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– I’m guessing if you
clicked on this video, it’s because you have a small room. Today I’m gonna give you some tips to help optimize your space
without compromising your style. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the JCPenney channel. Okay, let’s get started. Tip number one, keep
colors light and bright whether it’s your shelves,
your bedding or your walls. Keeping your color palette light will automatically open up your room. Tip number two. Move your bed out of
the center of your room. Pushing your bed up against
the wall or in a corner will instantly create more space for the rest of your decorating. Tip number three, skip the bedframe. I know bedframes are
great decorative pieces but a minimalist approach is best when you’re dealing with a small space. Oh and stay tuned because
I’ve got some great ideas on what to do with that
extra wall space later. Tip number four. Magnify with mirrors. This is one of the easiest ways to make your room look bigger. Placing a mirror on the
wall or on the floor will instantly make your room look like it’s double the size. Tip number five. Add storage under your bed. Invest in some baskets, cloth bins, anything that fits under your bed. It’s a great place to
store off season clothing, odds and ends and shoes. If you have suitcases, you can also store those under your bed. Tip number six. Nothing creates height
like a floating shelf. Experiment with different
arrangements at varying levels to see what fits your space the best. Tip number seven, double duty furniture. Turn your dresser into a nightstand or your bookshelf into a vanity. Get creative with how much
space your furniture can save. What’s your favorite way to save space? Let me know in the comments below. Tip number eight, mount your lighting. Keeping the light higher
lifts the whole room up. Tip number nine, hang your curtains as high as you can. Often times, we hang them
at the top of the window but hanging them closer to the ceiling will elongate the space and make your room look a lot bigger. Tip number 10, think up and vertical. We’ve already touched on this with the lights and the shelves but consider applying it to
all of your other ventures with your home decorating. Consider getting taller
shelves or even a floating bed if you’re feeling adventurous. Who says a small room
can’t have big style? Find out how to transform
your small bathroom next.

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