Purple Ombre Design with Abstract Line Art

Kirsty: Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Kirsty: In this video, we are going to do a gorgeous design using like purplies and…
Adam: Argh! You’ve done it again. Adam: On you go. Kirsty: …and like lilacy colours, in an ombre effect using a special brush. Special. Kirsty: Right! So, we have five tips ready to create some fabulousness on. I’m doing it on tips because we haven’t got a model like, oh my God! It’s a rarity. It is a rarity but we haven’t got a model. I’m not gonna do it themselves because it’ll just take way too long, so yeah, we’re gonna use tips. And I’m gonna start by using this colour. I have no idea…what’s 600, have we got that one? Adam: We’ve got 600.
Kirsty: We’ve got to stick it to the 600. Adam: Sheer Elegance love, Sheer Elegance.
Kirsty: Sheer Elegance! Oh, it was named. Adam: You could do with some of that.
Kirsty: It was named after me! Kirsty: Sheer Elegance, we’re gonna use that. Now, this is literally a background colour because it will help our colours pop a little bit. If I just left this nail clear, oh, we’d have to put many layers of gel polish on. This will help everything pop out a little bit more. I’m gonna coat all five nails. So, I’m gonna put them on this metal lid, which will help me do things a little bit quicker for you. And we’ll only need one coat because it’s not about this colour in the background, this is just giving us a little bit of lift. Yeah, I’ve popped those in the lamp. While those are in the lamp, I’m going to introduce you to the other colours. This is my friend called Glastonbury Nights and then we also have Periwinkle, And we’re gonna pop a little bit of this down. I’ll need enough to keep dipping into. [Adam singing] Kirsty: Gonna start with the thumb, what would be the thumb, and I’m gonna go in with Periwinkle. You see how this brush has a curve? It’s called Deep Smile. We’re gonna use that curve to our advantage. And we’re gonna take our next colour, the Glastonbury Nights and we’re gonna come up here like that and we’re gonna sweep down. I’m gonna slightly come across and then we’ll start to blend. Take off the excess and then I’m just gonna literally blend that little bit down because actually, won’t even need that there. I’m gonna do that twice, two coats. I’m gonna come to this side with the opposite colour, with that Periwinkle. Then I’m gonna use Glastonbury Nights here. I’m gonna use the short fan brush and start to work those colours till they blend. We’ll do two coats of this, repeating the process. Before we cure that, I’m going to come in with the 3D-brush and scoop in to create a curve. It must…kind of matches the curve that we did it at the top with that special brush. You can get rid of that excess. Pop that in the lamp. While that’s in the lamp curing, I’m gonna take one of the other nails and we’re gonna do a full-length vertical ombre, from top to bottom. So, we’re gonna add Periwinkle on one side, then Glastonbury Nights on the other side. We can blend that with a fan, the short fan brush. Pop that in the lamp. Then we’re gonna reverse this again. Again, I’m just neatening up and scooping out that curve. Pop that in again. On this one, we can matte-topcoat this one, this side, and we’re using the Ultra Matte. Pop that in. I can start working on a middle nail. I’m gonna come with Glastonbury Nights here and Periwinkle here, start to blend in the first coat. This part, so I’m just using the 3D-brush for that. Pop that in. So, we’ve got the matte one done there. That’s nice! And then we’re gonna reverse this again. And to get that first layer, you want to just sweep out the curve. This reminds me, this sort of technique of sweeping out, is the very old-fashioned way of doing a smile line in gel, and we used to sort of do this with acrylic as well, before we did the reverse application. Adam: You have to be very precise. Kirsty: Yeah, reverse application is so much better. Adam: It’s confusing to me why it just isn’t the standard.
Kirsty: I know. Adam: Like…
Kirsty: Why was that… Adam: …why somebody didn’t think of that first?
Kirsty: I know, yeah. Kirsty: Well, I think it was more probably because we hadn’t got cover pinks then, so you couldn’t extend and create that deep smile line, you couldn’t extend the nail bed. So, you couldn’t really do a deep smile, it was very shallow. Adam: Why didn’t you, when you say you don’t have cover pinks, what did you have? Kirsty: Like translucent pink and white…
Adam: Just pink, yeah. Kirsty: …and Clear, that’s it.
Adam: Right! Kirsty: That was your juicing lot. Adam: My God!
Kirsty: I know. Times were hard. Adam: Even the Aztecs could colour things. Useful before then.
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: There was no gel polish or anything like that. We use nail varnish, had to wait five years for it to dry. So, second layer on this one and we start blending. And let’s get off the excess in that little sort of angle. Pop that in. On this one, we’re gonna reverse. Don’t worry about being messy because then, we just come in and get rid of the excess and neaten up, and then we’ll repeat that, do our second layer of our ombre. I’m going to matte-topcoat this one as well. Pop that in. With this one, I’m gonna do a section at the bottom that’s ombred. I’m gonna make this into a little curved shape. Pop that in. This one is just gonna be full Glastonbury Nights. I’m gonna do two coats of the that. Right! We can put the matte top coat on this one now, and this one. Gonna take some Serious Black and we are going to do some line work with this. So, this brush is 003. You wanna pull from top to bottom, so the whole length of the brush has paint on it. I’m gonna come, taking this as a sort of guide, I’m gonna pull. Drag it down. I’m gonna scoop over that in the other direction. I’m gonna cure that before I knock it. This one, I’m gonna come across this join here. Back to this one, from the top to the bottom and then from the bottom, pull that. Gonna use a smaller brush now to create some abstract shapes. This one, the whole nail will be black, so I wanna get this nice and neat. So, I’m gonna use this smaller brush to actually go round that shape, get it nice and neat. So, at this point, if your little sort of oval shape wasn’t quite perfect, you’d be able to neaten it up at this point. This will be your last opportunity to do that. And then we can fill the rest in with the black. I’m gonna do two coats. Pop that in. Right! Here we go! So, I’m doing a curve line now. Pop that in. I can matte-topcoat this one now. Kind of understand what I’m saying. Pop that in. Right! So, I’m gonna matte-topcoat this. Now, you’re probably thinking, you’ve already matte-topcoated some of them, and I matte-topcoated the ombre after I had ombred it because when I use the Serious Black gel polish, it actually sits really crisp and neat on top of the matte top coat. We’ll matte this. Right! So, I’m gonna do some line work onto this little round section. Right! Let’s make sure they all have a layer of matte top coat. Right! I’m gonna use the metal pieces to create a bit of a pattern and sort of emphasize the shapes, the curves and these abstract shapes and things, basically the triangles and the curves. We’re gonna use a little bit of the Acry Gel to put some on this. So, I’m just gonna move that around and make sure it’s in the right place that I am putting them on. I’m gonna use the matte top coat. The shape of this one at the back, what does it remind you of? Adam: I don’t know. Adam: A bull.
Kirsty: A bull. Kirsty: So, I love them, and I love when you put abstract designs over the top of like an ombre like that because I just think it kind of plays with the eyes a little bit as well. Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: They looked a little bit emo. Adam: No!
Kirsty: Punk! Adam: No! Kirsty: Modern.
Adam: Tell you what the little finger nail looks like now. Kirsty: Hmm!
Adam: Beefeater Kirsty: Oh my God! With some crazy tattoo on his face.
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: It does look like a Beefeater
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Especially on camera. Beautiful! Love them! Kind of I wish I had made them my size so I could wear them as press-ons. Oh, well! Maybe next time. But I like them. I love stuff like this because abstract are cool. These are cool to me. Adam: Mm-hhm!
Kirsty: Cool! Kirsty: So, you wouldn’t be able to wear these? Adam: Alright, okay! Adam: That’s the level we’re at? okay.
Kirsty: Yeah, okay. Kirsty: There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I’ve really enjoyed creating the ombres and sort of sweeping them out and cutting them and make, you know, and when I say cutting them, I mean like, you know how we’ve like done this one. We’ve got the opposite ombre and we did like a little slice like that. You can really play around with your ombres. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, and I am on Tik Tok, Kirsty.Meakin.Nail.Queen. Check me out on Tik Tok. See you in the next video. Bye-bye! Kirsty: Looking so real gold. Adam: Hmm, me, gold, I think.
Kirsty: Yeah, I think gold. Kirsty: Gold! [Kirsty singing] Adam: I need the room. Adam: Should we push in a bit? Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Yeah, let’s push. There we go! [Kirsty singing] Adam: Yeah, the god definitely works.
Kirsty: Definitely. Adam: Look at that table there. Kirsty: I know. The sheer devastation. Adam: That’s just mental. Kirsty: Creativity is at its finest.

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