Scene from The Thin Place: Dinner Party

Or if you have something on your mind that you’d like to say to me then just
spit it out because—
-I think you take advantage of people Alright…how? All sorts of ways. Be specific. With what you DO. What I do-meaning-what do you mean what I—
-Oh you know. My work as a medium—
There’s all this meddling, meddling meddling with people’s minds—
-Meddling, what is she talking about?
-I’m staying out of this… I do, I do, I think you take advantage
of—people come to you at the worst times in
their life and you take their money and you tell them lies, and yes! You tell them lies to make them
feel better, and maybe it does but you’re still lying to people…I-I’ve
been thinking about this for a while now and…
I think what you do does a lot of harm. Harm?! Sylvia, you have no idea what
you’re talking about. You take some little pudgy girl—
-Oh yes, yes, yes with the greasy hair and the pimples on
her face and the tears in her eyes and the dead father who
loved her very much but what if… What if, actually, her father
didn’t love her? What if he treated her badly?
You don’t know. And you’ve gone to make her think that
her horrible childhood wasn’t so horrible and maybe she
needs to know that actually he didn’t love her, and that that was the
reality. And to let her tell herself something was
something that it wasn’t… I mean, doesn’t that at a certain point
just gradually take you away from yourself, and away from
what you see? But what that is, is that girl seeing
through me, what she NEEDS to see. And far be it from me to tell her
she’s not seeing what she needs to see. That would be cruel,

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