Recycling Granite Counter Top Scrap into Decorative Landscape Rock and Crushed Gravel

Hi my name is Jason Gaber With Mt. Baker Mining and Metals we’ve been getting a lot of requests from decorative stone and granite guys wanting to crush some of there scrap product they have and we went and got some material here to crush we are going to crush it through a 6″ x 10″ Jaw Crusher and I will show you the product when it comes out the bottom Here is some more material that is a man made product its called quartz but the guy said it has a lot plastic mixed into it and its actually man made and its really, really hard a lot of guys are going to be interested in seeing this go through the crusher and see how it does Here’s some of the other product were going to be crushing some of these long skinny pieces and realy the limiting factor on the jaw crusher is the width The 6″ x 10″ can take up to a 10 inch wide piece and the length really doesn’t matter you can stand it up in the jaw crusher and it will crunch its way through so I have a bunch of these long pieces that we will crush Here is our finished product here is mostly the natural stone get crushed to about 3/4″ minus the natural stone crushes quite a bit faster than the man made stone here is some of that man made quartz and that was pretty hard stuff and the jaw crusher crushed through it pretty well it just takes a little bit longer here is a sample of the black natural stone and we got it wet so it really shows a lot of its character and makes really beautiful landscape rock that I am sure you can sell at a premium compared to some of the road gravel stuff If you can sort by color you probably have an even more valuable product than just mixing it all together here is a shot looking down the jaws its 10″ from side to side and six inches this way this is the smallest unit we sell and from here we go up to a 8″ x 12″ the next size is a 10″ x 16″ and the larger size still is the 16″ x24″ These units can be powered by 3 phase electric SIngle phase electric or gas or diesel and the bigger jaw crushers are pretty much only 3 phase electric once you get into the larger horsepower This is a real popular size with our smaller granite shops and decorative stone guys and they are taking all there scrap and taking down to 3/4″ minus and selling it as a product instead of paying to get rid of it here are some of the different size jaw crushers we sell These are the 6″ x 10″ jaw crushers you saw running in the video This size here is our second to largest one this is a 10″ x 16″ We measure these across the width here and its actually a little bit bigger than 16 ” and 3/4″ You can see down there, its the same machine just bigger As wide of a piece that you can fit down there it will crush This machine here is a jaw crusher module that we sell This a little more automated machine It has a big vibrating feeder at the top that you can dump a yard or 2 yard bin into it will self feed down into the crusher and then out the stacking belt I will post a link on here where you can watch this thing crush granite river boulders This another option for you decorative stone and granite guys who are looking for something a little more automated


Granite is something i can relate to in Scotland. Nothing can survive your Jaw Crushers Jason and a great machine for recycling materials back into use.

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