Our CoBuy Story: Starla & Robert Buy a Home Together

Well my Dad, since I got
my first job at 16 years always said buy a home, buy a home, buy a home and I’m like…it
seems so weird and he’s like just get a group of friends together. I just looked
at the number of our yearly rent and I was like we are spending, you know, this
is insane. Money just out into nowhere like let’s try and figure out a way to
put our resources together. When Robert and I decided to do this together we
just kind of had this like grey sense of are people allowed to do that
and meeting you, Suzana, our agent kind of were introduced to this idea of CoBuy
and that it doesn’t need to be as hard as it is. I think CoBuy was most helpful
in ironing out the details of how to make our funds work together or asking
ourselves questions about it that we might not have asked. “Oh, you do need to
consider this.” They seem to have all the right questions ready to go. But to have
a structured sort of templatized agreement that we just could plug in our
own personal information into. Very helpful. Yeah, it made it just, we didn’t
have to worry about the legalese. It kept us with a checklist of steps and clarity
on what we were responsible for and what we could rely on like our team of people
for. And if it’s done in a way that you’re protected and they’re protected
it doesn’t necessarily need to be something that is risky. I do music stuff
for a living and I’m telling my musician buddies that I bought a house and
they’re just flabbergasted. And the fact that I I look at my future completely
differently I think, I’m 41, and up until this point
I’ve been like alright hopefully that social security thing works out or I
don’t know I’ll keep buying lottery tickets once in a while. In the few months
that we’ve owned the house like it’s appreciated what our rent was last year
so it just seems like a no-brainer and even if the home wasn’t appreciating, even if it was just staying, the idea that we’re paying off the mortgage. Yeah, it
feels like we’re putting money into savings instead of like money into
the ether. For people who are considering this process, like, it’s so easy
compared to what we thought it would be like and the fact that…It could ruin
somebody’s relationship or make them stronger and and we’ve been fortunate
that like the last few months we’ve been closer than we have in quite a while. Actually, I recommend, that anybody who’s just gonna get married, they should buy a
house together first. First! And if they make it through that then then they should
get married. Yeah, that’s right, actually. Nailed it!

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