Ninja Shuriken design | 3D Spray gun painting |DIY Home Decor

Hey fellow master designers today we have something ninja related for you guys We are making a shuriken design watch the video till end to learn that being said let’s get started Take a square piece of hardboard and place it diagonally We are using 10 inches equally first divide the dharmam into two equal parts then Further slice it into four parts now make a circle of two inches in diameter Now make a mark of one inch on to every quarter part of the circle and top it off with marking two inches on the corner of that diamonds Join the lower part with the circle do that on every side Repeat the same inversely Now it’s starting to look like a shuriken cut out the internals Place the cutout on the corner of the wall and start spraying join corners with corner make it as precise as possible Tell us if you like this design do like comment and subscribe Buy us a coffee or two by supporting us on patreon If you want to see more of us then be sure to like us on Facebook We are doing all sorts of cool thing here on YouTube Thanks for watching and as always stay creative


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