Romantic Victorian TINY HOUSE at Portland Tiny House Hotel

Whenever I go on vacation. I like to book accommodations that are
totally unique and there’s nothing quite like staying in a tiny house hotel. So today I’m revisiting tiny digs hotel
where I’m interviewing one of the owners and designers and she’s going to take
us through her very favorite tiny house that they have here on the property.
When it comes to tiny house living, you really need to find a design and
layout that fits perfectly with your particular lifestyle. One thing I love about this
hotel in particular is every
single tiny house has a unique theme. So today’s tiny house is a
Victorian tiny house theme, which is one of my absolute
favorite themes by the way. So let’s go take a tour and learn more
about what it takes to run a tiny house hotel. Hi, I’m Pam Westra and I’m the owner
of tiny digs hotel here in Portland, Oregon. Tiny digs was conceived a few years ago, but it took us a whole year to build
all the houses that we wanted to start with. We opened in the fall
of 2016 with six houses. We now have nine houses on site, so we rent out tiny houses as a hotel
so people can try out the tiny house lifestyle. We wanted each house
to be designed differently. So if somebody came and said,
I’m thinking of living tiny, they would have different style
houses to go in and see them. The cottage tiny house is the ninth
house that we built for tiny digs and we purposely put it out into the future a
little bit because we knew we wanted to do a little bit more detail on this house
and have a little more time to devote to it. It took us four
months to build this house. The cottage Victorian home that we have
here that we’re in today is reminiscent of my home in Michigan, which
was also a cottage Victorian. We raised our boys in that home and left
it behind when we hit the road in an RV for a few years, it has a lot of the
white features that we had in the house. Uh, the rosettes on the
corners of the window, the fireplace that was all custom
designed and some of the stained glass and such like in our home back in Michigan. This is my favorite house at tiny digs
because of all the details that went into it and the memories that I share between
this house and my dream house that I had in Michigan at one time. So the cottage has a few design tricks
to it to make it feel larger and roomier. It has a low ceiling when
you walk in the front door, your eye travels to the end of the house
to this nice big beautiful window at the back with the greenery outside and
then to the chandelier and to the high ceiling above. People often
remark when they come in here, this can’t be the same size as
the other houses, but it really is once you enter the house and
you’ll notice the fireplace here, it’s a little electric fireplace and we
custom designed this surround to fit in this area. Even though we have heating
and air conditioning unit in the house, the fireplace will really get
it nice and toasty warm in here. The couch here is really a couch bed. It has two handles on the front
and you can slide that out. Sometimes two women will come and stay
here and friends visiting town and they want separate sleeping arrangements and
this does pull out into a nice queen sized bed. This quilt that’s on the couch looks
like it might be an old antique. It is not. It’s a Target
find and these pillow shams. On to the curtains here. I was at a yard sale and the woman had
all these old lace curtains that were in great shape still. Then I found this green stained
glass window, just a yard sale find for like $15 who would think that
you could find such a beautiful piece of leaded glass for just $15? And then I found
another little leaded glass over here on the stairway for this tiny window. And these windows again were specifically
made just for hanging the leaded glass in and some design
going up the stairway too. Then we have the little drop leaf table
here. I just love drop leaf tables. We have them in several of the
houses. It’s an old antique also. This leaf is up. The back leaf is down. One day I was walking through Goodwill
and this little lamp was in Goodwill. It’s a old hurricane lamp that was used
back in the day with kerosene in it. I brought it home, ordered these little additions
to it at the table here, the drop leaf table. We
have a couple chairs. I did do the mismatched
chair thing on purpose. I just think it’s just kind
of a cool design thing. I like the eclectic look more. This one was just on the curb side again
in a free pile and I went up and asked the woman if this was truly she was
getting rid of it. She said yes, if you need some Victorian
things come on in the house. My mother just passed away and we are
here cleaning the house out and we’ve got several other things from her that
day too. She just gave it to us. She was just totally excited to have
her mother’s memory live on in something that was going to be repurposed and reused
and so we hope that she comes by and visits us one day. I really
love these plates on the wall. This was a definite Pinterest
find. I saw that. I loved it. Then went on the hunt for different
shapes and sizes of plates. During the Victorian period, angels were a big thing and
actually my house in Michigan, that was a cottage Victorian home. We called it angel house and I had at
least one angel in every room of the house. I wanted to carry that over to the
cottage here at the hotel also. So we have this little angel above the
window and she’s the only one that’s in the house. But it reminds me my old home. In
all our houses at tiny digs hotel, we have little kitchenettes of some
sorts so people can make their coffee or their tea. And so we chose induction heat
plates for the safety factor. Long ago I visualize in this house of
having an old China cabinet here as the whole kitchen, in this
space we are a hotel, so we don’t need, uh,
an extravagant kitchen. We just need a small place to make
some coffee or tea, wash your dishes, maybe heat some leftover foods up. And so this China cabinet
was the ideal thing. Took me a long time to find this. We took a galvanized container
and made it right into a sink. Now this has a drain straight
down through this. And you know, we did caulking around here,
plumbed it out with faucet, put all these beautiful dishes that I
found at different estate sales and thrift stores. I was quite proud of myself. I actually did the lighting
in this cabinet all by myself one day I also put the glass shelves
in so that the light would travel down through to the dishes below. The chandelier I think was one of
my first finds for the tiny house. It’s just from Home Depot. It was such a good deal and it looks like
an old period correct chandelier from a Victorian home. The staircase is another thing that I
really wanted to put into this house. These were all spindles that were acquired
from odd lots at rebuild centers around town. With the hotel, we wanted safety features
because it was a hotel. When a guest comes, they may not be so
familiar or comfortable on a ladder. This has a nice outside railing so it
feels more safe and secure for them to climb up. This is the loft of the cottage
tiny house. As you can see, it has these dormers on the sides and
this peaked roof that goes into a very center piece here. And we used one of these rosettes in the
very center to cover up where all the wood came in and matched. Again that target quilt and pillow shams
all our main beds at tiny digs here are queen sized beds. I want to show you the
design of the bathroom. So this is a sliding door
instead of a swing door, we use them in most of our houses
because they’re such space savers. The sink is around the other side of
this. So if you’re gonna use the sink, you have to actually come in
the bathroom, close the door, and then move to the position
where the door was slid to before. Even the toilet has a little bit of
design feature of the Victorian area. Right even down to the floor
level here, there’s some contours. All our toilets in tiny
digs are flush toilets. I know a lot of tiny houses have
composting toilets. That’s great. We’re in the city. We’re required
to have flushing toilets, so all our toilets are plumbed out the
bottom of the tiny house and go to city sewers. We are hooked up to
city water, sewer and electric. Just like if you went to an RV park, so all the houses in tiny digs have a
full shower and this one is no exception. You can stand under it as a rain shower
if you like that effect or you can turn off the rain shower and
have the handheld sprayer. And every Victorian house has to have a
cool little front porch with some ginger breading on it.
The front door is no exception. It has a little bit of bricker
bracker here and here on the door. Took me forever to find this door. It was not the most ideal, but it was the closest I could get to
what I had envisioned in my mind for this house. But it is a a hundred year
old door, so it’s pretty cool. As you can see in the side of the house
here we have an electrical hookup just like you would do on an RV. We chose to have 50 amps of
service because we wanted an easy
peasy for the guests and for us for maintenance wise, we didn’t want the guests to run out of
gas for their heating or their cooking. All the houses are 16 foot long or 18
foot long depending on the house and so they’re double axle specifically made
trailers from Iron Eagle trailers right here on the East side of Portland.
The paint isn’t sprayed on them. It’s all powder coated and baked on for
longevity and so they don’t rust out. The feeling that the guests get
and the feedback that I get, it’s just tremendous. I just love it. We get people that come to tiny
digs from all sorts of backgrounds. Even if a person isn’t going
to live tiny themselves, they get so excited when they come here
and see the tinies and get to experience this. They’ve seen a lot of the TV shows. They’ve read about it and it’s just near
and dear to them too when they leave just like it is me. Thank you
for checking out my videos. I would really love it if you would
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grow. Make sure to check back soon, because I post a new
video every single Friday.


What a smart idea, I loved that she had the vision of creating a tiny house hotel. She’s blessed to have her husband and son involved to help bring it to fruition. I love the details of classic Victorians. This tiny Victorian is just adorable. I’m impressed at how creative and resourceful she is at finding, buying or making the many era styled pieces that she’s mixed to created this perfectly quaint mini edition Victorian. I’d love to have a peek inside of each of the homes that make up the Tiny Digs Hotel. I had no idea that this type of travel accommodation existed. What a nice surprise.❤️

As a Nineteenth-Century British Literature scholar, I love this house! If I was going to go tiny, I would build a home like this one. It is lovely.

I live in a Victorian house in the UK and we have quite a few vintage items in it, but I'm jealous of some of the crockery in this video lol. This tiny is beautifully designed and furnished. It's the white paint and all the angles that make it seem bigger. I can't wait to come and stay one day. I've heard great things about Portland, although I can see it had British weather on the day of shooting!

Portland land of Fagtifa that the Portland police department and Mayor and Governor let's Fagtifa run rampant with impunity? Yeah save a room for me I'll be right there said no one!

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The besr "Hotel" ever!!! I would love to stay there. I'm considering the barn home and would have loved to watch a video tour of that one as well. The reason I'm thinking about the barn home is that I can buy it at Home Depot.

The Victorian tiny house leaves a big impact with amazing attention to detail. Adorable looking inside and out (except mis-matched furnishings – too small a place for "eclectic look"). However, the hotel setting with mish-mash of different architectural styles – modern angular next to bric-a-brac Victorian – is a bit jarring for my taste.

I stayed at this TinyDigs place a few years ago. We took two of the tiny homes. It was fun. The only drawback was when we came back that first night there was no water in our tiny house so we couldn't wash or do anything that required water. We left the owner a message and went out the next day expecting it would be fixed when we returned. When we came home in the afternoon there was still no water and no message or contact from the owner. Another message and still no response. Finally one of the guys that we were with fooled around and fixed it himself. It was a really frustrating experience. The owner contacted me by text the day after we left. I explained that it made our stay a bit problematic and got no response at all. So…..while the idea is great, if the service isn't there when things go wrong it makes the stay less enjoyable. I wouldn't recommend staying here based on that lack of service and poor followup afterwards.

It's a absoloutely gorgeous , I've always wanted a tiny house ,but the prices are ridiculous ,totally not cost effective ,at all !!!

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Really cute & beautiful Victorian tiny house that was a true delight to see. Jenna, thank you for sharing this tour! The Tiny Digs Hotel tiny houses are so wonderful. It is special what this family has created and how they are sharing the tiny house experience with so many people in this way.

Very poorly filmed. Same shots over and over, too much of the grounds around and not enough of the inside, too much like a commercial. Annoying to watch. Kept wanting to see the layout. Not possible in this video, so frustrating!

This elegant&charming tiny house matches very well the image of the owner – "lady of the manor" 🙂 By the way,- her pastel colored jacket is wonderful!

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Which states are tiny houses legal?
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it's less Victorian and more Laura Ashley's version of Shabby Chic, but the latter is a whole other story. Victorian is by definition cluttered and very colorful, with a focus on collections and broadcasting wealth, generally the ability to travel abroad and obtain exotic things.

None of the tiny houses have a kitchen and don't seem to be big enough to ever accomodate one even if they were a bit bigger.

The Victorian House appeals to me. I love it. Love the roses 🌹and flowers 🌷💐🥀 in the plates and bedding. I have Lace Curtains at several of my windows. Around 5 p.m. the shines through the curtains; it is so enjoyable to me.
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I guess you could have painted it White.
Thank you for sharing this Video. 💗

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Absolutely gorgeous and the tiny house and surrounding property looks immaculate. If we ever get up that way I am going to book a reservation! She did such a great job with the tour, ty!

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