QUT Creative Industries – Interior Design Courses

The course at QUT Interior Design is strongly
related to industry. Our students are involved in real projects
for real clients and deal with real issues. One of our major aims is to ensure that the
knowledge that is produced doesn’t just stay on the shelf in the library, but in actual
fact goes out and impacts on everyday interior design practice. We came together as a group of six. We worked with how we could potentially make
this clothes peg into a furniture piece. So we looked at taking a different take on
it and up scaling it to activate spaces, such as laneways, that attach onto bollards and
light poles. Once they’re clamped on they act as benches
or as seats so you can sit down and also have a drink off one. That took us through stages of sketching,
designing, testing, re-designing, developing that design and ultimately being taught skills
that got us to a final product. We had to just use all our different processes
to create this form. So, welding, bending, grinding, cutting, it
was all a process that came together for this final product. So firstly we won a Brisbane laneway award,
which then followed through to the Queensland furniture awards, where we also won. That then took us to Melbourne, where we also
won the Australian furniture of the year awards for the student category. My name is Angela Layton and I studied at
QUT graduating with an interior design degree. For the last eight years I’ve been an associate
with an architectural practice in Brisbane called Arkhefield Architects. We designed and built this development, River
Key at Southbank, as well as the fit out here at Stokehouse. Clearly without having studied interior design
I wouldn’t be able to practice as an interior designer, but beyond that I think that it
taught me from the very beginning how to think differently and how to re-interpret viewing
the world and looking at the world and how we can actually alter the spaces that we inhabit. QUT really offers a hands-on course that really
prepares you for the future and working with industry professionals. You’ve got to take something from a sketch
design, from an idea in our head, to something that is actually pretty much marketable now. We’re out there talking to clients, talking
to producers, talking to manufacturers, people that actually want what we’ve got. And QUT has enabled us to do this.

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