SAKUL INTAKUL Floral Journey NEPAL ep. 2 #Bhaktapur #Nepal #vlog

This is the morning atmosphere of the city of devotees or Bhaktapur Villagers has brought their local produces for sale. There are scallion, potato, chilli, and various kinds of other vegetables. This is where the villagers sell their produces. A lovely, small morning market. At the same time, the temple bells ring. People come to worship their Gods early in the morning. Every morning, we get up early at around 5 am. We hear the sound of temple bells ringing. Devotees who come to the temple, bring flowers, incenses, and candles to worship their gods. And we get to know the national symbols of Nepal. There is this unique flag. The national emblem. The blossoms of crimson red rhododendrons. And the national color of crimson. Cow is the national animal, while the national bird is Himalayan Monal pheasant. We are now at one corner of Bhaktapur Durbar Square. As we were listening to the music of these two musicians, They asked where we are from. “From Thailand,” we said. I got goose bumps, as I couldn’t believe my ear. They sang a famous Thai song called “Loy Krathong.” Loy… Loy Krathong… Loy… Loy Krathong… Loy… Loy Krathong… Loy Krathong… kun laew… # $ % & * & % $ # We will be taking you to the Potters’ Square. The famous Potters’ Square of Bhaktapur. We still do not know the direction. We will just need to ask the locals. Now let’s keep on asking. Come along, guys. Bhaktapur is very delightful. There are small alleys and walkways. There are shops selling souvenirs to the visitors. The houses are 3 to 4 storeys high. They are made of bricks, not cement. Brick houses. On my left is a shop selling Gurkha khukuri knives. And the shop owner. Strolling in the city… There are many, many paintings for sale. Many are the paintings of the Himalayas as souvenirs. And there are paintings of cityscape of different cities. Sometimes they do not allow us to film, but anyway… This is beautiful. ขอถ่ายภาพได้ไหมครับ OK! The permission granted. Let’s have a look at this handicraft called “Tanga.” Tanga is painting on canvas, depicting the Buddha and telling the story of his life. Tanga is similar to temple wall mural in Thailand, but painted on canvas instead. Tanga is a local handicraft of Nepal, that requires finest of craftsmanship and great length of time to create. Fine Tanga is extremely intricate and durable. Its colour remains vivid for more than 100 years. Tanga is very detail-oriented. Really! A piece of one feet by one feet costs mere 3,000 Baht (US$ 100) Truly unique! Bhaktapur is very famous for wood carving. We found a workshop here, where an artisan is at work, practicing his trade. Wood craving is an important handicraft of Bhaktapur. As Bhaktapur is an old capital city, it is carefully planned and beautifully designed. There are many fine samples found in the city, such as the intricate wood carvings that decorate the many temples of Bhaktapur and the masterpieces… the exquisitely carved facade of the Palace of Fifty-Five Windows. After a brief interview, we found the artist began his craft at the age of 12 His work is exquisite. It is the charm of Bhaktapur to have the artisan working on a piece and sell his works on the spot. Namaste! — Greetings! — สวัสดีครับ! Now we found a shop that sells woven items. นี่คือวัสดุอะไรครับ ปอกระเจาครับ อ๋อ… ปอกระเจา โดยปรกติแล้ว ชาวเนวารีจะไม่สวมรองเท้าแตะ หรือรองเท้าอื่นๆ ในครัวของเรา เราจึงสวมรองเท้าแบบที่เห็นนี้ในครัว ในครัวนะครับ แล้วรองเท้านี้ราคาเท่าไหร่ครับ เราขายในราคา 1,000 รูปี (275 บาท) ครับ รองเท้านี้เรียกว่าอะไรครับ นาลูลากะ ว่ายังไงนะครับ นาลูลากะ นาลู แปลว่า ปอกระเจา คือวัสดุนี้ และ ลากะ แปลว่า รองเท้าแตะ รองเท้า Khun Kamon! Look ahead! You see we’ve found the way. We were right! We found it! The Potters’ Square! A distance not so far from Bhaktapur Durbar Square. We arrived at the Potters’ Square. If you could recall, this place is one of the scenes in the movie ‘Little Buddha.’


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