New Sewing + Quilting Favorites March 2020 ✂️ Joining the #BTSARMY 방탄소년단

welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jen this
channel is all about sewing crafts and DIY projects and today we are talking
about new sewing tools recently I picked up a few new things that I’m absolutely
loving so I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about them plus I’ve got one non
sewing thing that I’m kind of obsessed with and I want to share at the end of
this video so if you’re curious about that stay tuned and I would like to note
this is not a sponsored video I bought all of these things myself let’s start
off with these guys they are so cute it’s by It’s Sew Emma and I got these off
of Bluprint I know I still have my bluprint subscription and believe it or
not I’ve been buying some crafting and like baking supplies off of there I
guess that’s one plus is that you get free shipping on everything and you also
get a lot of sales so I’ve gotten some really good pricing from bluprint I
know it’s kind of random and it’s not the typical go-to place I purchased
these off of bluprint they’re also available on Amazon it’s called the
Stash ‘n Store and there’s a full-size one in a mini one I got them both love
the colors it’s a plastic base and then there’s the silicone insert I love this
little like floral design in here and then you can fit things into like the
grooves and the slots and these little openings and they can fit a lot of
different sized items like the mini one I’ve got like some all a seam ripper
pens and they all fit in here really nicely and I just like that you can keep
things handy without having them be in a drawer which I usually keep these things
in a drawer but I like that these are easy access I got my chopstick for
turning lots of stuff and I just think they are so adorable I’m really excited
about these and I saw them and I was like I’m curious I’ve got a point turner
in here scissors I mean I just think these are so cute and I’ve been keeping
these on the craft table and I like that you can just you know pick it up put
something back and it’s just really easy to use I just love these things this
next item is not at all new I may be like the last person on planet earth to
try this it’s the Sewing Edge
reusable vinyl stops for your machine it’s by Marci Baker I got these off of
Amazon and they are reusable vinyl strips for your sewing machine they’ve
got a bit of a raised edge so it can really help guide your fabric into your
sewing machine there repositionable you can take them off doesn’t leave residue
on your machine they work pretty much as advertised I use them to do a scant
quarter inch seam on the Brother CS7000i I also took the strip off and
put it at the 5/8 inch seam allowance which is very common in garment making
these things work really well I don’t know why I was a holdout for so long I
mean they’re not that expensive and I just don’t know why I didn’t buy them
before now but they come 5 to a pack one strip should last me for quite a while
plus a few of multiple machines you can use these on your serger you can use
this you know pretty much anywhere so I really am a fan of this I tried the
sewing edge out while I was making hair scrunchies and I was sewing really long
narrow strips of fabric and I really felt like I could sew faster because I
wasn’t having to constantly worry about whether my fabric was lined up and it
just made things easier sewing edge you’ve earned two thumbs up from the
sewing report you may be wondering what is this thing it is called the Cutting
Gizmo by the Gypsy Quilter and I can see this being used in all kinds of sewing
and quilting project and here’s what it is there is a common technique in sewing
and quilting called chain piecing or daisy chaining and it’s when you’re
sewing a lot of kind of the same type of thing like if you’re doing a lot of
quilt blocks or I was recently making those hair scrunchies so I was sewing a
lot of pieces kind of in a row and instead of just stopping after one piece
you know cutting the thread or whatever you instead just put the next piece in
right under the feed dogs and keep on sewing so at the end you have what’s you
know kind of looks like a banner or like a like a chain of pieces so that’s why
it’s called chain piecing or daisy chaining so typically when I would be
doing that on a project after I was all finished I would take my scissors and I
would cut all of the pieces apart this was kind of time-consuming and it’s not
too bad but this tool will save you some so it is a little bit weighted so it
like won’t fall over and it’s got a like rubbery non-skid bottom when you’ve got
it on your tabletop it won’t move around and it kind of acts as an extra set of
hands so instead of you needed like one to hold something in one hand your
scissors in the other hand how you use the Cutting Gizmo is you put it down you
hold your two pieces and then there’s that little thread chain in the middle
and then you just slide the thread chain down over the razor blade and it will
cut it and also it’s a hands-free experience so you don’t worry about like
holding scissors in one hand like I’ve been doing for a while the blade is
replaceable although I don’t really see you needed to do that for quite a while
and I can say this saving me some time and it’s a little more convenient than
using the scissors and sitting there and trying to cut all of your pieces out so
I think this is very useful this one is also not a new product but it is
certainly new to me I just I don’t know why some are really popular items I just
haven’t picked up for whatever reason but I was curious about it I also got
this from bluprint and it was on sale so I thought why not give it a go but
I’m glad I did because I can see this being very useful to me another sewing
tool that can go into the category of why didn’t I buy this sooner is the
Dritz Quick Turn Tools these will be super handy whenever you’re turning
tubes of fabric think bag handles I just made some hair scrunchies that will
be in a future video lots of like little narrow things straps for a dress
anything like that where you’re having to turn a long piece of fabric inside
out there are three different sizes so you can do wider to more narrower tubes
of fabric try this out works great just as advertised and again this is not
super expensive I got these from Amazon and I’m very glad I did because I just
made some scrunchies and these certainly came in handy instead of doing like that
safety pin turning it right side out which I’ve done many times you could
also use this like I made some neckties I could see it being useful for that
lots of sewing projects I can see these Dritz quick turn tools coming in handy
for so I cannot believe I did not purchase these sooner they’re not
expensive they work well the only thing with these
is that I’m kind of not sure what to do about storage with these if you try to
hold them like the little Turner kind of comes out so I’m just not sure if you
own these where do you keep them and do you have any storage recommendations
that’s the only dilemma I have with the quick turn tools is that there’s no real
natural place I could see myself keeping these so you know if you got any tips
let me know okay this last thing is really silly and completely not related
to sewing in any way but I’m kind of obsessed and I feel like I need to talk
to somebody about it so here I am the thing I’m loving right now is the
musical group from Korea BTS I’ve officially joined the army I
know that sounds insane because I’m old enough to be their mom you know plus I
was never really into boy bands but I cannot get enough BTS it all started
last week when I happened to see that BTS was on James Corden’s
carpool karaoke who doesn’t love carpool karaoke I was like I’m kind of curious
I’ve been getting to do more the Korean stuff for context I am a Korean adoptee
so while I am Korean I’ve learned most of what I know about the country from
like YouTube and watching some K dramas on Viki which by the way right after
this I’m going to be taping a video for my vlog channel Jen talks forever all
about my favorite K dramas so if you are curious like you’ve seen the movie
parasite or something definitely check that out when I put that up because I’m
really excited about it I’m obsessed with K dramas I’m also obsessed with BTS
so I saw the carpool karaoke I thought they were super funny and
cool-looking I I kind of heard a little bit about their songs and I was curious
you know there’s like seven of them in the group and if you’re not familiar in
Korea there’s something called Idol training so if somebody wants to be in
the entertainment business they can audition with like a an entertainment
agency and then these people usually they’re like teenagers when they get in
they spend months two years doing Idol training learning everything about
singing dancing you know how to do interviews personal style I think they
do a lot of plastic surgery over there so it’s a really intense business and
beat yes is one of the groups that came out
of Idol training but I gotta say they’re not your standard I wouldn’t fit them
into like the boyband mold they write their own songs compose their own songs
there’s three rappers and four vocalists I know I’m really showing you know how
crazy I am about about this group they don’t lip-sync during their live
performances which I really appreciate they don’t really auto-tune their songs
much like it’s really them singing they’re known for their very impressive
dance choreography and I was blown away by watching some of the music videos I’m
gonna put a few links below in the description box if you don’t really know
what they are I think the carpool karaoke would be a good introduction to
the group and also they released their music video on recently I think the song
is amazing they’ve also done a lot of collaborations with American artists and
British artists like Steve Aoki probably my favorite song BTS is Mike drop
they’ve collaborated with Halsey they collaborated with Nicki Minaj there’s
rumors that they might do a Justin Bieber clap I’m not really a Justin
Bieber fan per se but I’m curious to see what the song would be like
interestingly now if you’re thinking okay it’s just like teenage girls that
like BTS you know that’s not for me Jen one of BTS is hugest fans and he’s made
this very public is be like WWE wrestler dive John Cena John Cena who was also
from Tampa by the way is obsessed with BTS so he’s in the army yes I’ve
officially joined the BTS army I don’t I don’t know what I’m gonna do guys I’m
even thinking of trying to make some VTS related sewing projects I know I don’t
know what I’m gonna make related to BTS side I haven’t seen any BTS fabric or
anything but if you’re if you love music and you’re not familiar with BTS check
out BTS and also don’t let the fact that they sing in Korean put you off a lot of
Korean musicians like half the song is in English and half the song will be in
Korean but on YouTube a lot of times the videos will have English captions so
even if you don’t know Korean believe me I don’t know a lick of Korean and I’ve
been watching kdramas for like a year and I still can’t figure any of it out I
probably should cuz that would make it a lot more enjoyable for me but they have
a lot of English so at least you would know what the song
is about it’s just beautiful music that I just the guys are really funny too and
again I’m I’m old enough to be the mother so you know it’s a little maybe a
little creepy you know who knows but BTS is probably my favorite non soand
related thing right now so I just kind of had to get that out anyways I just
wanted to share a few things I’m loving right now sewing and non sewing related
let me know below in the comments is there a new sewing tool that you
recently got that you’re also loving and I also want to know are there any fellow
BTS fans out there BTS army members also let me know I
cannot get enough of BTS I I looked up concert ticket prices though and they’re
like insanely expensive so I’m probably not gonna like go to the show but I will
be a fangirl from here in my house thank you guys so much for watching and if
you’re curious about this sewing machine this is the Brother CS7000i am
doing a learn to sew series this year so check out one of those videos if you are
new to sewing I’m Jen with the Sewing Report I’ll see you guys again in the
next video


Put the tube Turner in a tall cylinder or in a tall jar with your scissors or pens, etc. I keep my in a drawer, as I rarely use it.

Hey Jen! My daughter loves BTS. She was introduced to them in John Cena’s film playing with fire. She hasn’t seen them perform in their videos. She 10 so I’m kind of holding out for that boy interest thing if I can help it! She’s like me and has a weakness for Asian men.
I keep my turning tools in the top drawer of my stacked drawer organizer. I use small box lids to separate things and that just sits on the side along with my chop stick point poker.
I started quilting using those adhesive guides. I actually trim mine down so I can get more use out of them. 😬 I swear I’m not cheap!
The clipper dohickey I’ve considered getting but I’ve just been using the blade on my sewing machine. Maybe I am kind of cheap!🤭
I think I might like those little organizers too by Its sew Emma. But I think they look like that would fall over kind of easily.
My first Korean word was “ pongopung”. It means fart. 💨 my step mom didn’t want me to learn Korean because I was naughty and she wanted to be able to talk about me without me knowing. 😝 We get along very well now though! Hope all is well! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ~^^ im quilter and baglady i love new sewing tools ill try it ^^my niece is #btsarmy
I like #bts music too

Ok Jen!! You knocked it outta the park, again (at least the first 5 minutes). I'm a dude thats been sewing in one form or another for… well a long time (before plastic machines). The YouTube "tools" vids usually bore me, and I seldom find anything useful. (" I've seen it all before " syndrome). But the Storage things and the Sticky Strips look pretty cool, I'll give them a try. I already have a thread cutter thing, one I DIY'd years ago, but the same principle, and a great tool.

My daughter is a huge fan of BTS and she’s 27! She always feels like the oldest fan so I showed her your video, it made her day. She got tickets to the concert in Dallas in May so I’m going with her 😊 I just hope it’s not canceled because of the virus. Great video Jen, if you get all fan girlish on your other channel we’ll make sure to watch! 😁

Lol my daughter has on Jin Jersey right now. She is obsessed! She also likes Black Pink I even started listening to them.

Great video!!!! I use about five strips of masking tape to line-up my seam edges, which does the same thing as the "Sewing Edge" tapes. My man-brain just doesn't want to do straight lines so the masking tape totally helps. I didn't know Sewing Edge was available. 🙂🙂

Omg I got all these items except the turning tool in my Sew Sampler Box! U should subscribe!! Fat Quarter Shop 💕 great video Jen. Thanks!

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