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Hey guys. Welcome back. In this video I am going to make a Peacock ring holder using some old newspaper and epoxy clay. If you like the video, please press the like button and subscribe to my channel. For this project, I first got a plastic ball and applied some white petroleum jelly on it then I made some modpodge by mixing equal amount of white glue and water. Then I got some old newspaper pieces and used the modpodge to paste the papers on the plastic bowl Then I left it for drying. once it was all dried, I removed the paper bowl out of it. Then I used a metal wire and some epoxy clay to make the peacock. Then I had to make wing cutter. You can make wing cutter using flat metal wire. If you don’t have flat metal wire, you can also use plastic bottle to make the wing cutter I made some wing cutter using plastic bottlr and then used the wing cutter to make the wings for the peacock Then I made this teardrop shaped clay pieces and glued them on the wings of the peacock to get some volume on the peacock wings Then it was the time to color the peacock I used turquoise blue as the base color for the peacock. once turquoise acrylic was completely dried, I used some metallic colors on the peacock once all the colors were dried I used some varnish on the peacock and then I got my peacock ring holder ready to be used. If you liked the video please just the like button and subscribe to my channel please leave your feedback in the comment section below. I will be back with some more interesting projects and some crafting tips. Till then bye bye. 🙂


For better understanding, I have enabled spanish subtitles for the materials used in this product.. I also have got the material list in the description of this video.. I hope you will enjoy the video😊😊😍😍

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