Safety light curtain deTec4: System plug SP1 – We take safety to the next level | SICK AG

deTec4 safety light curtains by SICK embody
reliable protection of people, machines and systems – with improved productivity and
increased efficiency. You can use deTec4 safety light curtains immediately
because you don’t need a laptop and no software installation is required. You can activate all included functions using
the system plug. You can detach the system plugs, which enables
you to exchange your devices quickly. You just exchange the receiver and take over
the configuration stored in the system plug. Thanks to integrated beam coding, the deTec4
is not sensitive to ambient light from other safety light curtains installed close to it. You can set the code individually for each
sensor and directly in the plug. deTec4 is intelligently standardized thanks
to M12 connection technology. The device’s full range of functions is
covered by just four system plugs, making the system incredibly easy to cascade and
allowing for a reset pushbutton to be connected. Up to three protective fields may be positioned
adjacent to one another without blind zones, providing presence detection, for example. deTec4 safety light curtains from SICK
have a modular structure. The basic functions are always included. But you can expand the range of functions
at any time using the SP2 system plug. deTec4 – Because we take safety to the next

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