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Awesome tips for floor plan drawing in sketchup.. Can you tell me how can i draw a floor plan when the land is irregular (quadrilateral) or have more than 5 sides of different dimensions.

I have been using sketchup for personal use for years on and off.It is hands down the most intuitive architectural program ever developed.I highly recommend these tutorials to learn how to draw construction documents the right way ,to save yourself unnecessary grief when you advance with SketchUp later on. Thanks for sharing.

The plan views you use show the blue (Z) axis skewed at a perspective angle. If you're only working in 2D, setting the camera mode to "Parallel Projection" makes more sense, IMHO.

Exporting as a pdf is new to me. Normally i would export as a jpeg, but had thr problem of line quality. Thanks for this handy tip!

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