Royale play: Wall colour [email protected]@ Colour mixing chart(asian Paints)

Experiment with the Dapple effect on your walls with a pattern as versatile as your personality. . Sponging
Sponging brings home the many mysteries of the sea and the rich legacies of its vast coats back to life. Colorwash
Like an abstract painting that only the discerning eye recognises, Fizz
Liven up your interiors with this bubbly and youthful texture. Ragging
Ragging ia a faux finish technique which allows your walls to be draped in soft fabric Timber
Add that distinct outdoorsy quality of a cabin in the woods to your urban home. Splash
Splish-splash your walls with the psychedelic artistry of Pop Art. Canvas
Peppered by the vibrance of life itself, the effects add an artistic

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