SAKUL INTAKUL Floral Journey NEPAL ep. 1 #กาฎมาณฑุ #nepal #kathmandu

Now I am at Suvarnabhumi Airport traveling comfortably with TG 319 to Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Today ‘SAKUL INTAKUL Floral Journey’ invites you to join me on my trip of blossoms to Nepal. Traveling from Bangkok To Kathmandu, there is a best-kept secret that allow you to start your trip to Nepal with a grandeur of visual excitement. That is you must choose a window seat on starboard (right) side of the aircraft. Because when the plane is approaching the sky of Nepal, your window would command a spectacular aerial view of the majestic Himalayas to your bewilderment!!! And on this magnificent Himalayan range, Mount Everest, the world’s higest peak, stands. Welcome to Nepal! Now we are at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Now I have checked in at the hotel It is a Nepalese custom to welcome their guest with a cup of tea. This is masala tea. The first cup of my trip here in Kathmandu. Locally called ‘Chai’ in Nepal, masala tea is the tea that is blended with many kinds of herbs and spices. Now we are leisurely strolling in Thamel, a backpackers’ district in Katmandu. There is an endless list of items for sale here. There are gemstones, miscellaneous goods, clothes, and trekking gears. Here, we would meet all those who are attempting in conquering the Everest and the likes. On my left hand side is a row of local flower stalls full of marigolds. The big blossoms of marigolds are from India, while the smaller ones are locally produced around Kathmandu. There are many floral items for sale here. You can see many small offering garlands. There are grass garlands. Several stems of grass are tied together with red string. Just now, I had the opportunity to learn how to make a grass garland with them. My legs were very tired, as we needed to use one of our legs to help making the grass garland. The Nepalese use these special grass ‘mala’ or grass garlands as the offerings to the God Ganesha. Now we are in our jeep traveling from Thamel in Katmandu to Tribhuvan Airport to pick up my friend, Lek, who is arriving from Bangkok. We will soon meet and travel together to Bhaktapur. We will stay there for two nights. We have already checked in to our hotel. Rest a bit and we will go out exploring the city in the evening time. The air now is getting colder and colder. Above and behind me is the piece of work that is one of the reasons why travellers come to Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is famous for woodcarving and the most famous piece of work is this peacock window. Dated back to 5th century AD, the peacock window is now more that 500 years old. We are now at our half-way and we found a snack stall. It is a deep fried snack which is made from batter of lentil, onion, and chilli. The ingredients are made into small balls and then deep fried. So let’s try. Still we do not know how much… , but let’s try the famous Bara of Bhaktapur to see how it tastes. Umm, it is a bit salty. It seems like there is egg in it. There are scallion, onion, and chilli in it. It smells quite nice with the fragrance of fried chilli somewhat like an omelette. I reckon there must be egg, while they say there is not…, but anyhow the taste is yummy. OK! Behind us is Nyatapola Temple which has five storeys and is considered to be the highest wooden architecture in Bhaktapur. It has withstood the crisis of 2015 earthquake without any damage. And there is this building you see on the right. It is now undergone an intensive renovation. Built in 1702, with the height of more than 50 meters, Nyatapola Temple dominates the skyline of Bhaktapur. We are now on our way from this square to Bhaktapur Durbar Square for a survey As tomorrow morning we have appointment with Khun Kamon Get up early in the morning!!! We will drag him from his bed for an immersive experience of the dawn in Bhaktapur.

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