Stain Your Murphy Bed | The Lori Wall Bed Walnut Edge Stain Video

Hi, I’m Brenden from Lori Wall
And on this video I’m going to show you how to
stain the edges
of your walnut Lori Wall Bed.Now, at Lori Wall Beds we
recently introduced
a walnut colored, pre-finished
Lori Wall Bed,
and we’re super excited with
how it turn out.
I’ve got a peice of it right
So, this is 100% real cabinet
grade plywood
with a stain and finish applied
on top
and not a laminate on top
of a particle board
You can see the beautiful matte
and how the reds and browns pop
out in the grain there.
Now, at Lori Wall Beds we do
sell unfinished beds
and if you had the time and
the energy
you could try to get a finish
like this by hand.
But I’ve been around
woodworking a long time
and I can tell you that even
if I had the time
and the energy to put intotrying to create a stain like
this by hand,
I’m not sure if I could.So, that’s why we’re really
excited to be able to
offer it to you.Now, at Lori Wall Beds we are
serious about making the
most affordable wall beds in
the world.
And I think when you consider
how much time and money
you can save yourself by buying
a pre-finished bed
You’ll agree that these are
a great value.
The way we keep them so
affordable is by,
essentially, staining large
sheets of this plywood
on a big conveyor beltand then cutting it into smaller
pieces to go into the wood kits.
So that means that each of the
of the pieces arestained like this.But then the edges are
This allows us to save you
several hundred dollars
off the cost of the bed,because that’s about what it
would cost us
to go back andre-stain the edges of each of
these pieces for you.
Now, many people like the bed
just like it is.
You can assemble it and use it
with the finished faces
and the unfinished edges,
no problem.
But, if you would prefer to have
the edges of your bed
match the face,we’ve come up with a really
easy, do it yourself
way to get that doneusing thesewood finishing, pre-moistened
stain wipes.
These are just like baby
You pull one out.They’re pre-soaked with stain.And then you just use it to rub
along the edges
of your work pieceto create that color.They’re super easy to use.There’s no brushes or cans of
stain involved
They don’t drip all over the
An you just throw them away when
you’re done.
So, in this video I’m going to walk
you through
a little demonstration of how
you can use these
these stain wipesto stain the edges of your bedand have everything match
really nicely.
So, I’m going to go: gather my
prepare my work surface, and
then we’ll get started.
So, I’ve prepared my work
surface to beging the project.
On my table I just put down some
paper to protect my surface,
but you should put downtarps, or plastic sheets, or
anything you need to protect
the surface that you’re working
So, then we’ve gathered our
Which includes: our finishing
I have a dry rag here,and I also have a damp rag here,
moisened just with water.
I’ve prepared a test piece,a demo piece for us to work on
this project
to simulate what it’s liketo actually stain your bed when
it’s fully assembled.
I recommend you finish your
bed after it’s been assembled,
because it’ll save you a lot
of time.
For instance, on this bed
behind me
you would want to stain these
edges here,
and these edges here, but theback edges of all of these
as well as many of the edges
that are inside the cabinet
are facing the wallwon’t need to be stained at allSo,by staining it after it has
already assembled,
you’ll actually save yourself
a lot of time.
So, the first step to get
started is to
put on some gloves.Now, fortunately these stain
acutally come with a pair of
right here on the back.So, I’m going to go ahead
and put these on.
And as I work here, I’m going
to try to keep
one hand relatively clean, my
left hand relatively clean
andkeep most of the stain, if I
on my right glove as I work.So, then it’s time to open these
and pull one of them out.Now, we actually likethe dark mahogany color from
It matches the reds and brownsin our walnut finished beds
really well.
So, you just peel the package
And, I’m going to grab one of
these out of here.
So, you seejust like baby wipes, they, kind
of, pull out one at a time
and then you canseal the package right back up.Alright,so, all the stain, all the
finish you need
is already in this wipe.So, I’m going to start staining
the project.
Just like this.By wipingalong the edgesin the direction of the grain,
so, that this stain
can soak in from the wipeto the grain of the wood.So, I’m just going to do that
Moving in a circlearound the project.And if you get a little bit on
some of the other surfaces
don’t worry about that, the next
step will be to clean those up.
So, I have about finished thistest piece.But every five minutes, or so,you’re going to want to stopworking with the stainand go back and clean up any
stain that you may have
accidentally gotten onthe face of the project. So,these prefinished walnut faces,you might get some stain on
these, but you
want to wipe that off as soon as
you can.
So, I’m going to take off my
messy glove, here.
Messier glove.And grab my damp rag.So, this is just aa rag that I don’t plan to use
again, moisened with water.
And you can use it tojust wipethe faces of the boards.To get off any stain that you
might have gotten
on that surfaceI’m going to go around all thesefacesright up to the edge,and wipe offanything that might have been on
that stained rag.
Now, when you are staining a
fully assembled bed,
the piece won’t move around
nearly as much
as mine is.It’s going to be a lot easier to
do all of this.
Now, this stain is water based.
Just soap and water clenaup.
So, this is a really effective
of keeping the piece clean.So, I think I got everything
After you’ve given the pieceabout ten minutesfor the stain to soak thoroughlyinto the grain of the edges
Eventually you’re going to want
to wipe off any excess.
So, that’s what I will usethis dry rag for.And at this point the stain is
pretty well soaked in
so I don’t need the gloves
But I’ll use this dry rag to
gently wipe offany extra stain along the edges.See, like this that hasn’t
fully soaked in.
That’ll keep the surface from
getting too tacky.
After about ten minutes it’s
pretty much everything that
it’s going to absorb.
I think that just about does
And there you have it!That is how westain the edges of our walnut
Lori Wall Bed
to match the faces.

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