Painting Wall Outlets for Granite Surfaces : Painting a Wall Outlet for Granite: Finishing Touches

Now that we have our finished product with
the three coats of varnish, to match the sheen of the granite, I’d like to show you how to
do a touch up, should you ever need it. Okay, I’m going to make a small chip here so I can
show you how to fix it. If you can see that, it’s just very small which is what they normally
are? Just go in here, pick up a few colors of your paint. Just go in here and pick up
a few colors of paint, very subtle. And just hit in a couple of places. You come in a you
just dab a little color in there. If you need to make it just slightly darker, sometimes
you can blend it with your finger, like that and you?re done. And when that’s dry, you
put a little dab of the varnish on because you want to make sure that that shines like
the rest of it. And that’s how you get a customized plug plate. Thanks a lot for you time, I hope
this has been helpful and I hope you won’t be afraid to try it. You can create a lot
of nice projects and they’re all personalized and customized. So, good luck.

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