painel decorativo palets file#02# – by DIY – A Minha Bancada#

Hello everyone, I’m Paulo Costa, welcome to my channel A minha Bancada What I am presenting to you today is the painting of this panel of pallets As seen in the previous video, I had built the panel Still did not know which colors to use Already had more or less an idea, that would paint of grays and black To match my room Now go and see how I painted this panel What will I use to do this job? I’ll use a porous, watery lid. I have a varnish in wengue color, I will also paint some cubes I’ll use paints I already had Are acrylic paints I have a gray, I have black, I have white With these I can create some colors with shades of gray To paint the cubes I’m going to use brushes. And I will use these containers to prepare the paints Already passed the pores cap on the panel Now let’s dry about 2 hours To then prepare the paint to start painting After a few hours Now let’s paint I’ll start painting some squares with the color wengue I’m going to put on gloves so I do not get my hands dirty. get to work I already painted some squares in the color wengue Now I’m going to paint some of black. Now I’m going to paint some squares of white More liquid ink preparation Not to fill the wood too much, to pull the paint and if you notice the shafts of the wood I already painted a few more squares of white Now I’m going to prepare the gray ones. I am reminded that the inks I am using are acrylic I put a few drops of water on the wood to spread the paint better I’ve painted some more gray ones, and now we’ll prepare another ton of gray A lighter gray It is important to thoroughly mix the ink Always to stretch the ink well Not to be left with piles of paint And to see the shafts of wood The painting is already done Stayed in my way Stayed in line with my furniture The furniture is black The walls have a creamy color The curtains are gray and black And I tried to keep the same shades of black and gray And the whites To finish it is only necessary to pass the varnish To give it a brighter tone I’ll use this spray varnish Is a clear and bright varnish So let’s go apply the varnish We can not forget to put on the mask Because of the smell of the varnish As you can see the panel looks beautiful. Just need to put it on the wall So please wait for the next video Which will be the placement of the panel on the wall Initially was to put him in the room But now I’m in doubt, I’ll put it in an entrance hall But it’s still going to be something I’m going to decide However accompany the placement of the picture on the wall in the next video I hope you enjoyed this video If you are not yet subscribed to the channel, do not forget subscribe the channel If you already subscribe to the channel share with your friends Leave your like, leave your comment Is very important the comment, even for me to realize if the work that I am presenting are good, Can leave ideas Until the next video

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