fuzzy cutting more than coloring. Thanks again. I am also hoping to see you make a card with the technique tip I mailed you two weeks ago. Bye. Francisca.

What a brilliant idea to use up scrap pieces of patterned paper! I’m definitely going to try this technique. Thanks again for another wonderful video! 😊❤️

Thank you for this wonderful video! I learned many things but most importantly to take the time to make someone feel great by taking the time to create something beautiful for them. Your friends and the teachers will be thrilled to receive these beautiful cards. God bless you for your kind work of heart.

OMG – I never thought to stamp on pattern paper. I love this idea! I have all this pretty paper I want to use but I don't want it buried under layers. My creative mind just took off lol.

Thank you so much for always inspiring me! You mentioned a link to a video making envelopes from patterned paper, and one using scraps to make cards. Please forgive me if I overlooked the links – I'm NOT trying to make extra work for you, but both of these sound amazing, especially with your gift of creativity!

WOW Jennifer, you are amazing. ALL of the cards are just stunning. I am positive the teachers will adore their cards. Thanks you for all of your ideas.

WOW, fantastic and now I have lots of good ideas to use up my scraps. When I really started scrapbooking and making cards ( must of been around 1999) I would put scraps into a rolling wooden crate with green hanging folders labeled with a color name. The crate is so handy and easy to use. Anyway, it is about 3/4 full. It will be so easy to pull out colored pattern paper to satisfy my needs. Thanks for the ideas.

I for one think you're videos are never too long! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you give us! 😊😊

Love this! Can't wait to try my hand at this but hope I have as much patience as you did to do it nicely. Thank you for another inspiring video.

This is probably my most favorite tutorial – I love the idea of stamping on pattern paper!! I love the look of pattern paper on cards but I never thought of using it this way … it's just beautiful! You are so creative, thank you for sharing your ideas.💕

Kennifer, All I can say is WOW! You are amazing & inspire me to try new techniques. I am a quilter also & love paper piecing so I can't wait to try this out on cards. ;0)

Beautiful cards. My favorites were the pencil and crayon ones. {On behalf of the teacher in my family, thank you for taking the time to make their day. Good teachers are unfortunately often overlooked.}

Thank you so much for these amazing ideas! I never would have thought of heat embossing on patterned paper! Fussy cutting isn’t my favorite thing, because it’s time consuming, but then so is coloring! My patterned paper was collecting dust! Thanks again for this!!!

Fabulous card Jennifer ! Love paper piecing. It is just so pleasurable to set time aside and cut out things. I love the little elephant and the flower heart is just gorgeous!!

AMAZING! You continue to surprise us, video after video! Love, love each and every card, but those teacher cards are off the chart, the colors are stunning. Thank you for time, energy, and kindness. You are deeply loved by the entire community!!!!

Wow- amazing creativity- thank you Jennifer!!!! You are so appreciated and admired! Thank you for all your fabulous tips. Watching your videos and learning from you is always so much fun and time well spent. Your videos are never too long! 😀

Yes, a great way to use my stacks of patterned papers! The cards are all beautiful. You are definitely blessed not just with talent but with a LOT of patience (the pencils, oh my). Thanks for sharing!

Wow this has been an amazing week of ideas from you. I am really in awe of the effort and creativity and care you put into your card making. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful ideas. I just can’t decide wether to try paper piecing or pop ups first!

Jennifer, what an awesome idea. You have definitely given me the bug. I will give this a try once I have completed this entire video.
Thanks for being you!

I love your way of doing demos and you are the queen of ideas BUT the biggest love is that you too like fussy cutting.
I love fussy cutting as gives me proper switch of time as have to focus on what doing. As you said I too find it therapeutic.
Thank-you for your down to earth, kind and gentle way xxx

At least your making cards 😊 I feel that way about the daubers. This is so nice love what you did with the papers. Love the crayons and pencils for teacher cards very nice TFS

Wow! That is a lot of fussy cutting! The results look so worth it though. Already have a few ideas. Thanks Jennifer!

Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for going the extra mile with your creativity. I've die cut pattern paper before, but never thought to stamp it let alone mixing the patterns and adding ink. You are phenomenal and we really do appreciate you.

These cards are gorgeous Jennifer. Such a great way to use hoarded papers. Your teacher cards are beautiful and very special. Thank you for sharing and for your inspiration. Blessings x

As a former teacher I say THANK YOU for showing teachers some love and appreciation. I know they need it especially this time of year.

Yep. I think you’ve lost it this time. One of those pencil or crayon cards would be enough to drive most of us nuts! They do look brilliant though!

I’m in love with these cards! I’m going to try this technique. Thank you for teaching us such wonderful techniques!

I’ve always loved paper piecing, but haven’t done it in a while! Thanks for the wonderful new ideas. Your cards are beautiful!!

I also enjoy some of the repetitive parts of cardmaking! I love all the details you take the time to add to your cards. Perhaps there are more people out here like you than you realize.

Wow! What fun watching. I’m going to give this a try and those pencil/crayon cards, you really hit those out of the park. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for your creativity. I have learned so much from watching your videos.

These cards are amazing!!! I'm not a huge fan of fussy cutting because I have arthritis in my hands, but for big images, this is definitely something I could do! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

As a teacher and card maker I can appreciate how hard you worked on the cards and how much the teachers are going to appreciate them. Thank you from all the teachers!

totally love this idea, I hate fussy cutting so I will use my scan n cut to do my cutting. it's faster and doesn't make my aging hands so tired…… thanks

Jennifer, the teachers at my school would ADORE those cards! What a sweet way to show your appreciation! Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration you share with us. Your videos are always the first I go to for ideas. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you as you have us! ❤️

Goodness gracious me, Jennifer – you are a "power house" of creativity, production, and kindness. What a fantastic video and such terrific cards.

Dear GOD MOTHER OF CARD CREATING. I don't usually leave a comment on your videos because you have tons to read but I am always in awe at the crafty creations that you come up with. Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us. PS I wish once we could see your craft desk after you get done.

I never would have thought of this!! You are amazing and I absolutely love your creativity!!! Thank you for inspiring new ideas

I chuckled when you said, you didn't like coloring and why bc I feel that way about fussy cutting but love to color!! Beautiful Cards! Thank you for sharing!

OMGosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, love you!!! Thank you for sharing so many examples and especially the tips and tricks 🙂

you are a genius! this technique will definitely help me especially because my vision makes coloring stamp images difficult

These cards are wonderful!!! Fun and creative, but also very thoughtful! And, without any doubt, the teachers will greatly appreciate the cards you and Lila have made! Your kindness and creativity are always a blessing!

Jennifer you are s shinning Star !!!! Love your cards and your expertise on crafting 🙂 Loved the papers

Great vid and awesome tips! Jenn love your brain, and cards you created! TFS! ✨😘👍🏾

PS: You and CathyZ are on a “use your patterned paper” kick… love it!

I remember this technique from a while back but these cards are so lovely. I could never be bothered to cut all the little pieces out as I’m not a fan of fussy cutting. May change my mind as I have a lot of patterned paper to use up 😉

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