Portrait Artist Of The Year 2020 – Episode 5

hello we’re at Battersea Arts Center to
find out what makes a good portrait. experts consider things like mood
likeness composition, but of course we all know the most important thing is how
long did it take. welcome back its portrait artist of the year 2020 of the
nine artists arriving in Battersea today six are professional Graham Dandridge
pip a few nickfear Suzi right Timothy Gaytan B and Keith Robinson I’ve been
doing some time frame practice really to take away a few of the uncertainties
involved buzzword they’re joined by three amateur artists are you excited
I’m excited yes I’m losing weight by the second John Bennett’s Iman Sidonie
Samuels and Rebecca Underdown I’ve done some practice
my husband has sat for me although he’s quite critical I don’t think any of the
hoping good enough for him our nine artists are here to show what they can
create in just four hours I’m still working to see the save not
frantic they will make their mark it’ll be alright in the end it is not alright
we haven’t reached the end and impress our three discerning judges
we shot a bit longer there’s a sensational prize at stake a 10,000
pound commissioned to paint music legend Nile Rodgers
for the Royal Albert Hall so which of our artists have the skill
just step up the pace a bit to make it through to the semi-final we’d be
finished I’m not gonna do a lot because of this stage I could obliterate work
I’m pleased with please don’t obliterate the work of little one while our artists make themselves at
home the judges take a closer look at the self-portraits that secured them
their place here today well judges here we are again the war start it with a
very small portrait small but very powerful and I think
that’s got a lot to do with the expression of the artist which is one of
total concentration absolutely he’s really caught something quite tense I
think it was really effective this is a mystery who’s the artist
well we can rule out the dogs and the child the portrait is by the woman yeah
I think the child’s expression is so authentic isn’t it I think that’s a
clear sort of toddler I don’t want to be here and I think she’s really caught
that sense of movement I mean it’s just got some fantastic poise it’s quite
regal the position of the head the way that the chin is tilted I think her hair
is fantastic yeah and the way Bert she’s done that
I think the brush rocks are really interesting they’ve got a horizontal
flow to them it’s almost as if she slid something across the canvas you get a
real sense of light shining on a very sort of fresh surface and he comes some
of the way she’s put the paint on now this is extraordinary
it’s got a very street art feel to it I think it’s interesting they’ve done it
in this two halves and you’ve got the ghosted version here and I like the way
who almost disappears sort of operating down into those boots how strange is
this I’m trying to work out what the narrative is obviously the artist is
speaking to us through his puppet you know so peculiar why is he bad for you
know what sort of story is he gonna conjure up today you wonder it’s lovely
its scruffy and it’s honest in with looks ecclesiastical but there’s this
kind of light coming in it he suddenly appears apotheosis I think is a very
modern looking Saint that you can always taste the colours with this one always
pop the necklaces are sweetie into your mouth I particularly love the loose
paints and how vivid and quick it feels it’s a very well constructed head it’s
an honest bit of observation but makes it singing already those colours that
he’s introduced the blues and the greens and they sub play against the pinks and
the Browns of the skin see we’ve got a mixture of sizes mixture of techniques
and they’ve got a lot of puzzling narratives to be explained we’ll see with paints prepared and brushes in
place there’s just one more thing our artists need for today’s challenge their
sitters artists as the original people’s poet your sitter today is something of a
legend he’s a lyricist a rock star a social commentator and now even an
honorary doctor please welcome John Cooper Clarke playing a major role in
the seventies punk movement John Cooper Clarke scurry R as a performance poet
spans five decades and his work still inspires the likes of the Arctic Monkeys
and Plan B today are you doing all right do I call you John doctor you wanna even
for John doc had a portrait painted before millions excuse yeah do you have
any idea of what you’re after today something in the way of heavy
airbrushing right we can do that for you can make your maternal a youthful of
course we can artists your sitter is a presenter who has lit up our screens and
entertained us on air she is also I understand a fantastic artist herself
please welcome Fearne Cotton well known for presenting Top of the
Pops Red Nose Day and as a panelist on Celebrity Juice firm cotton was the
first regular female presenter a Radio One’s chart show now we’ve heard about
your being an artist and an artist are you well I actually like to do portraits
myself so you’ve done so portrait yeah you have
to love self-portraits quite true to life I think
yeah I’ll painting is a great passion of mine so what about your behavior do you
think your fidget I haven’t sat down for this long without a child screaming at
me or without a laptop in my hands for years so I don’t quite know what’s going
to happen good luck artists as well as appearing
in hit TV dramas peak practice Sherlock and the Windsors your sitter today has
also appeared in a host of award-winning film and theatre productions please
welcome the wonderful Hayden Gwyn after rising to fame and drop the dead donkey
on TV Hayden’s successful stage career has included the award-winning Billy
Elliot the Musical and on film in the magical live remake of Beauty and the
Beast I imagine you have what dozens of portraits of yourself around your house
well weirdly I have been painted but not not sitting there for roles right
I’ve been painted as Camilla for the Windsors as a giant pub sign I see and I
have actually got that on I don’t know what to do with it open a pub the Haydn
going there works sounds like yeah perfect is there anything you guys are
looking for from Haydn is it possible to put a shoulder in my direction yeah yeah
yeah that kind of thing just go off or not just go off mm-hmm no I don’t think
no it’s okay great I’ve got a skull well how do you feel over here the sitting
still part is where’s what I do best oh is it okay it’s sitting down and
staring into space is a tip us artists I know you’re all eager to get
going you have four hours to create your portraits your time starts now whilst most of our artists go straight
onto canvas one begins by exploring her ideas on paper I understand some quick
sketches to try and get the rubbish ones either way help me figure out also where
the light is and sort of where her face is and then I can get it onto the canvas
so it looks a bit better I just need to get it on paper versus open system
amateur artist Rebecca Underdown lives in Gloucestershire with her husband and
two young children her self-portrait took around 8 hours to create in both
acrylic paints and pens which she uses to add extra color and detail your rare
self-portrait dual dogs on a wall the family are all sitting there you thought
this would make the ideal self portrait I just accept reporters of people but
nobody would sit I mean my little boys always running around and the dogs on
the wall so bit low and they do the posters for the big Hollywood
blockbusters they take picture them individually and put them all together
yes do we do now Rebecca’s adventures yeah exactly and so your bright colors
will they stay that bright I may treat them bright though I can see tubes of
all sorts of exciting stuff oh yeah we’ve got some pens we’ve drawn it as
well okay yeah scribble it out with excellent look so I’m gonna keep an eye
on you there’s anything could happen most artists are working in oils but one
prefers a medium more often found in the stationery cupboard and a portrait
artist studio Susie you seem to be sort of feeling your way the biz pencil and
then you nail it down and I start with some exotic sort of artistic actually
it’s biro yeah I rec so it’s sort of basic materials would do something
extraordinary flowing and others are better pigment and it’s such a soft
beginning with the pencil that you’re going really heavy in now with it with
that yeah that’s the way you like it I like it
like that because she’s not quite dreamy before and now I can see the hard side
of her 24 year old Susie right is a professional artist who splits her time
painting and working part-time in an art shop in Oxford a lover of bright color
she was keen to include her trademark turban in her self-portrait which took
six hours to create in your self-portrait you were very exotically
dressed ferns rather more sedately but she has
got a sparkly top on at great shoes where are you gonna find the colour
that’s what I like just comes out so it will be colourful I don’t know how I
love phone calls I think she’s fantastic so it’s really exciting and I love her
nails as well she’s got a very good news very very
good sitting right so I’m really intrigued it’s now it goes on you’ve stormed ahead you’ve got him
there in the chair you’ve got the head you’ve got the glasses do you usually
work this quickly John’s got such a powerful look so it’s already kind of
there in the mind doesn’t it it might be fun to be the coolest person in the
building he certainly is his pose you know the chin and they and the way
you’re capturing that and it’s tremendously idiosyncratic you know you
give you the perfect hitter no pressure professional artist Timothy Gaytan be
trained in experimental film at Queen Mary University and traditional
portraiture in Florence he likes combining the energy of street art with
a more representational style as in his self-portrait diptych I’m spying and
another canvas here and I know your submission was a diptych is it too much
to ask for that we might have to definitely gonna go for the diptych
brave man I like it you just get that sense of movement when you look at one
and then you look at another it’s got more of a narrative will you be doing
your shadow yeah it’s nice to have one slightly more blurred out than the other
so you’ve got that passing of time you sponsored by paint company used about
16,000 different colors already sees as many as possible accentuate what’s there
out of it so how informed by what’s in front of you this your choice of colors
or do you tend to go to the same group of colors every time there are certain
colors that you know they’re there although you can’t see them you know
they’re there no you can’t see there are hints to them from this distance it’s
difficult to see them but so you’re painting colors that aren’t there but
are there yeah oh there they are they’re somewhere but you just can’t see them
right I mean I’m with you I think nickfear spent 15 years working for the
Environment Agency in Leicestershire before becoming a professional artist he
painted his self-portrait from a photo using a variety of flat brushes a
finding fern she’s very good yeah very still almost too pretty – pretty –
pretty pearly sort of no kind of you want something more no nearly one hour
in most artists have established the composition and can start to consider
the more detailed features of the face can’t draw mice but I might just watch
that bit well gloss over it until the end put it in last for the background I don’t wanted to look too rigid so I
always wanted to kind of look like it’s flowing across the painting the
characters coming through a fog almost with the by route because you can’t get
rid of them so literally those lines are part of the picture so you’ve just got
to work with it it starts neat and then you get them to it and then it does get
a bit messy competing for a place in the semi-final
our artists are hard at work painting John Cooper Clarke Hayden Gwynn and
Fearne Cotton who’ve been holding their pose for one hour whether confronted
with natural beauty or a face that’s partly obscured it’s the artists job to
capture the essence of their subject what I think is incredible is there’s a
lot of stuff around John his glasses his hair and his great outfit and it’s
readable to get to capture him but somehow you’ve done that this pose
reminds me a bit of the Velazquez Pope and he is a bit of a punk Pope the bits
of his face that you can see I’m just trying to put those in without laboring
it and so I hope that I will catch something of his presence because he
does have a presence professional artist Graham Doddridge works as a commercial
photographer by day squeezing in time to paint in his garage at home fascinated
by storytelling his self-portrait was inspired by an early 20th century Indian
cigarette packet which said passing show I love this hand and you captured it
with very few marks how doesn’t proceed now do you become a precise and make it
for more finished I’m going to add the jewelry with a crisper touch so that
will be the detail okay I don’t want to influence the way you paint that’s
rather marvelous burning here it’s up to you thank you the picture should say something in
visual terms without your having to say it out loud
putting the background in because that controls the color of the skin if you’ve
got someone with very red skin you don’t want a green or a blueish background too
much because it’ll make the skin look even redder Liverpool born John Bennett
is an amateur artist who’s enjoying his retirement years traveling and taking
short courses in portraiture he wanted to be inventive with the angle of his
head in his submission which took 20 hours to paint
you’ve got these lovely earthy color tones as you’ve drawn from the set but
you tend to work in relatively realistic palette anyway it turns to being limited
to five colors but I’ll spice it up a bit for the occasion but still the
lovely drawing underneath so do you feel confident with the lightness it comes
and goes at ebbs and flows it’s a journey of something coming from the
sitter to the artist across the ether so you’re getting the waves from I’m trying
to get the weapon a good sitter she’s a wonderful surgeon I’m trying to
get the waves okay good from working by instincts to taking a
more measured approach each artist has their own individual style I like the
way you’ve cropped ahead I like to have to face quite big so I can like do the
motion with my paper I see I use that brushes right so it’s always an across
motion got all three paint brushes in my heart I know I’m anxious for you as you
keep switching she gets a bit messy there and you’re wearing some very nice
clothes today yes one of my main challenges for today not to get any
paint on myself seventeen-year-old Iman Sidonie Samuels
lives at home with her mom and dad in London her self portrait was painted
from a photo she took of herself by a window as she liked the patterns the
light created where would you normally be on a Tuesday morning if you weren’t
here French lesson a level French oh this is better than double French isn’t
it mm-hmm it’s really surreal I just get caught
like giddy but I can actually hick good luck I can’t wait to see what you do
thank you Bona Schultz that’s right very good French it’s very good friends thank
you behind each of our sitters is a backdrop
inspired by different aspects of a famous artist and their work what’s
today’s theme today we’ve taken the greatest artists Vincent van Gogh if you
think about the early years we have those dark brooding paintings and then
in the middle years you know we’ve discovered post-impressionism and all
that wonderful color started to come in and texture and then finally in the
South of France you have this fantastic reversal blue skies and the intense
yellow that you’d have seen say in the sunflowers fields or the corn fields and
what about the sitter who we have here John people are I think it’s a bit like
a praying mantis so it’s as if he’s about just sort of a house or something
is one of the most original centers we’ve had I’m kind of in a self-induced
trance I’ve got a fixed point in the middle distance once you’ve got it and
you take your eye off that fixed position that’s kind of the kiss of
death then it’s all over so behind fern tell me more it is from
Vincent’s Parisian years where he was started to build up his own style of
brush marks and they’re quite gestural and it’s a close-up of a self-portrait
and it’s of his beard it’s interesting you mentioned beards because obviously a
big talking point in this series is gonna be your beard is it big talking
point it is in my house well you know it was in our marsh to anyone in particular
well yes sir Vincent I was grasping for yes absolutely to know much to bend
something it’s not in any way a midlife crisis I feel like I’m almost invisible these
guys are painting and there’s all these wonderful spectators eagerly watching
and I sort of feel like I’m voyeuristic and just watching everything when I’m
not here so within all these earthy tone hmm
we’ve got Pedro sitting in a very bright shirt I think she’s got a lovely long
limbs two of the artists have just gone straight for the head and ones capturing
her in the chair I think I’d be quite drawn to seeing an artist who
understands how to get that poise people sometimes say I think because I’m tall
and quite slim that I’m elegant but that’s not how I see myself seem I self
as much more goofy than that so I don’t mind if they see that Peyton’s got great
face the others really need to be nailed at this point because they’re a bit dead
at the moments got real Sparkle the lights it’s got quite dark irises so the
more right marks in the right place the whole life basically professional artist
Keith Robinson lives in Surrey with his wife Kari and seven-year-old son both of
featured in his paintings exhibited at the BP Portrait Awards he wanted his
self-portrait to be an honest and direct image of himself at this stage of his
life you went at it very quickly didn’t you yeah if I couldn’t get it as quick
as possible and he’s just trying to make the paint do something really I’ve got
wasted just by the size because your self-portrait is very contained and
compressed yes what did you know you’re going to do it this large what’s gonna
do on a bigger canvas and though it’s just too much space or it just looks a
bit lost it looks perfectly placed here it’s just putting the marks on the
making sure the max don’t take you somewhere where you don’t want to go after spending the best part of the
morning on a subtle drawing one artist has only just started to add paint
Thibodeau I have to say from a distance it looked like you haven’t done anything
for the first couple of days you’re painting in watercolor which always
strikes me as a bit of a high-wire act it’s my process I have to ignore
everybody else and stick to it because I’d know if I think oh my goodness I
could get some paint on the paper I’m gonna come unstuck you get it wrong you
falling off that high fire pit a few established herself as a professional
artist over 30 years ago painting show dogs she now spends more time painting
people and likes the intensity of the gaze she caught in her self-portrait
which took 20 hours to paint when you’re not painting what do you do I’m a
magistrate you’re a magistrate she’s taken gratulations what was wonder when
I first go in as a Magister do you have impostor syndrome well you don’t go in
and go hi it’s my first day you have to get a very serious hat on sure you have
to judge without fear or favor well I’m gonna talk to Ty Kate and Kathleen and
tell them to judge without fear or favour that seems good our nine artists are approaching the
halfway mark and for one that means it’s time to start a second portrait the
hardest thing is just making sure the sunglasses the same size in both
pictures it’s kind of like more a team century poet on one side and the more
rock star on the other side you could look quite cool not 100% with the lightness at the
moment fighting with it a little bit losing it
getting it max is almost there figures faster I’m in a state of tension but it’ll be
alright in the end we hope it is not alright we haven’t reached the end yet here at Battersea Arts Centre the
artists have spent the morning intently studying sitters John Cooper Clarke fern
cotton and Hayden Gwyn the judges have also been scrutinizing each artist as
they form their opinions two hours in halfway through so start with Hayden’s
group Keith is painting very regal it’s a big oversized head he got the likeness
quite early on he was really really focused on that John hasn’t found a
likeness but what he has found is this figure in space it’s got a great
atmosphere Becker Keith and John they’re all
working with a lot of color Jenny whether it’s inspired by Hayden
sort of orange sweater whether that sort of sent them all off in one direction
but they’re all reveling in color at the moment
moving on to NIC NIC is giving us a very colorful firm I mean I love the way Mick
uses colour the weights inflected through the face we started with a very
good drawing of firm the conflicts are all there but they’re not binding
together to make a form Susy far more color on her than on the canvas yeah I
mean it’s almost I’m waiting for her to kick into gear for the patterns and the
splosh and I worry that the colour isn’t going to be a kind of afterthought ferns
an interesting tissue so you could imagine her being in there’s like a
Vermeer painting I don’t think any of them have quite captured that
timelessness another extraordinary sitter John Cooper Clarke Wow
add Tim has two portraits on the go double bubble or double trouble he said
they’ve started with this fog and John sort of appeared and just got better and
better and better but he really has caught something of John’s essence in
this smokey way I’m really impressed I think it’s interesting that Graham’s
portrait of John is actually technically too squished you know like when you
write birthday card and you’re a kid and you go happy birthday you run out of
room that’s what that painting is like but it somehow works because actually
John in the chair is sort of very be larger than life but also quite small
it’s like a crow pope chance the one he’s a poet
he’ll appreciate that well it’s fabulous just sitting around
watching people watching other people I want to see myself looking like rock
Hudson’s better looking kid brother that’s the plan anyway now I feel along with the orange that
I’ve come as the 1970s today which do you know it’s no bad thing I love to
people watch I was I’m having to be still you know it’s like my other senses
as sort of ear working on now enjoying it I’m watching everyone like a halt it
was a very precise mix like I’m mad professor
mixing is paint and Suzi’s like attacking the campus so just sort of sit
and watch them is fascinating but it’s also excruciating I can’t actually see
what they’re doing it’s killing me they say the eyes are the windows to the
soul but if your view through the window is obscured you have to search for
character elsewhere we’ve put too often you’d want to pain the eyes because of
state gives real sense of life having the glint in the eye but with John
there’s so much character anyway that it’s not going to be as big an issue as
it might be the eyes are kind of the key in the
center personality I might go up to my iPad for that because I can’t see much
eyes from me but I’m an optician I used to be I used to know a bit about it
so you look at an eye in a different way from most of them yes and if they’re not
correct someone who knows about eyes will spot it right away we’re into the
last hour but that’s plenty of time for the canvases to undergo a total
transformation Susie we were worried where the color is gonna come in I know
I know it when it starts going on it’s really exciting
so is there anywhere that you think you’re gonna build up a lot more color
wise and possibly the hair and down here I don’t know do you it says nothing from
someplace intuitively and it’s just finding its way out there just going for
it here you’ve really heightened the color it’s not longer Hayden at purple
hair yeah I like a lot of yellow and it’s really bold there are only 30
minutes remaining have you finished I’m not going to do a
lot because at this stage I could obliterate work that I’m pleased with
please don’t obliterate the work please one I think I’d just like to have a bit more
time to work on the hair a little bit and round it let’s make this more of a
finished piece but just want to pick those things that will make these
difference I think I need to sort out the eyes
finish up the hair and the mouth everything basically our nine artists are nearing the end of
their challenge painting hatin goin John Cooper Clarke and fern cotton I get the impression you can stand there
look at it okay though that’s why we give you the time to my gun I shot a bit
longer this one looks like John so I think I’ve
got something that I like the look of artists you have five minutes to go it’s not gonna get any better don’t
think I can make it to much worse so we’re probably almost there still walking the see the save no
frantic artists your time is up please put down
your equipment and stand away from your easel after four hours of intense creativity
from our artists the sitters can at last see the finished portraits and pick
their favorite to take home how was it terrific
well there’s four portraits of you to look at you could have fooled me I think
we should look at anything yeah yeah yeah yeah artists turn your easels I’ll say in one sentence Wow misty John yeah fabulous
my Atlas and achmet ik isn’t it I think not seekers oh hell yeah
it’s from the mists of time fabulous that I had a look at this halfway
through and there was nothing there for six miraculous it’s this painting
happened in two ways gradually and suddenly night sensation
all that the Smashing and you’ve really got the guilt with it yes bouncing off
the background yeah that’s Wow how do you do that
also it’s it’s kind of nervous we shall like right it’s decision time
sprayed difficile they’ve all got their own vibe I wish I was that handsome
dynamite that gold but I gotta go for the moodiness of it I’m gonna go with
Sims peace burn you are a free woman oh I can move
my joints oh okay artists will you please turn around your
easel oh gosh oh wow it also unbelievably different come and
meet them guys oh my god your style is just so exquisite especially the eyes
it’s quite wigs it’s sort of like I’m looking into my own eyes they are my
eyes it’s spectacular so inch Kerr there’s so much detail
going on there and so delicate and soft it’s rebooted and hazy I love it so
lovely to now see what you’ve done with all of those colors I love all of this
brilliant chaos up here it’s brilliant and the moments are oh this is
excruciating ly difficult and they’re all just so unique and brilliant but I’m
going to go with Nick so shall we do it okay okay artists can
you please your easels there you go okay can I look yes yeah I’m loving the
sort of way you’ve applied the color I heard you’re talking about the purple it
sort of totally works doesn’t it particularly against the white
she’s quite ferocious attitude right you know my my children would say perhaps
they recognize that we do this you pick one I’m gonna go be this one now the artists work is over the judges
are left alone with the portraits to take a closer look
Susie’s made a rather good portraiture fern she’s really caught her very well I
felt that she struggled with the lightness actually phones started to
emerge with some of the pencil marks and then it’s gone away again I think a
man’s really got her coloring correctly that gorgeous peach tone on the nose
that plays out in the cheeks I love her brushstrokes but it feels to me like
they haven’t really done fern any favours in that bottom half of the jaw
Nick did something really interesting which was take his style and deliver
something different colors sing beautifully and you get a sense of firm
absolutely I love this get she paint that skirts on the surface John’s not
too worried about resolving it there’s a problem with the likeness I’m interested
in the way that he paints I really like the chalky texture that Rebecca brings
in her work this colorful sets of joyfulness that she found in Hayden and
I think she’s caught somewhere Heath’s lightness was much better early on but
he said that that reflection of a orange jumper under the chin it is really
beautiful there’s something really special about gray Eames portrait it is
a bit cramped but I think it adds to its charm and I think he knew quite early on
that he probably could get away with it I find a real delicacy in pippers work
and somehow she managed to capture a really strong sense of John’s coolness
I’ve got a problem with a lightness it is like him but it wasn’t him as I
experienced him I was a bit worried about Tim giving us
a diptych and I feel very won over this softness and these weird areas of focus
I think he’s a very interesting artists first the judges have to get them nine
down to three let’s swap these two over they’ve all got a like this and they’ve
all got a spirit think that’s a good little group actually it’s interesting
how many questions it’s thrown up is just fascinating
so who have the judges shortlisted the first artist is Tim Gaytan be the third artist to be shortlisted
Graham Douglas looking great – contrary but it’s not
often you get to do something like this experience a whole mag process so I
really have loved every minute so the first thing to notice is there
are two paintings of one sitter what I like about the diptych from Tim is that
you sort of have that sense of the ghostly character from Dickens or
something you’ve somehow managed to work with spirit rather than just the
physicality whereas when you look at the painting by Graham there is something
slightly going towards a sort of more caricature he sort of reduced the
elements to do John Cooper Clarke ^ 10 I agree I think the way Graham’s caught
him in very few brush marks is masterful I’m really encouraged actually once we
get to here and then we see them next to their submissions and I think actually
their submissions are really strong and what they do today compliments it and I
think that’s what Nick did today because he has got quite a refined style and
actually today had to respond to a totally different set of circumstances
and I think the looseness there is absolutely glorious to do it today on a
competition day and really stay loose is courageous I think seeing Nick’s
portrait today it makes me appreciate his submission much more well I don’t
know how you gonna choose between them all but I’m sure you will make a great
choice really hard today gram Tim Nick of course is already an
incredible achievement to have reached the shortlist but sadly as you well know
only one of you could go through to the semi-final the artists that the judges
have selected was successful in capturing the spirit of the sitter as
well as their likeness that artist is Tim gave me it’s amazing I mean I didn’t expect it
whatsoever so it feels great to think that I took that risk to do the diptych
and judges seem to like him I think Tim was a very worthy winner I
think he added another dimension of mystery to the P so in the sense he
succeeded the brief one experience absolutely whoa forget it pressure
excitement just amazing day Timmy’s amazing discovery where he painted
something I’ve never seen before the way he creates atmosphere I’m really excited
to see where he goes as an artist I think I’m quite shocked isn’t joven I
really can’t believe that I wouldn’t today
honestly it’s amazing if you’d like to find out more about entering the
competition then go to our website ww-why arts artist of the year dot TV


Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing the talent every week. It is always so wonderful. 👨‍🎨❤👩‍🎨

Thank you! I love all the series you share, I just saw two new ones you just started, thank you so much for all the interesting shows.

Absolutely brilliant winning piece! I’m so glad I followed your account and discovered this show, coming from great pottery showdown 😁 thanks for posting Cherzo!

I just love Nick's paintings. I've yet to try a self-portait – or any portrait for that matter – and his work has really inspired me.

Oh my these UK shows are amazing. I love all this art stuff, the pottery and sewing…So refreshing. Thank you for uploading them!

Graham’s work was phenomenal. Those hands carried more likeness and personality alone than most artists’ entire paintings do. No idea why caricature is so frowned upon on this show anyway (with the portrait actually not being a caricature as such)

I truly appreciate these wonderful videos ! Thank you so much Cherzo ! I know a lot of us are always on the look out for more ! Cheers to you !👏👏🤗🌟🥰

Shame they used the wrong yellow for the van gogh blue/yellow wall, it should be a darker yellow not an almost green yellow.. love the show! Thanks cherzo

Yest it is really interesting to watch and I think very important that we hear about the thoughts on qualities from the different judges and I also like when there are short questions and answers between judges and artists or maybe even public? and to listen to all the different arguments in the final choices of preferred piece of art of sitters and the final choice of the judges –
And I really enjoy the very different artists – thank you

I love this series! Steven is so funny and makes the program more relaxing for the participants. Can’t wait for the next one!

this one was hard. All the 3 were so good, cutting out any of them is such a lost, but the guy who won had something really special aside from technique. This show is really something

GREAT SHOW, thank you for posting Cherzo!
I'd also love to see the other years of this show, like Portrait Artist Of The Year 2019, if you or anyone knows where I can stream, please let me know!

Very interesting subjects. I imagine framing people for a portrait is alot like framing a photo. Stand at the right distance and level and eyeball it up. You can feel that all these subjects have qualities that appeal to a certain developed sense which can be both discovered and shaped. Like the sunglasses. Did he have those on with matching clothes when he was picked? Even if he didn't there is still a quality to his height and how he sits in the chair, the angle. The choice of the chair itself and the color of the background. It's kind of extremely impressive.

as an artist too, the judges never let me down with their choices and that's make me more confident with my taste and my sense in art.. what a truly program

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