[Music] [Music] so we are actually at the gym this morning we just dropped the boys off at school and we’re gonna go get a workout in no I was gonna go to like the little nursery place here and then we’ll get our day started after that okay so I know I kind of look a mess I just had got out of the shower I had some work to get done once we got back from the gym and now I’m actually on car pool right now and so I need to go pick up Liam but it’s like even when you think that it’s not gonna be a crazy busy day there’s just never enough time so anyway that’s why I’m rushing out of here with no makeup on wet hair I’m gonna come back and get that done kyle is actually home today so I’m utilizing that and I’m going to get some shopping done I’m gonna be doing like something of shopping I’m gonna go pick up Liam I’ll come back and get ready and then we’ll go shopping so I’m super excited to go to the thrift store the the bedroom makeover that I did in Montana that was my favorite makeover that I think I’ve ever ever done and I was trying to think like what was it about that that I loved so much and I really want to say it’s like you don’t have like you know of Hobby Lobby you don’t have Marshalls or home goods or like you have Target and Walmart and they do have Ross and TD max at least like in the town that I’m from and that’s like kind of it as far as like decor early and so it was like we used a lot of things my mom had it thrifted something I didn’t have the option to get whatever like the perfect thing I wanted and so I kind of had to like pull things together randomly and I loved that like it was just like it was so much more unique that way I think and so I think that’s kind of what I want to do with this guest room too is like I have a lot of things that I love that I’ve been kind of collecting for the last few months because I’ve known about like doing this makeover but a few things I want to get thrifted so that I can either DIY them or just kind of like be a little bit more creative with it and I think it’s just fun because it’s like challenging that way and it also is nice because you save money by getting things thrifted and there’s just honestly like so much since I don’t have the kids with me like usually that’s my biggest biggest to turn about going thrift shopping having to go in and like not knowing if they’ll have what you want and like you just kind of have to take a little bit more time in a thrift store I just want to kind of see if I can find a few things I have a list of like a few items that I want and I’m hoping I can find them at a thrift store one because it’ll be kind of unique and – I’m hoping to not have to spend full price on these items because some were like bigger items so anyway that’s kind of my plan and that’s why I like I really wanted to go thrift shopping today for that stuff and then TJ Maxx is just always like TJ Maxx Marshalls they’re always really good for finding like good deals on full price like I’m like brand-new items we’re gonna also head there and hopefully I can find everything I need I feel like the kids are actually getting out so I’m gonna drive everybody home dry up my hair a little bit and then we will get going so I was super distracted like talking to you guys well I’m gonna make up but it seriously just take no time I was totally vlogging and then the Liam’s teacher walked up like sitting there talking to the camera like I don’t look like a weirdo where anything I’m sure so just kind of own it though you got you got that for Valentine’s Day you have some really colorful it’s Liam how is school we have our shot back over there because we actually got some lights put into panels office and we’re getting lights put into my office upstairs and the guest room and then we also had some put in in our room just like the can lights like that what’s that oh nice you got more things for from Valentine’s Day I don’t want it but that looks pretty good for you to have so for lunch I am actually making some Japanese ramen I don’t know this is like totally authentic but it’s like it’s just from a regular grocery store oh when my dad and his wife was here visiting from Japan weeks ago they she had brought some like authentic ramen soup from Japan like straight from Japan and it was so good I totally broke out because I have them and it’s like there’s gluten in there obviously but so I won’t be eating this but I’m making this for Kyle and the boys before I head out or the little boys could sleep spell at schools just like full day obviously I had actually gotten some it was like a darker broth let me see it’s this one right here and then it’s kind of like the same brand maybe I just realize he missing right anyway but it did not taste anything like the authentic stuff like from Japan and so I’m just trying this if not that I’m gonna totally try to go to like an Asian market because after we had some of the food that they made I was like we have to learn how to make Japanese food now like authentic Japanese food so it was just so good so I’m gonna try to make this and I missed the if it’s just like it may be more upscale version of like the American ramen but the one that they made was so so good so we’re gonna see and try this out I don’t know it definitely doesn’t look like the authentic stuff that actually came from Japan but I wanted to show you guys this I got this from Target I got this from Target yesterday I see you’re here yeah yep but it was only three dollars and it’s the hearth in hand and how cute is that [Music] like this mom is a alright so I just got here we’re actually like where I’m at there’s one thrift store here and then there’s a different one like a different just a different drift store like a block over that way and then another one another block over this way so I’m gonna see what I can find in this one this one’s ever like the biggest it’s called di here and you talk and then we’ll see if I’m using with the other ones but I’m excited this is like the first time I’ve been going to a thrift store in forever [Music] this is so cute this is only $15 and you could just so easily like paint the top of this white or something or whatever kind of color you won or even like people eggs white and this would be such a cute little desk for like a room or something I love that it’s a little nice too and I would probably paint this white but it’s only ten dollars I don’t think there’s any drawers so yes oh there is one there’s one little drawer but that would be such a good deal it just got out of the first third stop or thrift store thrift shop anyway I just got to the first one and I didn’t get too much in there but I only spent five dollars and fifty cents so this sign just says the route 66 this is gonna go I think in Noah’s room but it was $1.00 like this at Hobby Lobby even if it was half off would have been like 750 so I’m super excited for this know who will love it it’s a little bit scratched up see but it’s like this kind of stuff kind of looks rustic anyway that’s not a big deal the other things I got are see little basket this one was three dollars and I’ll just kind of like wipe it out and everything I could paint this like spray-painting baskets gives them a whole new life so if you have some at home or and actually this one’s honestly look this one’s new like this is the store tag the original tag on it so if this has never even been used not in like perfect shape but it has like really nice handles my thought for this one just put like keys and just like little things and people come visit just they have like a small little area to do to put that so I’m probably gonna put this on like the little cube organizer I got and I think I’ll just keep it that color sitting I like the contrast with that and then I also got this one and I’m not sure if I’m going to end up being able to put this in the same room or not but my thought with this is just putting like like extra like shampoos and conditioner and like just like they’re like lotions I don’t know just little things or maybe even like some little towels or something just some little items that it’s nice to have in the room when you’re going to visit somebody so I think that’s kind of my goal for this basket and I thought there’s the shape of it was really key when this one was $1 no it’s a dollar 50 for this basket it’s in like pretty good shape and again like if I end up wanting to I could just paint this the super exciting I am getting so excited just like go through shopping because like I said it has been forever since I’ve gone before I should like like it’s so busy but I just been excited to start going in because I used to go all the time like every time I go back to Montana I always throw shop with my mom it’s just really fun to get like see if you can find some good things but you just always have to be picky when you’re in the thrift shop or the thrift store you have to be really picky because there’s a lot of like good finds but there’s also a lot of not good Pines and even if it’s just a dollar seventy-five cents or something if you’re not going to use it or it’s not what you want then it’s just not a good deal anyway so that’s just what I have to keep in mind like just because something is a good deal like a good price doesn’t mean it’s a good deal like for you if it’s not gonna be useful so best I have to keep in mind but now we’re going to head to at the other two stores and see what they have [Music] [Music] I really you should get like some kind of mount or something in here because I just I don’t like anything good they’re not to sit on you can use my basket I just got actually better okay Welding is good see how you’re sitting it’s all good okay I cannot wait to show you guys I kind of showed you a little bit in the store this is why I need to go there first shops okay first I’m gonna show you like a few little things so this was $0.99 and I’m just basically I liked it because it’s really tiny but I’m going to use this as like a gravy Bowl but we have gravy once or twice a year usually a holidays and so I don’t want something that’s taking up like a ton of space but every time we have gravy I’m like alright let’s spoon it out because you can’t just like typical and then it goes everywhere so it was just something really nice to have but it’s super compact so it’ll be fine to like store it this I thought was so cute it has like some different coloring on it but it’s like a grey base and my thought with this is it’s just super it’s just unique it’s just kind of neat and so I think it’ll add interest okay so my thought with this is either to put this on the cube organizer or maybe like the nightstand but I feel like whenever you’re traveling it’s just nice to have like a pen and paper or something it’s just not something that you have to have but it’s something kind of nice to have and so my thought is to just put like a cute little notepad in here with maybe like a few pens I think it would look really cute if it ends up matching like the decor in there I’ll just leave this because if it’s like totally the wrong color then I can always just paint it but I love this and it was only a 99 cents and I think I got like some kind of discount in there so it was maybe even less this is a piece that I’m so excited about and I think I’m gonna use this instead of that big basket that I just showed you guys this one was a bit pricier but still a good deal it was $7 so $6.99 it’s this little like I feel like it looks little but it’s actually pretty big see see you next to my head that’s how big it is but it’s like a little suitcase it looks like one of the vintage suitcase says and I thought this would be so cute to actually do what I was going to say like put like little toiletry items or just small little items in there and then you can even close it up and it’s just cute decor on its own but I love this I think it’s so cute and as soon as I thought it was like this is why I need you go to the surf store because you just don’t find things like this like your mainstream source and if you do they know they’re unique and so they sell them for like there’s probably been like 20 bucks I feel at least I’m so excited for this so so cute this will be so adorable in the room it is perfect because it’s like a luggage so it’s like a trouble you know perfect now we’re gonna go to the last lift store and I think I’m gonna go to TJ Maxx [Music] [Music] the boys a little love this so much I [Music] would probably regret buying it for them but they would love this so much I just came into the third store it had actually a lot of hue things like maybe some of the cutest things but they were nothing that I needed right now and so I didn’t get anything from there so hey I’m gonna go to TJ Maxx and see what they have I really want to see if I can find a plant like a faux plant just like a big one but all the ones I looked at online we’re quite expensive and so we’ll see if I can get that there and then there were a few other things that I wanted to look into getting for that room and then I think I’m gonna head home because I’ve been gone probably not actually too terrible long but my watch is like on a weird face that I have no idea okay I feel silly it’s just it doesn’t have like the digital time so they’re looking for the numbers but it adds like watchface okay Amanda it’s like 2:45 so I’ve been gone like an hour and a half almost but I’ve taken my time to like going through some of those stores so I think I’m gonna go to TJ Maxx next and wish me luck that I can find something good there like the rest the things that I need and then we get together [Music] morning comes at night I don’t understand you and I so dear friend nur we are always always on the edge parts are alive [Music] [Music] [Music] I have to decide I love these ones I think they’re so pretty I’m not sure if I’ll like that design these ones I don’t love as much like just like this but I feel like it might look really nice and a hard time with this just deciding which ones they’re both like under $20 for a two set so I feel like these stores are always the best to get your cards that but I think I’m kind of gonna go with these ones I’m not entirely sure I love just like having that extra little texture right there all right the lighting it’s not the best but I’m gonna do a quick haul and show you guys what I got so this is just a planter this was eight dollars it’s like so shiny then I got this trash can it just has like some different designs on it and then the insides cute just cuz I has gold it’s just like an unexpected like little detail but if you need trash cans and like you want some little cute ones go to places like TJ Maxx Marshalls Ross they always have like the cutest like most unique ones like this and this was six dollars so you cannot beat it it’s a metal it’s super nice quality I ended up getting these curtains the one with like the little pieces right here I think they’re gonna look really good but I just need to get like a rod this one was like an impulse buy when I was at the checkout stand but it’s like this tiny little candle it’s so cute and it smells that’s called island retreat it’s by the brand sensational sensational and it’s like a coconut and beeswax blend and this one was 399 you know this one will go somewhere out the house or I’m kinda gonna try to use it in the guest room I think it’s also good and that’s just cute like a little white jar with this little brown woody top one of my best friends is having a little boy and I just thought this is so cute it just says Mama’s little man it has these arrows on the pants and it also has this little cute little hat and it’s just like the redone style so it’s super cute so I didn’t get a notepad and just ten to go in that little thing that I showed you guys from the thrift store but this was $2.99 and it has like this is like the worst lady it has like little cactuses here and this is what I got it’s so big but this was 1999 and it’s pretty it’s like bendy little Footwear but it’s pretty sturdy and it has like this rope or straw kind of on the bottom I guess and then just so and then it has some nice texture I always just love the text you guys know that but this is going to be the laundry basket for that room so yeah that’s what I got I definitely spend a little bit more than I did like if I could have gotten this at the I did have some gift cards pretty much anytime I have like a birthday or Christmas or something I’m always like just give me gift cards that I always ask for ones that like TJ Maxx and Marshalls those go like their sister sores or whatever and so anytime I get a gift card to one like I can use it the other and then I also ask for Hobby Lobby and Target and I think that’s like the ones I usually ask for and then Oh sometimes for us too but yeah those like my favorite ones and then I’m just like when I have things like this where I have to get a bunch of stuff all at once I can just use a gift card and it just makes a big difference so I’m gonna go home probably start getting ready to make dinner and then we’ll see if we end up going out tonight I’m kind of tempted to go get like a curtain rod now and I still did not find a big plan well I did actually I did find one in TJ Maxx but it was like 50 dollars for like a medium like not a big like it was there’s probably like a foot in half tall so I was like it was a good size but it wasn’t what I was looking for and then I found a bigger one and I didn’t really love it but it was $80 sounds like know I spent well under $100 all the stores combined today so I feel like that was pretty good I don’t know what I was in here but like I said I used my gift cards like that didn’t really cost me much or anything anyway and then I spent like six dollars and eight dollars at the thrift stores so out of pocket I am like 16:15 bucks oh pretty good but anyway I’m gonna head to open now and at relieve Kyle from kid dude we are about to make dinner Kyle’s actually cooking most of dinner tonight makes this thing where it’s like a little safe let me show you so we just get like cube steak like this I don’t even know what exactly like what kinda is okay he gets beef stew just have this pan it’s like a cast-iron pan heating up and he’ll just put in some butter and then he just adds this teriyaki based in glaze it’s just like a thickened teriyaki sauce and he adds that in and that’s all he does this and like once it’s mostly kind of okay until it reduces down and did it thick kind of glaze and then that’s it but I think I’m gonna chop up some cabbage that I have I was actually gonna make some excuse and I didn’t send this one chopped up some cabbage and I have seeded carrots and just make that as like a side [Music] [Music] so these are just kind of wilting down a little bit and then I’ll end up adding like some teriyaki sauce or soy sauce onto these super simple high heat keep it as hot as you can how much you eat that is like a third of a cup I have no idea kind of coated always at all it’s just like hibachi basically just a super hot skillet they put steak terms on it yeah they spray teriyaki on it let it thicken just like a bocce it’s not like what inspired you to start making this yeah actually went to a bocce and Provo yeah and then I was like I could do that not quite the same but it’s super good and it’s really easy just took a lot like 15 minutes maybe not even not even 15 like 10 yeah started in our cabbage and carrots just cooked down a bit well seasoned up with some sauce or something teriyaki beef yummy both and pineapples what are you doing [Music] [Music] this is how the boys are using Alexa [Music] sorry I don’t know glasses Alexa who is pressed in place Preston is a lot to do with 11 million two hundred thousand last drivers oh here’s a biography it is crazy life YouTube personality also known as Amanda the channel has earned over 160 thousand subscribers thanks to three sons named Luke Liam and Noah holy cow I think I’m going to go ahead and just end the vlog here because I got wrapped up and just like doing a nightly clean and the kids spend everything they even got in my PJs so I’m clearly like what for the day I guess it’s ready to like relax Kyle is downstairs I’m gonna go down and hang out but I hope you guys enjoy just kind of coming along shopping with me today and just hanging out with us a little bit tonight and we will see you in the next one bye guys


Hey family!! Welcome back to a super casual vlog! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me as I went thrift shopping! Let me know what your favorite thing is to buy at the thrift store?! One of my faves is baskets 🧺 lol Can’t wait to talk in the comments!! Love you guys!! XO β™‘amanda

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