Painting Wall Outlets for Granite Surfaces : Painting a Wall Outlet for Granite: Intro

Today I’d mentioned I wanted to show you Trompe
L’oeil, which fools the eye. And, the reason that I think this is a good idea to learn
how to do, is we remodeled our home about four years ago and when they put the plates
on our granite back splash they were completely white. I could not find a black one that would
fit and the brown ones were all over sized, so I was left with basically a white plate
and white plugs. So, I would like to show you how you can fix a dilemma like this. You
can make it match granite, marble, wood, any kind of a surface that you want to match.
And, the easy part is you’re using water based paints and a water based varnish. So, it can’t
get easier than that. Just takes a little bit of patience and knowing where to begin.
So, that is what I would like to show you today, is how you can have your own granite
plate plug for pennies.

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