New Modern Study Space

Janet Cottrell: The Champlain College library
gets a lot of use, whether that’s classes, students studying and doing research, or people
using computers in our spaces. We try to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for our
learning community, especially students. In a recent survey, undergraduate students
rated group study space, quiet study space, and physical comfort in the library as the
most important aspects of library services. That’s why when we gained a room for student
study space, we wanted to be thoughtful about it in order to meet the changing needs of
our students. Alan Carbery: During summer 2015, a lot of
the student support services that were formerly housed in the library such as the writing
center, and the math and accounting lab–they re-centralized, and that move gave us the
opportunity to rethink about some of the space that was vacated. So one of the awesome new spaces that I love
is our laptop bar, and one of the things that we see all of the time is students gravitate
towards power outlets. And that makes a ton of sense for us because a lot of our students
have their own devices, they have their own laptops. And so we wanted to create a space
that they could do that really easily. Charles Kahn: So I’m a big fan of modern
design and I’m really excited that the library’s kind of bringing an element to that here,
um, but also for me, the environment which I’m in is really important for me to get
work done effectively. So this provides me with a really great spot with, you know, nice,
a nice aesthetic, where I can sit down, do work, and be comfortable at the same time. I really enjoy using the paper tables here
on the second floor, um, they’re really cool and you can draw pictures and kind of
storyboard a little bit right on the table and when we’re done we can pick it up, peel
it right off and bring it with us. Janet: This room is a flexible space where
students can study or work together in a modern and inspiring environment. Come and see for

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