Painting a MURAL 3DAYS in TORINO!! (FULL PROCESS)【Documentary of Japanese Street Artist】

Oh,, Many sleep in your eyes Its cloudy today But its better for painting right? You also many sleep in your eyes,, Really!? The texture is looks cool in background! Really? Be serious!!! It`s done today! Thank you for today I took long time for sketching more than I thought.. It`s expression a laundry right? I’m painting dirt of laundry I see! I can’t finish within today but.. Definitely I can finish tomorrow Yes its looks like almost finish (Madam speaking italian) Amore.. Its nice! Good luck! ◎△$♪×¥○&%#?! Thanks! She is my ex-girlfriend I realize one thing after I finish this mural This is first time in this journey that I painted for person who request and need my mural It ’s happened seven months after this journey started

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