Shipping Container Houses that are Economical Home Ideas

With shipping container homes gaining popularity
over the past few years, we here at Minds Eye thought we should bring you a unique look
into the latest shipping container homes craze. Number Ten Our number ten container home works natural
lighting and space to turn ordinary shipping containers into a paradise. Designed by architect Maria Jose Trejo in
Costa Rica, this gorgeous home is comprised of eight shipping containers centered around
a large cedar tree. Rather than cutting down the existing tree,
Maria chose to include it in her work. To symbolize sustainability, the home’s theme
is centered on flexible space and lighting that is appropriate for its photographer owner. Included in the home is a double-height living
area suitable for an exhibition, a continuous open kitchen, a porch and terraces located
on the second floor, and an amazing rooftop garden on the third floor. Number Nine Located among a quaint neighborhood in France
lies a house like no other. From its bold green color to its very modern
aesthetic, this container home is a standout. Designed by CG architects, using four 40-foot
shipping containers, this eco-friendly home relies on an industrial approach to keep construction
costs low. A minimalist approach is implemented in the
interior, with a simple living area on the ground floor, and three bedrooms located on
the first floor. Although, this minimalist abode maxes out
on style. Number Eight The Porta Bock is a perfect fit for those
fond of tiny homes. These prototypes would give owners the flexibility
to pick up and move at any given time. Focused on sustainability, the Porta Bock
minimally impacts the land and is power, water, and sewer independent. This minimalist dream home features a fully
enclosed exterior steel shell, lots of storage, a stainless steel kitchen, an open shower,
and an interior fabric screen system. This highly versatile system allows owners
to create their own rooms within the living area. Number Seven Our next upcycle dwelling is located in Venice
Beach, California. The Green on Main was built on top of a commercial
gallery and garage from a whopping 14 shipping containers. Inside the container house are two residences,
each with an open floor living area, and utility workspace. Like other container homes, the Green on Main
is very eco-friendly. Although, this home takes smart green strategies
to the next level. Creators, to marry a design, reduce energy
and water, by collecting rainwater utilizing drought-tolerant plants, and implementing
a cool reflective roof with passive ventilation to control temperature. Number Six Okay, so this one isn’t the best-looking on
our list, but if you are like us and love the outdoors, this one might just be for you. Consisting of six containers spanning an area
of 1,200 square feet, the Six Oaks Private Container Home, uses each of the six spaces
of each container, to create a home integrated into the landscape. Where absolutely no space is left unused. The front door is technically on the second
floor and is accessed by a bridge from the hillside. The home was placed in a way to have as little
impact on the wilderness as possible. The luxury interior is made completely of
recycled materials and parts. The living room is stunning, with a graded
bridge on top that pulls in light from the upper skylight. Which was formed from strategically placing
the containers four feet apart to allow the use of natural lighting Number Five If you ever wanted to live in the middle of
a desert, then this container home is for you. This 2300 square foot, one-bedroom, one and
a half bathroom container home, is made with six shipping containers and per engineered
steel components. It is the prototype of a second-generation
prefab design for a residence and workplace developed by Ecotec Built. The company claims it’s a hybrid style home
based on the Prius automobile. Hmm, why not? Based on a Tesla anyways. The hybrid house concept combines diverse/engineered
building and energy conservation features, to maximize efficiency and cost savings while
offering architectural design flexibility and variation. If you are interested in something like this,
their website says it will build you a home like this for $200 per square foot. Yes, if you can do the math, it will cost
you roughly half a million. But hey, if you have it, then you might as
well spend it. Number Four This secluded container home is tucked away
in a grouping of trees on the shore of Lake Constance, in southeast Germany. The two-bedroom home blends into its surrounding
lakeside environment, with its use of natural materials and a subdued palette. A solar-powered system is combined with geothermal
heating, and a fireplace provides supplemental heat when necessary, to make the home very
low-energy and low impact. This lakeside home is 2045 square feet and
has two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, an open space living/dining room, and a library. If it’s too cold to sit outside and have your
morning coffee you can sit in your open living space, which features floor-to-ceiling windows,
which allow you to overlook the pristine lake. The result is a beautiful shipping container
vacation home that anyone would love to have. Number Three Who doesn’t love a good shipping container
home? This container home known as the Cliff House
is a 100% off-the-grid abode, largely built with recycled materials. A pair
of old shipping containers make up the 1400 square foot structure. Sitting atop a steel frame, Cliff House utilizes
more than secondhand transport containers. The floors are made of recycled wine corks,
and repurposed plastic bottles were used for insulation in the walls. Water is provided by a well on site, and the
home’s electricity is powered by solar panels. Strategically placed windows let in enough light to keep the power
off during the day, and natural ventilation eliminates the need for an air conditioner. We don’t see many fully sustainable homes
that look this impressive. Tell us your opinion. Would you like to live off the grid, and a
home like this? Let us know in the comments below. Number Two This home was constructed with a combination
of prefabricated shipping containers and traditional building materials. It was built as a
stunning beachfront property for an unknown buyer. But, the firm that built this beautiful
home designed it in partnership with an affiliate for a
newly designed package simply branded packaged architecture. The home is made up of eight shipping containers
that vary in size and are bound together by conventional building methods. A smartly placed container forms a swimming
pool, while wood and steel define the living spaces, such as the master bedroom and an
artist studio. The spacious living room was built with two
open containers that create a 20-foot ceiling and metal container walls that define the
service spaces. Since the home is part of the affiliates branded
package, it allows more than 70% of the home’s construction to be built off-site. Number One This is a colorful and stunning creation,
sure to stun the masses. This home slash residence is from the architecture
firm Studio MK 27. This particular design was built in the middle
of South Paulo’s trendiest neighborhood. Two stories high and looking like a set of
fluorescent colored Legos, these shipping containers seem to be the perfect solution
for the clients’ need for something impressive. Combined with low cost. The containers were installed in a simple
two-story hanger whose doors open to create an incredible free-flowing space. Six containers in total have been stacked
two stories high and transformed into this stunning piece of art. The central hangar is set up as a casual space
where large translucent doors make for an inviting entrance. The large room allows for living space, and
in the back, the courtyard complete with trees allows for a private open area for large gatherings
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