Portrait Artist Of The Year 2020 – Episode 8

hello we’re at Battersea Arts Centre to
appreciate the talent imagination and timekeeping skills of artists according
to Rembrandt a work is finished when the artist has realized his intentions which
in my case is never and in the case of today’s artists needs to be just four
hours welcome back its portrait artist of the year 2020 of today’s nine artists
five amateur Dan Robbins, Heather Rankin, Julia Page,
James Mellon and Jonathan Chan. if I can get a good start it should be away if
not who knows I probably start crying and they’re joined by four professional
artists Gail Davis, Tommy Golunski, Toby Michael and Tina Willis-Jones. I’m really
excited about having a sister today I love working from life I just hope
they’re not too fidgety to stand out from the crowd
today’s artists must show confidence same as could gala and produce their
best work in just four hours I’m like a swan it’s like graceful on
top but underneath my legs are kicking furiously they’ll be aiming to capture
both the lightness and mood of one of three celebrity sitters you’re painting
a very calm sitter she’s calm at the moment do you think she could turn well
when these terms you might hire I see okay
and it’s all for a life-changing prize a 10,000 pound commissioned to paint music
legend Nile Rodgers for the Royal Albert Hall so who will convince the judges that
they deserve a place in the semi-final I understand that you’ve been getting top
tips from a certain person if you win I’ll share the prize as the artists focus on setting up the
judges turn their attention to their self-portraits that earned them a place
in today’s heat another day another wall now I think
this is clear was never intended to be a submission this was a casual sketch by
someone very young you’ve got to see beyond the
presentation to see what a beautiful delicate portrait is very touching very
timeless as well you know if I didn’t know it was made in the last few years I
would find it hard to date it I’d wonder if it was from the early 20th century or
something what I love about this painting is it’s got this whole other
Jurassic Park narrative it reminds me of Rembrandt’s girl at the window you know
the way he’s sort of peering out looking at us inviting us in here no narrative
to distract us at all this very crisp outline a very simple background I think
it’s an exercise in how to put beautiful tones together I think match the colors
absolutely perfectly it’s really compelling to look at because you find
yourself sort of traversing all these different shapes and then at the same
time it’s a quite a tender portrait as well the light through the glasses
underneath her eyes I think is really well depicted I mean I know it’s using
the paper itself but I think she’s observed it very well this is before and
after what drew me to it was it’s a strange way it’s painted this strange
elongation but you do get a sense of masculinity sort of not knowing where it
should be I think it’s a great painting about identity he looks so different in
each which one do you think will be here at the competition I hope we get we go
in the dressing again a lot of revealing character here in making that chaos
around the head it does draw us in and it draws me into the eyes really which
is a very fluid and Mars a mysterious very effective painting yeah this is an
exercise in capturing intense character that’s what I love about the way that
she’s using this watercolor to do really lovely soft things on the surface to
play with the freckles but then also you’ve got this very hard outline so
it’s almost so a bit more like illustration she’s contrary in the way
she paints I think it really gives a great emphasis another
solo for portrayed here it’s beautiful just a combination of colors really this
very cool subdued gray which works very well with a hair which is a tour de
force there’s just like three or four brush marks and we know you can feel the
hair almost the thinness of the brushstrokes is what also gives it a
sense of movement very effectively I think here’s another bold one I love
this approach to portraiture where you’re not looking for the face but
you’re just responding to the colors that you see and you put them in the
right place and magically a head sort of appears there’s no single line drawn
he’s constructed form and shape with these little blocks of color well how
varied they are and how different and we shall be examining their expressions all
day long all set for a new portrait it’s time for the artists to find out who
they will be painting artists your sitter today is an actress not to be
messed with she was a detective Chief Superintendent
in ITV’s fearless and she was a detective inspector in Channel Four’s
kiri she’ll be inspecting your work later on it’s woman Masako since graduating from Rada in 2007 will
me has starred in a string of high-profile television series and won a
BAFTA for her performance in the BBC drama Damilola our loved boy great for
the memo about the headscarf have you had your portrait painted before never
are you looking for anything in particular from the artist do you want
something airbrushed and flattering do you want something real and gritty
flattering would be nice okay but I’m you know I’m I’m open whatever your
style I’m open artists your sitter is a seasoned
actress who among many other things has won an Olivier Award for playing an
artist wife in the National Theatre production about Stanley Spencer please
welcome the hugely versatile Debra Finley with a career spanning four
decades Deborah’s diverse roles range from a Victorian spinster in Cranford to
a Home Secretary in Torchwood to a hardened divorce lawyer in BBC drama the
split now how do you feel about sitting still for four hours I’ve got no idea I
don’t think I’ve ever done it before so I don’t know how I’m going to be but
you’re not playing a part Deborah no and but I don’t know who I am
we’ll discover how artists your sitter today is a multi award-winning British
Iranian comedian and actor please welcome imagine Lili as well as
performing stand-up comedy around the world omits prolific acting career has
seen him appearing in blockbuster films like gladiator Mamma Mia here we go
again and Pirates of the Caribbean great to be here guys now you have
played an artist in a films all right yes I played Picasso
in a film called Modigliani right yes so not just any artist mr. Picasso yes
so if you had a portrait painted yourself the fall over no okay good so
experience I’m hoping that maybe I can be a bit more regal a bit more elder
statesman you look a tremendous anyway in order to achieve this regal look you
would like amitis it’s sweet red glasses on or off you don’t mind do quite like
the nice house that sustain that that’s that’s that’s what I like on the toilet
anyway it’s my toilet position there you go that is an image to leave you with
choose to be comfortable first of all and then we can ask the artists if what
preferences they have I’m quite happy with all angles really at the moment
same I’m very relaxed yeah so artists is there any particular way you would like
want me to sit I would like looking slightly this way uh-huh if that’s okay
that okay for you okay yeah that’s good as that work that’s go there for you
okay good well enjoy your day Thanks good luck artists Hey look artists those empty canvases are ready
and waiting you have four hours to complete your portraits good luck your
time starts now you comfortable of maybe picking a spot
to sort of focus on throughout try and just be focused sorry very demanding
while some artists form their initial ideas in sketchbooks one uses the canvas
to make a quick impact Maidan that’s so striking already
no thank you there’s a touch Grace Jones about it yeah I mean you know I’m
getting a ideas to do with the angles wonderful it’s poor ours a tricky amount
of time for you it’s not my usual month attire I want your usual length the
self-portrait talked about 30 hours so you’ve got less than a seventh of that
yeah yeah quickly I did that maths very good you have very impressive that’s
what you get with me a maths machine dad Robbins is an
amateur artist from stoke-on-trent his submission intrigued the judges
not only for betraying two versions of himself but also for his interpretation
of the human form looks like you’ve elongated will me it’s
it just a natural tendency that I have particularly with observing directly you
like this hall of mirrors when you go in and you will not stretch naturally in
your in your eyes it’s a fun our shop here it is fun else it’s a fun now so
yeah I love that it’s okay I’ve been watching you pains
I’ve never seen anyone for to move so inflexible well you’re looking at Debra
what’s that all about I’m always moving and without my chair
with wheels something out – rolling around I guess it’s coming out yeah but
it actually just makes you look really relaxed so that’s good inside it’s going Gail Davis is a professional artist from
Newbury her submission took nine hours to complete and contrast different
textures like her hair and the soft reindeer one’s issue wears at home
Deborah’s got this fantastic street she dress on which i think is really helping
with the reflections but before she came out I was thinking oh I hope somebody
comes out with some bright clothes and some you know real color
I mean it couldn’t be more perfect and you’re gonna show us all of it yes
will we see details I just want to get those little triangles in and the
brightness of the color that had been wonderful it’s can’t wait sir I’ll let
you know if that works I’m feeling okay right now I’m gonna try
and get a resemblance and then just go mad at it with watercolor and whatever I
got there I had university student Heather Rankin is an amateur artist from
Scotland taking only two hours to complete the judges were drawn to the
atmosphere she created in her submission in your supporter there’s a kind of
surly expressions in the nicest possible way no she’s got quite arched eyebrows
but still a really soft kind of approachable look so I’m trying it’s
hard to do the arched eyebrow and not make it look like okay angry I never
really know how it’s gonna end up let’s see what happens it will happen thank
you hello Julia hello well I have to say he looks like an off-duty nuclear
scientist I would say and I need to look at that and rectify that because he’s
not no I was pinch of time for that Julia Paige is an amateur artist from
London whose submission took six hours to complete growing up in a creative
family her mother encouraged her and her sister to draw to keep them entertained
my sister I used to work together in advertising Oh No is she here today
there’s not head today no have you told her you’re here yeah oh
really only because you know that’s more
pressure we should be crossing who didn’t tell her yeah
does she live nearby yeah she’s wait all right did you organize that did you got
you two tickets to New York for two days I won’t be in a painting competition I
promise during that period hmm the artists have just over three hours
left I’ve not been working alongside artists since University so this is
quite a change and usually quite solitary but hopefully I’ll be able to
it the strategy I think is to spend some time at getting the composition and then
have fun with the color when I feel safe I’m not a strategic type normally but in
this instance I think I have to be I’m worried that it’s gonna start
getting too muddy and I really want to pick up on the light where it hits her
hair and her clothes so much could go wrong here at Battersea Arts Center nine
artists are creating portraits of ammaji Lily Deborah Finley and Wilma Masako and
however they are approaching today’s challenge the artists have just three
hours left to finish their work there’s a really interesting technique all these
squiggles messy mom says that this perfect reflects my personality and my
room I say yeah good messy messy room messy
art yes well it’s working sixteen-year-old James Mellon created
his self-portrait as part of his GCSE coursework making him the youngest
artist ever to feature in our heats so was your idea to enter this competition
no my mum’s mm-hmm she’s the character he’s a character I have painted her
before that was fun really no not that wrinkle no she’s very
controlling oh yeah does she not understand that the artist controls this
is your domain so she’s got to be flattering are you gonna apply the same
thing to Hamed today I want to be regal and I’m trying to do that got a really
beautiful regal look already yeah thank you I think the composition probably could
be a bit better I sort of sense at the face directly in the middle of the
canvas I’m not sure if that was a right decision for me my sense of self-worth
is like completely tied with how well the paintings going so if it’s going
badly artists it’s really hard for me Jonathan Chan is an architect from
London he paints in his spare time and attends life drawing classes where he’s
learning how to use color so this is a traditional palette is it it is yeah
it’s also called the student palette there’s only four colors White’s yellow
ocher red and black it basically means that you will always have color harmony
on your on your canvas if you’re only using these four colors you’ve got a
really good system going here and I think it serves you well we know that
from your submission so we looked at war word to seeing what happens thank you
very much working in paint allows artists to be more spontaneous but
producing a drawing in just four hours requires precision and means being
selective about what to focus on I have practiced but I can never seem to get
the hair done within the time for me she has some wonderful shapes in her face
and I love Loomis head scarf we arranged this before we professional artist
Tina Willis Jones works in conte pencil which can’t be erased once it’s applied
this means taking time to perfect faint outlines in normal pencil before using
the Conte to capture how light falls on different surfaces I’m wondering about
the color of amis skin you’re working in black and white does that influence the
way in which you work with the pencil in the context at all is it different to
say when you’re depicting your own skin I think it’s just about tone really and
you go deeper tones but we may have such wonderfully reflective skin so thinking
they’ll be quite a lot of whites in there too
and so you don’t have any worry about coming into a competition like this
where you’ve got lots of big colorful painters around you are you able to just
come to that in tone and texture I do work in color yeah but I do enjoy
drawing so much and I thought today would be drawing great yeah Stevens
thank you today sets pay tribute to the early 20th
century artist Jacob Lawrence he was the first african-american artists we bought
by the Museum of Modern Art in New York we spent a lot of time in libraries
researching his subject and then a very nice background is a blackboard
it is not su education so what about this particular set here we’ve got an
abstracted construction cycle you love tools and they’d like the look of
construction sites and use them in his paintings and we thought it quite nice
to cap that for angular structure here and sort of abstracted it somewhat and I
think the colors rather beautiful and suit our sitter and what do you think of
what MIT as a sitter I think he is phenomenal I mean his whole pose as he’s
perched on the edge there rather like a potentate room some I think he looks
like something out of the Old Testament oh yes it’s fantastic I’ve picked a
specific pose to focus on my higher self the kingly aspects of my personality I’m
just very worried that would just be a big nose and rolls of fat so that black color behind Deborah is
there a challenge there for an artist does it create difficulties it can do it
can be a bonus because it really defines the figure sitting in front of it but it
can also absorb all the light and we know that part of painting a portrait is
about the bouncing of light and the creation of shadow on the skin but
fortunately Deborah has a lovely light dress I think the artist will still be
able to find those reflections I’d see myself on film and stuff but I haven’t
ever done this before I think always a portrait captures different quality and
it’s the artists version of you so I think that’ll be fascinating so I love
this I love these big chunky books we know that Jacob Lawrence really wanted
to understand his culture and his heritage of the community from which he
came tell me about whoo meows Oh Sita I think she’s a marvelous sister she’s
wearing this fantastic colorful headscarf they’ve got that to play with
and she’s got lovely boys I think she was quite Regals out there this part of
the room are really lovely people we’ve had a really good chats and getting to
know each other and I feel like we’re in like a good rhythm the four of us Toby that’s looking fantastic you’ve got
a great likeness thank you and you’re painting a very calm sitter she’s calm
at the moment at the moment do you think she can turn well when these terms you
might see okay Toby Michael is a professional artist from Buckingham who
painted Nick Moran in portrait artist of the Year 2019 he likes his work to tell
a story and the judges were taken with the jurassic theme in this year’s
submission you’re gonna give woman’s painting an EVE narrative at all if
given the amount of time then you would know dinosaurs yeah now unfortunately
not I mean little pterodactyl lying in the background i put on st in a investor
s testing if you want to put pterodactyls in nesting in her headscarf
you’d do it Toby I love this we little head on the board obviously it’s quite
similar to your submission done quite a lot already are you where you wanted to
be at this stage of the day I think so I think it’s um I think I’m gonna start
another painting are you yeah it’s very important for me to kind of capture the
first essence a little and this is doing what I kind of want it to at the moment
Tommy Galinski is a professional artist and part-time art teacher
he works quickly to retain a sense of spontaneity in his work and his
self-portrait took just one hour to complete you’ll put this away you start
another one which is classic portrait artists to be a shearing off which we
love so what are you gonna do for your second one I think I’m gonna try
something a bit bigger try and get more of the body in what if you go it’s it’s
a 40 by 40 by 8 Oh blimey we’re getting something totally different
you know what you’re setting yourself up for a really horrible decision yeah it’s
having to change yeah yeah the artists have just over two hours left look a
short I’m gonna do the background I’m a touch nervous just a touch I’m fairly happy with where the features
are and the shapes in between so I started applying Conte now and there’s
no going back it won’t come off so bit nerve-wracking the likeness at the moment is all right
it’s not amazing so I’m going to crack on without I think adding that extra
layer of detail to the face is really challenging anything can go wrong could
be in half an hour you just see me just like hit it with my fist and kind of
make a hole in it here at Battersea Arts Center today’s
artists are two hours into creating their portraits of ammaji Lily Deborah
Finley and wormy moussaka halfway through the day the room is
packed with public watching artists scribbling away our sitters sitting
diligently Tommy has decided he’s finished one portrait and has started
another he loves spontaneity he loves keeping things fresh it’s pretty
impressive but what I’m surprised by is how tight the first head of Ahmed was
but maybe just saving yeah and keeping his powder dry he’s really gonna show
off this afternoon I don’t know James is drawing on it in his slightly
scribbly messy way what I think James has done really well which I think it’s
difficult when you have a character like on it is that he’s managed to not turn
him into a caricature but it also has got some sort of strange classical kooky
timeless quality to it I’m on board I’m intrigued how is Heather getting on with
capturing Deborah’s likeness it’s not as pronounced as her submission but I think
there’s a really lovely like this there it is very delicate I’d like to see it
harden up jonathan is working in quite a confident bold way he’s really pining
the paint on it’s very odd because although I love the painting and there’s
something of her in there I’m not quite kind of getting it yet because he
started with this very true representation of Deborah it’s almost as
if Deborah’s City behind the blocks of color at the moment and I want her to
sort of be able to come through again I worry a little bit both about Tina and
Dan painting woo me because I feel that they’re almost painting stereotypical
views of what they think they’re looking at me I think Tina has to be really
careful because I feel like she had a really good opportunity this morning to
nail the likeness and she hasn’t corrected them so it makes me a bit
nervous Toby in the middle he’s giving us quite a serene Willy
it’s a beautiful little ahead of where we what is troubling me of course his
his submissions always have a narrative at the moment the head is beautiful but
we’re Midway but on the way to something and it isn’t quite complete yeah I think
we really see the books or we need to see a dinosaur for the dinosaurs
quite a few of our artists today then I’ll precariously balanced it’s always
an exciting point in the day isn’t it yeah it’s kind of could go either way while some sitters like to see how the
portrait progresses today they decided not to look until the end I haven’t seen
anything yet I can see people’s expressions which is
not encouraging they’re kind of look and kind of go like that there’s one guy
just looked at me on this one like that I thought that scene whoa I just want to see what they do I want
to see their styles and want to see their interpretations of me I don’t mind
I mean I hope I don’t look like a monster when the canvases are turned
round I’m expecting a mixture of trepidation
and surprise and delight you just don’t know what you look like do you there’s
always this one magic moment in a painting where you just kind of add a
little flick and the person just emerges out of the house of mist which is
amazing that’s already happened but it can it can it’s fleeting it can go I’d like to think that I’d captured her
I’m a bit skeptical still I’m thinking that could there be a little mark to
give direction to the form don’t know whether that’s me being too precious
about it or whether actually needs Tina you got with me back I did I lost
her and I got about I really loved your early drawing mm his head but then I
thought once you were trying to get the likeness out of that sort of structure
you got a bit lost but sculpt it with tone and then it comes back please carry
on thank you thank you artists will often leave their work and
return the following day to see it with fresh eyes but without that luxury today
it’s easy to lose perspective how’s it going I was worried about the
resemblance I’m worried a bit less I know Willy yeah if I put too much on it
it’s gonna start looking like it’s coming out of her head try not to add
too much to it I could be finished which is bad because it means I’m gonna
be sitting staring at it you want me to get you a crossword or a Sudoku or
something to do play twister a twister yeah how big is you got half an hour
left I know I thought I’d be really freaking out at this date but I’m I’m
freaking out slightly more that I feel like it’s almost finished so you still
have time we don’t get penalized for not painting for a period of time
a bit tense about the timing but I might be on track I understand that you’ve
been getting top tips from a certain person yeah very good tips you see the
light on his head it throws the futures forward and I thought she could exploit
that yes stick a paintbrush in your hand before we know it don’t we if you win
I’ll share the prize with time nearly up whether artists achieve what they’re
aiming for may come down to a few key marks it is a bit of a journey I try to
make every brush stroke at this point count you’re either making it better or
you’re making it worse I don’t think I’ve yet quite captured
him I feel pressure I do feel pressure I don’t think a
painting number two it was quite wide enough I think it needs to be broader
tech to give him some of the present that is felt but I’m like a swan
it’s like graceful on top but underneath my legs are kicking furiously here at Battersea Arts Center nine
artists are refining their portraits of Debora Finley Rumi Masako and our maid
Jalili and in the final moments they must decide whether to do more or leave
well alone I wish I’ve got another hour to do a little bit more I think I’ve got
a wormy I hope so artists you have five minutes to go I’m quite stressful we only have five
minutes left I guess when it’s finished it’s finished I thought I would just do tweaks but I
have ended up over working at I prefer that probably 10 minutes ago I’m just trying to get last-minute
highlights just slightly freaking me out artists your time is up we’re done your
equipment and step away from your easels after waiting patiently for four hours
ahmud Deborah and Willie can at last see what the artists have made of them and
choose their favorite painting to take home what we did it it’s fun now it’s
time to see your reactions artists will you please turn your easels are amazing
three such different interpretations of youth so Tina’s beautiful drawing that’s
amazing I feel like I can see my mum and my
grand and my sisters I feel like I can see all the women in my father oh that’s
wonderful I mean I love your style that’s you as well isn’t it that’s like
a mirror and Dan with something totally totally
deaf Reiter I love it I just love it great damn thank you yes thank you
we’re in suspense I’m gonna make a choice well Deborah yes day free of acting yes
restful um it hasn’t felt restful it’s been absolutely fascinating fine well
now artists will you turn around your resource please
oh they’re brilliant thank you 50 buckets come amid Gale first war gale
it’s fantastic and you’ve got the pattern of my dress that’s brilliant
now she’s very powerful isn’t she well you know very powerful you’ve paid power
I do play powerful women quite a lot yes I love it oh that’s beautiful
you’ve got a lightness in the eyes she may be young but she’s very very good no
it’s oh god I don’t know what she want I can’t choose this is the moment I think
I’m in to go with you have you enjoyed this process today I
have very much that was a great experience great are you ready for this
yeah I’m ready for this I’m very excited I hope you’ve captured my Higher Self
well let’s find out artists please turn your easels oh wow
that is amazing right Tommy I look very stunned you look quite stunned oh yeah
they’re looking at him with a little bit of disgust yeah I thought we had a
relationship we were smiling all throughout the thing
oh my goodness it’s terrific though Tommy thank ya there’s a there’s a
deepness you’ve caught in the eyes as well which i think is very interesting I
like it Julia Wow this I feel has caught me
extremely well I look in general a bit thinner in this that’s a key issue if
you keep coming back I just kept saying I kept my Ming up that’s I kept saying
that it almost looks like a diplomat of a very low-level kind of third world
country it looks great I like it a lot James is fantastic you haven’t included
the glasses which is interesting I look like I’m I’m upset with something here
maybe you’ve lost your glasses it’s a great piece and very you’ve captured the
line of the beard very well it’s a beautiful painting thank you so on it
only one of these can hang in your throne room which one is it going to be
I would say this one definitely well the artists enjoy some fresh air
the judges assess their work Heather did a beautiful job I think she managed to
capture a real tenderness and actually really good likeness this what I really
like this it’s got so much paint on it it’s so slabby but I think Jonathan’s
done a great job it’s a lovely kind of opera of all these
differences scales I mean it’s quite dramatic
I think Gail was successfully capturing that delicacy that sort of almost
youthful skin that she had the globe what tried to soothe her self-portrait
was a sense of gravity and I’m missing that here it feels very very slight I
really admired and sculptural qualities I just wish you’d paid a bit more
attention to like this cuz can you guys didn’t how good this would be if it
looks a bit more like her I still think it’s quite cool looking I like the style
yeah I like the style too and I like the fact that he’s sort of run slightly wild
with the colors this is a really tender portrait but also there’s a kind of
classical quality to it it’s sort of suspended in time but Toby was used as
the black it feels very heavy and having said that I mean the portrait of woman
it’s her being tired it’s her being humorous has got so many aspects of her
in there it’s quite remarkable I’m really happy with where Tina got to by
the end of the day I think she managed to find mummys likeness again in amongst
all that Conte has given us a really good finished
product like his self-portrait James has done something it sort of traverses time
it feels very Mediterranean and the face is just so delicately drawn he’s it’s
fantastic yeah man I love that face I’ve loved it all day I think it’s a
fantastic drawing I was really pleased to see that Julia embraced the set and
she really used it to her advantage the likeness is there isn’t it I mean Julia
really did capture this sort of his perkiness I think I’m gonna call it
I do think Tommy’s created a good character head it might not be the
spitting image of Amador have his sense of character but I feel like I’m looking
at a real person just get these two to help choose today’s winner the judges
first shortlist three of the artists I can do that that is a really strong day
I know that these two definitely might in my top three that’s a given for me
that one yeah yeah it has to be there but something rather beautiful and
romantic about that is definitely a good day’s work really good day artists congratulations for producing
such impressive work under pressure the judges have discussed all your portraits
and have chosen a shortlist of three the first artist is jonathan chap the second artist is Toby Michael preferred artists to be shortlisted is
Tino Willis Jones the experience has been magical I would
have liked to have been braver and bolder and bigger but can’t have
everything well a strong day yeah and when we add in the three shortlisted
portraits with their submissions we’re left with six very arresting images yeah
I think we’ve got a real consistency here we’ve got three artists who all
know exactly who they are they’ve all really pulled it off
Jonathan has he given you anything today that you weren’t expecting the
submission as a tour de force and these really rhythmic sort of staccato
paintbrush marks in quite strange color palettes and again he changed his colour
palette today instead of this mustard background he went very dark but it’s a
very different dark to Toby because Toby was in last year’s portrays wasn’t he
what is it about his technique that you admire is interesting because I problems
with Toby’s use of black and but what I’m seeing now is the way the figures
inhabit the space seems very natural and there’s a kind of continuity of the way
the paint is protons throughout the painting and that’s quite extraordinary
often I think you probably picked up tips from you last time your critique
now Tina has given us two fine drawings you know often pencil or charcoal
suffers when it’s up against something that appears to be more finished because
it’s a painting and I think Tina really holds her own in this company what she
did very early on today was very interesting that she constructed Rumi’s
head like the Jenga block and that’s where we all started worrying that she
wasn’t gonna get the lightness I think I’m really impressed cuz it’s very rare
that an artist struggles with the likeness and gets it to such a degree
that she has she really did fix it well it’s a high contrast isn’t it
yeah really vivid contrast between three very different spirits but three very
similar in scales and even the drawing is large and holds its own look forward
to seeing who you choose Jonathan Tina Toby you should each be
very proud to have reached this shortlist but of course only one of you
can go forward the artists that the judges have selected created a wonderful
likeness as well as a compelling work of art and that artist is Toby Michael I feel elated served one it sounds
really corny but this is like the the the the pinnacle at the moment of my
life it’s just surreal I thought Toby’s portrait was absolutely
beautiful and I’m so happy for him and a little bit proud of him too I’m so sure
for him he’s a brilliant painter and he produced an amazing piece at work so he’s just a great painter it’s got
all the right sort of old mastery techniques but he’s giving us painting
in a sort of fresh and contemporary way and I know he’s gonna give us more the
next round I can’t wait for the semi-finals I’m raring to go and I don’t
want to see how far I can push my practice and see how far I can go to
find out about next year’s competition visit our website Sky Arts artist of the
year TV


Thanks for the upload. I look forward to it every week.
Canadian living in Indonesia watching British television on an American platform with a Taiwanese computer.

as a US viewer this show (and UK reality tele in general) gives us americans an escape from the hellscape we live in over here (:

Cherzo, thank you for these incredible episodes. As a pensioner in South Africa I would not have seen them but for your uploads.

Julia's was my favorite, but the last 3 were incredible also. Thank you Cherzo! Congrats to Toby for a magnificent piece!

Nice to see drawing can stand next to oils and watercolor. Have loved every episode so far, so many cool styles. Thank you for going through the trouble to give us all the series that you do.

I just love this series. Thank you so much for posting them. I look forward to the next episode. 🙂

I have been eagerly waiting for the next episode ever since I discovered this show on your channel. so soothing to watch

Thanks for uploading! Watching this show is my Wednesday lunchtime treat. I am always fascinated by how many different styles there are. Thrilled for this episode's winner.

The artists submissions wasn't as impressive this time but, they surely impressed me when I saw the finished pieces! lovely!

So glad I got my fix of PAOTY# for the week. The artists seem even better this year and I so look forward to seeing this show each week!

Cherzo, thank you once again from Australia. Your quality, uploaded videos are giving people overseas access to events we cannot find elsewhere. 😊

Totally agree with who they chose as the winner. But it does make you wonder what the judges are seeing when they said that the drawing of Wunmi was a likeness. Looked nothing like her.

I want to start doing portraits…sometimes I see someone and think they'd be beautiful to draw/paint. It's hard to describe…not always beautiful in an attractive way but in an artistic way. Some people have the most beautiful angles and shapes in their faces. Like my husband's deep set eyes or the soft shape of my daughter's face. ❤

I just love this series, have watched two years now and am always amazed at the skill. I just can’t do portraits so I love them all.

Clear winner here! Well deserved recognition one and all. This is such a fascinating show; thank you so much Cherzo for your thoughtful and timely posts! We look forward to it’s continuation! You make our week!

Loved the outcome…I thought the young girl whose piece was chosen by the celebrity, got the best likeness. Agreed on all the judges choices this week. Thanks so much for posting these!

I loved the winning portrait but I was surprised how much I loved the drawing…I think it's the eyes. Thank you so much for taking the time to upload this series!

Thanks for uploading! I love this whole series and wouldn’t be able to see it without your efforts to upload.

I'm fascinated by the caliber of celebrity that sit for portraits. Each week I am as excited to see who is sitting as I am for watching the artists.

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